Tess Fahey[1] is a castaway from Survivor New Zealand: Thailand.


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Name: Tess
Hometown: Christchurch
Age: 24
Occupation: Office Manager
Out to prove that "pretty girls can be tough too", Tess is a huge believer in living life fearlessly, being brave and doing something that scares you.
When the call to apply when out, Tess decided that being part of the world's toughest competition looked insane, she just had to go for it!
With a love of yoga and tarot cards, Tess is hoping the cards will be in her favour to take out the title of Sole Survivor.
What did you do to prepare for Survivor? I was hitting the gym a lot until the month of December came around! A month of being merry meant that the gym and healthy habits were long gone! However, my body was probably relieved to get on the island and detox!
What travel experience do you have? I backpacked all over Europe and Thailand by myself, and prior to that was living overseas in London. Had the time of my life, but man-oh-man do you learn to have your wits about you and fend for yourself!
I've been mugged in England, took a wrong turn in Paris and then got jumped, found myself completely lost with nowhere to stay in Latvia, have survived on instant noodles and free toast from hostel breakfasts...this list goes on. It was a whirlwind of events, tough days, hard times, but above all you learn not to sweat the small stuff and to get back on the horse and keep going!
What's your strategy on the island? My strategy is to give it everything, stay strong and be myself!
I'm not going to wear a mask and say "oh but that's just 'game me' not 'real me'!" I'm the same person, why would I try being anything else! I want to play a game I can be proud of, wherever that may get me.
Why do you think you should win Survivor? I'm here to show that I'm one tough little cookie and will fight hard to win this! I don't plan on getting to the end by back stabbing and lying – I want to get to the end by staying true to my morals, even when it's hard to do so. I want to get to the final by fighting hard and winning challenges like a true survivor should.[2]

Survivor New Zealand

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Voting History

Tess's Voting History
Episode Tess's
Voted Against
1 Khangkhaw Tribe Immune
2 Khangkhaw Tribe Immune
3 Khangkhaw Tribe Immune
4 Kaysha Dylan
5 Liam -
6 Khangkhaw Tribe Immune
7 Khangkhaw Tribe Immune
8 Dave -
9 Dave -
10 Dave -
11 Eve -
12 Tara Adam, Matt
13 Lisa Individual Immunity
14 Dave Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Tess
Adam, Brad, Renee
Runner-Up, Day 40


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