Thanks for the Souvenir is the sixth episode of Survivor: One World.


Night 14

The new Manono tribe returns from Tribal Council where they sent Monica Culpepper home. Alicia Rosa made the risky move of flipping to the Misfit Alliance, so she was glad that their plan to vote out Monica was successful. Meanwhile, Christina Cha is feeling vulnerable, since she will likely be targeted next. Colton Cumbie feels no sympathy for Christina and tells her that a hermit crab will likely be the only thing that will make an alliance with her.

I don't really care if Christina knows she's going home next. There's nothing that can save her.

Colton Cumbie

Colton continues to belittle Christina in hopes that she will be worn down and therefore easier to vote out. Later that evening, after the rest of Manono has gone to bed, Christina wants to get into the shelter, but sees that no one has left her any room. She asks Alicia to move over so she can get into bed.

All gloves are off and I'm ready to fight and I'm going to fight hard.

Christina Cha

Day 15

The Salani tribe wakes up and makes coffee. Kat Edorsson wakes up and tells the tribe that she dreamed that Alicia killed her while shopping in a mall. Kat hopes that it is not a sign of things to come. Later, Kim Spradlin and Chelsea Meissner bring Tree Mail into camp. It tells them that the challenge will be something they might play in their backyard and that the reward will be something sweet. The Salani tribe is excited about eating sweets and list games they used to play in the backyard, like dodge ball and hopscotch.

At the Reward Challenge, Salani sees that Manono voted out Monica at the last Tribal Council.

That just goes to show, they're going to pick the girls off one by one by one on the other tribe.

Sabrina Thompson

After being explained the challenge, both tribes have their fair share of connections and misses. Jay Byars, Troyzan Robertson, Kat, and Chelsea all take turns for Salani, but Kim is the first person for her tribe to hit a target. Similarly, Colton, Alicia, Christina, and Jonas Otsuji all have failed attempts for Manono, before Tarzan Smith successfully hits a target, which ties up the challenge at one to one. Leif Manson takes his turn and hits another target for Manono, putting them in the lead. Chelsea uses two hands to throw her coconut, which results in a successful hit. The tribes are tied again. Next, Christina takes another turn and once again misses. Colton calls her an idiot and screams at her to get back to the starting mat sooner so that the next person can go. Jay hits the third target for Salani, but Tarzan hits one for Manono next, which keeps the game tied. Kat finally hits a target for Salani, putting her tribe back in the lead. Salani secures their next win thanks to Troyzan, and celebrate with an ice cream feast. All the while, Colton shows disdain towards Christina for her not giving her all in the challenge.

The members of Salani arrive at their ice cream parlor on the beach and run up to the counter to place their orders. Kat orders first and gets both vanilla and chocolate ice cream with every topping available. Kim is so excited to be eating something besides the usual rice and coconut. Michael Jefferson vows to eat every ice cream flavor available. He also reminds his tribe that they have now won the last three challenges, which helps their morale but hurts Manono's morale. Sabrina Thompson is not only enjoying the ice cream, but also the time away from the camp.

We know what winning feels like and reward feels like. We want to keep doing it.

Sabrina Thompson

Meanwhile, over at the Manono camp, Colton is still upset at Christina's poor performance in the Reward Challenge and confronts her about it.

You can enjoy your last two days. You can quit or you can jump in that fire, whichever is more convenient for you!

Colton Cumbie

Alicia agrees with Colton and laughs. Christina knows she is in trouble, but she is determined not to quit. When Colton, Alicia, and Tarzan leave the camp to talk, Christina uses this opportunity to talk to Jonas and Leif. She reveals to them that Alicia has an alliance with the women on the Salani tribe and will go back with this alliance, once they merge. Therefore, Christina recommends voting Alicia out next, so that the men will remain strong. Since Christina is not part of the women's alliance, the men don't have to worry about her voting against them.

As Christina is making the argument to vote Alicia out before her, Alicia walks up behind Christina and hears the whole thing. Alicia starts clapping when Christina is done and lets her know that she was standing there the whole time, Christina does not mind that Alicia heard her, because she was speaking the truth. Alicia is upset that Christina told the guys about her women's alliance, so she yells at Christina and calls her a liar.

I need to be in control, so that's why she's going.

Alicia Rosa

After the sun goes down, the Manono tribe is all gathered around the fire. Colton complains that his head hurts, unlike any headache that he has had in the past. Christina takes pity on him and mothers him. Jonas encourages Colton to drink more water in case he is dehydrated. Tarzan tells him it could be a tension headache. Colton reveals that it is not only his head that hurts.

I got this pain and it literally feels like somebody's got a knife like cutting from my belly button to my right side.

Colton Cumbie

As Christina strokes the hair on his head, she reminds Colton that he has not been eating and that this is the first time that he has been away from home. Even though Colton has been mean to her, Christina cannot deny help to someone in need. At the same time, Christina hopes that her kindness will be noticed. As Christina is hugging Colton and massaging his temples, Colton says, "Of course Christina's going to do that because she's trying to save herself."

Day 16

The next morning, Colton is still not feeling well. Tarzan takes a look at Colton's tongue and diagnoses him as dehydrated. He instructs Colton to drink more water. Since Colton also has abdominal pain, Tarzan is concerned that his appendix might be acting up. Colton gets up from the shelter to look for his canteen. He is worried about his symptoms of dehydration, dizziness, brown urine, and pain in his side.

Later, Christina finds Colton on the ground crying. Christina runs and calls for help. Host Jeff Probst and the medical team arrive at the Manono camp to check on Colton. As Dr. Ramona Salins examines Colton, his heart rate doubles in response to the pain he feels when she checks his abdomen and begins her diagnosis.

An appendicitis is a very likely diagnosis here.

–Dr. Ramona (to Jeff Probst)

Jeff discusses the diagnosis with the doctor and pulls Colton from the game, since he needs to go to the hospital for tests and treatment. Jeff calls the Manono tribe over to tell them the news and allows them to say goodbye to Colton. Jonas starts to cry because he knows how much Colton loves Survivor and feels bad that he has to leave the game. Before leaving, Colton encourages his tribe to keep fighting and informs them that he is going to take the Hidden Immunity Idol with him. As he holds the idol in his hands, Colton sends his final message.

Tell Sabrina "thanks for the souvenir".

Colton Cumbie

Day 17

The next day, Kim and Sabrina check Tree Mail at Salani. They find Tree Mail confusing. They are expecting an Immunity Challenge, but the Tree Mail says otherwise. They guess that there will be no challenge, but that both tribes will go to Tribal Council. Michael wonders if both tribes will vote for one person to leave the game. Kim listens to everyone's theories on what will go on at Tribal Council.

I have no idea. I guess I'm just going to go and take my idol in my back pocket, just in case.

Kim Spradlin

Meanwhile, over at Manono, the tribe is equally confused by Tree Mail. Alicia hopes that they will only be discussing Colton at Tribal Council and not voting anyone out. Christina is also afraid that she might be the next to go, so checks in with her tribe mates. Tarzan is honest with Christina and admits that he is not on her side. Christina next goes to Jonas and Leif and reconfirms her commitment to vote with them. Jonas' plan is to have Leif, Christina, and he vote for Alicia. He knows that Tarzan and Alicia want to vote for Christina.

I'm ready to take the bull by the horns and make myself the ringleader.

Jonas Otsuji

Just as the Manono tribe is getting ready to walk out to Tribal Council, Alicia once again wishes that Colton had left her with the Hidden Immunity Idol, instead of leaving with it.

At the Joint Tribal Council, the Salani tribe arrives first, so they watch as the Manono tribe comes in and notice that Colton is missing. Jeff then explains that Colton was medically evacuated from the game. After examination, it was determined that he did have an acute appendicitis and had to be flown to a hospital to have surgery.

Troyzan feels sad for Colton, since he loved the game so much. Kim also feels sad and knows how painful an appendicitis can be, but she does not mind having another person out of the game. Alicia passes on Colton's message to Sabrina thanking her for the idol and Alicia lets the Salani tribe know that Colton took the idol with him. Chelsea reveals that she is not so sure that Manono is telling the truth about Colton's idol. She suspects someone else might have it. Kat also feels unsure about the idol, but is more worried about how to avoid hurting her appendix. Jeff points out that even though Colton has left the game, he still leaves an imprint on the game. Jeff then surprises everyone by telling them to drop their buffs, since they are now merged.

You are now one tribe. Twelve people fighting for a million bucks.

Jeff Probst

He informs them that they will all live on the beach where they all started. He recommends that they take a moment to celebrate surviving seventeen days and then get back in the game.


Reward Challenge: Coco Pops
One at a time, tribe members will run to the top of several boxes, where they will find coconuts at the top. They must bounce a coconut off of a trampoline at the bottom of the boxes so that it is able to bounce off and break targets on the other side. The first tribe to break all five of their targets wins reward.
Reward: A trip to a Survivor-themed ice cream parlor
Winner: Salani

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Manono & Salani
No Vote
S24 colton bw.png
Colton Cumbie

Final Words

S24 colton bw.png

I think what's so hard about it is I'm so used to getting my way, and, like, this has not gone my way at all. I had a plan coming into this game from Day 1 to Day 39. I knew what I was gonna do, I knew what I had to do, and I was gonna do it. And this has thrown like a wrench in everything. Like, that's-that's the hardest part for me. I promise you I can run this game.

Still in the Running

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Merged Tribe
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Merged Tribe
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  • This is the first time where the Hidden Immunity Idol was "flushed" via a medical evacuation.
  • In an exit interview, Colton Cumbie revealed that his evacuation was due to an infection and inflammation of his digestive system, not appendicitis. He also said he was targeting Alicia Rosa next because he knew Alicia was part of the original five-person alliance at the original Salani tribe; and if given a choice, he would have given his Hidden Immunity Idol to Jay Byars, but the idol was Manono's and Jay had been switched to Salani.[2]
  • Two days after the episode aired, Alicia apologized (via Twitter) to Christina Cha about her actions, in which Christina immediately accepted, with the latter expressing her disdain about the "harsh response" from the viewing public, stating that she was "very protective" of her castmates.[4][5]
  • This is the second time both tribes went to a Joint Tribal Council and be questioned by the host at the same time, following "This Is the Man Test".
  • This is the second time the tribes were merged at Tribal Council, following "Surprise Enemy Visit".
    • However, this is the first time both tribes are present during such an occasion.
  • Colton became the fourth castaway to be evacuated during the sixth episode of the season, following Michael Skupin in The Australian Outback, Jonathan Penner in Micronesia, and Russell Swan in Samoa.
    • Coincidentally, the other three episode 6 evacuees were competing in Philippines at the time this episode aired.
  • The name for the Coco Pops Reward Challenge references the alternate name for the Cocoa Krispies cereal.

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