That Girl Is Like a Virus is the third episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


Night 6

Returning from Tribal Council, the Heroes attempt to mend the large divisions that have sprung up within the tribe. James Clement is frustrated that the Heroes keep losing, saying that all he wants is for the Heroes to win. Tom Westman agrees, but tells James he could have gone about things in a nicer way.

Tribal Council tonight I mean just a nasty turn with 'alright Steph's going' and then James just has to go bring down nasty, brutish, bullying on her. The vibe now is everyone goes home, puts on a happy face and tries to be as pleasant as possible to be together.

Tom Westman

J.T. Thomas apologizes to Tom for the earlier deal that he had made that he went back on. Tom feels if J.T. is actually genuinely sorry about it that he might be able to use J.T. and buy himself some time in the game. Later, Tom and Colby Donaldson talk about their own tenuous position in the tribe, with Colby questioning whether he even wants to play the game anymore.

That night in the Villains shelter, Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow flirt as Rob Mariano makes some observations about the sleeping arrangements.

I mean at the end of the day, I wanted to see what would develop and you notice different things around camp. I mean the clearest sign for anyone who is going to play Survivor in the future, I'm going to give you the key to figuring out who's on what team. Watch how they sleep at night, whoever's sleeping next to who, and even I'm guilty of it, will tell you who's aligned with who. Because that night when you go to sleep, you don't usually go to sleep next to the guy you want to vote off. I don't trust Russell's ass at all - at all! I mean he's running around with puppy dog eyes over Parvati since the minute we landed here. He won't do anything without her, he has to sleep next to her every night. Coach and Jerri are trying to do the same thing. That can be dangerous, I know I've been there, and I know how powerful that kind of alliance is.

Rob Mariano

Day 7

The next morning, the Heroes tribe's division continues to cause problems. Rupert Boneham laments that the tribe has grown so divided and weakened as a result.

Our tribe has not been solid since we've been together. That's why I was kind of hoping for a rainy day that would force us all in the shelter and play games and talk and do some bonding stuff and empowerment stuff. If we don't become a good and cohesive team, we will continue to lose.

Rupert Boneham

However, the Heroes once again find chickens near their camp and finally work together to bring them down, which allows for a little more tribal unity to come forward.

Chickens are also in abundance at the Villains camp, where the Villains have set traps out for them. Near one trap, Coach Wade talks to Russell about the importance of the Villains' first vote, warning Russell that his relationship with Parvati could jeopardize his own game since people will be looking for any excuse at all for the first vote. Coach also attempts to warn Russell about Parvati being a very dangerous social and strategic player who could manipulate him into ruin.

Russell is walking on very thin ice. Parvati, in my opinion, is the most dangerous player on our tribe. For him to be following Parvati is no strategy at all, it's puppy love. She's got the charm, she's got the smile, and for some reason when she pays attention to you, you feel like you light up. It's not that people don't see it, it's just that they're allured by her charm and they're taken by it, smitten by it. It's unbelievable.

Coach Wade

Rob walks up and joins in the conversation, also giving a warning to Russell about Parvati, claiming that aligning with her is dangerous since she has many friends on the Heroes tribe. Rob threatens Russell to be careful about how he's playing the game or otherwise he might find himself in big trouble. Coach says that Russell's relationship with Parvati is ostracizing him from the tribe, and Russell hesitantly agrees with the two men to be careful, but in reality he is just lying to them and has no intentions to back down from his alliance.

Everybody knows Coach is a big joke so he can go around flapping his jaws all he wants. The thing with Rob, he thinks he's the boss of the camp. Like that's my daddy, well I'm the daddy around here. But I've got to listen to this fool like he's in control, but that's what I have to do to get to the top. That's what imma have to do until he's gone. He don't know who he's messing with, nobody knows who they're messing with out here! It's Russell Hantz, give me a break!

Russell Hantz

Russell then goes to talk with Parvati on the beach and forwards his conversation with Coach and Rob to Parvati. Parvati and Russell are frustrated with Coach and the rest of the tribe for targeting Parvati right off the bat.

Why do they always want to vote me out? I don't know. I'm just a sweet innocent little girl. Really. *laughs* I made an alliance really early on with Russell and so I don't know what I'm going to have to do, but who else am I going to be with right now besides Russell? I don't trust anyone, and I actually do trust him even though he's a little bit of a lunatic.

Parvati Shallow

That night, Coach is telling stories in the Villains shelter as the tribe lays down for sleep. While the tribe is distracted, Russell silently walks off with the machete and buries it in an attempt to sabotage the tribe and cause chaos.

Day 8

Randy Bailey goes out into the ocean and finds a very large clam for food which he tries to share with the tribe to no avail, as no one is interested. After opening the clam up, only Sandra Diaz-Twine and Parvati will try the clam, but Parvati spits it up, not liking the taste, leaving Randy and Sandra to help themselves to the rest of the meat.

I did find one giant clam that was good for 5-6 bites of food, but nobody cared. I'm used to seeing Survivor where somebody brings in a fish this size, and the entire tribe swarms them trying to get one ounce of meat. And you eat when you can get it and you don't ask questions because you don't know where your next food is coming from. Survivor in so many ways is like the real world, you don't get ahead by being smart, clever, hard working, you get ahead unfortunately with a pretty smile and being able to shmooze people, and Parvati is the queen.

Randy Bailey

Coach and Randy later talk while gathering logs out in the jungle about being frustrated with the weak players who sit around the shelter and do nothing. Randy suggests to vote them out, and Coach agrees. Coach is frustrated that this situation is occurring, feeling it to be unjust that some people in the tribe sit around and do nothing all day.

Candice Woodcock talks with J.T. on the Heroes tribe about making an alliance together and she talks strategy with him, which spooks J.T., who didn't feel like Candice was as strategic as she reveals to him. One of the things that Candice mentions to J.T. is making sure Cirie Fields is comfortable within the alliance.

You know, Candice is beginning to scare me a lot, she's much more strategical than I give her credit for in the beginning. Candice may be the next one to go in my opinion but, you know it's not all up to me, not in this group.

J.T. Thomas

Later, J.T. talks with Cirie and Amanda Kimmel in the shelter and throws Candice under the bus by saying bad things about Candice, and he also turns what Candice said to him about Cirie around by telling them that Candice doesn't trust Cirie, her supposed partner in the game. Cirie and Amanda are surprised, but believe J.T.'s lie.

I got her, I can get rid of her. Candice is going home, I can tell the story when I need to. I think my lying ability is better than it should be considering I don't do it much in everyday life, I'm pretty good at it out here.

J.T. Thomas

After the conversation with J.T., Cirie goes up and tells Candice that she is nervous about the status of their alliance. This irritates Candice who tries to make it clear that she never said what Cirie has heard she said. Candice suspects foul play, and that somebody is trying to sabotage her, so she talks with many of the people around camp whether or not they were the one to start the rumor.

Candice, she's a nut, everybody's not sure with Candice because she's talking too much. I don't know what's wrong with the girl, like, I don't even care -- we can't even focus on that stuff right now, it's pointless to even worry about it, I just want to get the challenges and win.

James Clement

Both tribes arrive at the next combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, where the Villains are surprised to find out that Stephenie LaGrossa was voted out. In the sumo style challenge, the Heroes physically dominate the Villains. During the challenge James consistently trash talks the Villains. After going up 7-0, the final heat is James, the most physically strong contestant, versus Randy, the oldest contestant. James easily defeats Randy in one blow, and then throws his sumo bag at Randy as he lies in the mud. Randy sarcastically remarks how classy James is behaving, and in response James curses at Randy. After that exchange, Courtney Yates tells James that he is on the wrong team, and not a hero. With the Heroes easily defeating the Villains, the Villains must go to Tribal Council for the first time.

The defeated Villains return to camp and go out to the water to clean off the mud from the challenge and reflect on their performance.

Yeah those Heroes were waiting to wallop on us a bit, I guess they must all have eaten steroid sandwiches before the challenge. They were all crazy eyed and it was almost scary to look in their faces, not because it was intimidating, but I worried for their sanity.

Tyson Apostol

You don't even have to be told your name is on the block, you can just sense it. I'm the oldest guy in the game, oldest guy on this tribe and Russell, Boston Rob, and probably Tyson are falling for the oldest trick in the book since caveman days if these girls can get what they want, if they bat their eyes and flirt. Parvati is a threat right now, even though she may be in a minority in this tribe, but if we overlook her because she's got a pretty smile and a nice wiggle, she's going to be trouble when she meets her old friends James, Cirie, and Amanda. And we could all pay dearly for not taking care of business right now. And by taking care of business I mean taking her out as soon as possible.

Randy Bailey

Parvati confronts Coach in the water about whether he plans to vote for her, but Coach tries to evade the question and claims that he hasn't made his mind up. Coach resists her attempts to get information from him. Parvati gives a speech to him about how she is not the weakest and doesn't want to be the first one voted out of the tribe.

Tyson Apostol, Rob, Jerri Manthey, Courtney, and Sandra discuss what to do on the beach. Tyson attempts to tell Rob that Parvati is more dangerous because of her connections to members of the Heroes tribe, and that Randy is not dangerous because he has no connections. Rob and Sandra disagree and think that Randy is the weakest member of the tribe and should be eliminated because of it. However, Jerri agrees with Tyson and feels strongly that Parvati should be the one to go since Jerri has a personal dislike of Parvati.

Parvati is like a virus. That girl needs to go, she's great at roping people in even when they want nothing to do with her. I want to find a way to bottle that up and use it in real life because it's pretty powerful stuff.

Jerri Manthey

Sandra and Coach talk later in the jungle about how things should go at Tribal Council, Sandra says that as long as she isn't in trouble, she doesn't care who gets out.

Jerri, Danielle DiLorenzo, Coach, and Parvati talk around the shelter about voting Randy. Jerri admits she doesn't want to vote for him, but when Parvati presses her for who should be voted out instead, Jerri refuses to say, since she wants Parvati gone.

Jerri is annoying *laughs* I mean she is the biggest fakey magee I've ever met. I know she's running around behind my back talking about me. She's just like a bitter old cougar and I think her days are numbered too.

Parvati Shallow

Randy has a conversation with Coach in the water about the fact that the Heroes sent Stephenie home. Randy says that was a clear sign that Parvati's friends are running things over on the Heroes, and that Parvati should go because of it. If not, Randy says he will be seeing all the guys at loser's lodge as Parvati and her crew will take control of the game.

At the first Villains Tribal Council, the tribe talks about the pre-existing relationships on the tribe and between the tribes, mainly referencing Parvati. The tribe's work ethic is also discussed, and Sandra attacks Coach at Tribal Council about how he delegates responsibilities to others but does not work himself. Coach strongly disagrees and claims that he is in fact a hard worker and says that the other people around camp are the ones not working. The loss of the machete is also discussed, with many of the Villains believing that Randy is responsible, which Russell laughs at quietly. Rob says that the lack of cohesiveness on the tribe will not be solved by the vote and they will remain at odds with each other, but Rob says that the Villains know what to do when the challenges come around so everyone can work together to be safe. When the votes are read, it is Randy who is unanimously voted out in a 9-1 decision. As Randy stands up to gather his torch, he burns his buff in the fire as a sign of defiance.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Sumo in Mud
Each castaway uses a sandbag to push against the other player. The first one to push the other one into the mudpit wins the round. The first tribe to eight points wins.
Reward: Sugar, coffee, a week's worth of rice, and the contestants' luxury items.
Winner: Heroes

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
S20 randy t
Randy (9 votes)
S20 coach tS20 courtney tS20 danielle tS20 jerri t
S20 parvati tS20 rob tS20 russell tS20 sandra tS20 tyson t
Coach, Courtney, Danielle, Jerri, Parvati, Rob, Russell, Sandra, Tyson
S20 rob t
Rob (1 vote)
S20 randy t
S20 randy bw
Randy Bailey

Voting Confessionals

Complete confessionals retrieved from CBS' YouTube account.[2]

(votes for Randy) I like you man. Sorry you had to go so early, I'd like to get to know you a little better.

Russell Hantz

(votes for Randy) You need to lighten up more.

Courtney Yates

(votes for Randy) Hey man, I actually think you're a pretty cool guy, so sorry it had to turn out this way. Best of luck.

Tyson Apostol

(votes for Randy) Randy, it was a group decision, I don't have any problems with you. I'm sorry you didn't get dinner, that somebody ate your food, take care of yourself, adiós.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

(votes for Randy) My vote's for Randy. Sorry buddy, it had to be somebody.

Rob Mariano

(votes for Randy) Randy, it was either you or me tonight, and I'm wasn't gonna go down without a fight. Take care of yourself, Jack.

Parvati Shallow

(votes for Rob) I hope my friends left in the game figure this out before it's too late for them. I wish some of them the best of luck, this guy's trouble.

Randy Bailey

(votes for Randy) Personally, this first vote shouldn't be about the strongest or the weakest. It should be about the most dangerous. If it wasn't too early, this would be Parvati's name, but I can't afford to put a target on my back right now as one that stands out among the crowd, and Randy, you know that. I'm gonna miss you.

Jerri Manthey

(votes for Randy) This one isn't for you, Randy. Sorry it had to be you. The only important thing on this piece of paper is this number up here. (realizes he pointed to wrong corner). The only important thing on this piece of paper is this number up here.

Coach Wade

(votes for Randy) Sorry, Randy, but it's time for you to go.

Danielle DiLorenzo

Final Words

It was definitely a mistake for this tribe not to vote out Parvati but I knew Parvati wasn't going home, so I decided to shoot a bullet Bob's way to send a little message. Whether anyone gets that message, I don't know. I hope it comes back and haunts each and every one of them. I never felt a part of this tribe so, you know, good luck to them.

Randy Bailey

Still in the Running

S20 sugar bw
S20 stephenie bw
S20 randy bw
S20 amanda t
S20 candice t
S20 cirie t
S20 coach t
S20 colby t
S20 courtney t
S20 danielle t
S20 jt t
S20 james t
S20 jerri t
S20 parvati t
S20 rob t
S20 rupert t
S20 russell t
S20 sandra t
S20 tom t
S20 tyson t


=Behind the Scenes

  • Randy Bailey's secret scene takes place shortly before Tribal Council on Day 8. The Villains worry about losing the machete, and everyone blames Randy for its disappearance. Russell privately delights that his ploy with the machete is causing chaos. Randy lays in the shelter and Sandra Diaz-Twine asks him whether he took it, but Randy is insulted she would even ask him. After continuing a search to no avail, the Villains get Coach Wade to go ask Randy again, but Randy again refuses to answer the question. Randy privately hopes that they do eventually find the machete so they will feel guilty later about pointing the finger at him.



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