Teresa Munguía is a contestant from La Isla 2017: El Reality.

She has a strong character, but she has empathy.


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Ella es Teresa Munguía, originaria de Sinaloa, tiene 28 años de edad y forma parte de La Isla 2017.[2]

La Isla: El Reality

Teresa was initially part of the Godínez tribe, where she was considered the strongest woman in her tribe. On the entirety of the first phase of the game, she never got a vote to be nominated. On Day 21, she was chosen by her team to compete at the Captains' Challenge, where, after being in the lead for most of the challenge, she lost due to her not solving the puzzle quickly, causing her tribe to be dissolved.

She went to the Pudientes tribe, along with her tribemates Carmen Pino and Manuel Cortés. On her tribe, she was still on top, being considered a strong woman by her new tribe. On the first Trial she attended with her new tribe, she voted for Manuel, mening that she didn't care about the old tribes, even though numerically she was in the minority with Carmen. She didn't care about her either, as she voted for her on the next trial. After that Trial, she hurt her shoulder during the Territorial Challenge, causing her to be the next target of her tribe if they lose. When they lost, the tribe nominated her along with Juan Carlos Vergara, and due to her injury, she lost the Duel.

Once Lukini gave her the option to compete at the Returning Challenge, she accepted. She quickly found the main cave and the map to the first piece. After finding the first piece in a spring, she also found the map leading to the second piece, which was in a small cave. After that, she got the map for the last piece and it was the piece that neither Carmen nor Ayra Antaramian could retrieve, which was to dive 14 m (45 ft) into the sea. She dived and got all 3 pieces. When she returned to the Deathly Duel, she saw Juan Carlos and Miguel Nassar in the distance, and they were surprised to see her. Unfortunately, her shoulder injury cost her the Duel, and she was the 9th person eliminated from the competition.

Voting History

Teresa's Voting History
Week # Teresa's
Voted Against
1 Godínez Tribe Immune
2 Godínez Tribe Immune
3 Sebastián -
4 Godínez Tribe Immune
5 Aristeo;
6 Manuel -
7 Pudientes Tribe Immune
8 Carmen -
9 Juan Carlos Facundo, Fernanda, Isidro,
Juan Carlos, Miguel N.
10 Competing at the Returning Challenge
Teresa's Duel History
Week # Duel # Duel Placement
1 Godínez Tribe Immune
2 Godínez Tribe Immune
3 3 None
4 Godínez Tribe Immune
5 5 None
6 6 None
7 Pudientes Tribe Immune
8 8 None
9 9 Second
Accepted Returning Challenge, Day 36
10 Returning
Returned, Day 40
10 10 Third
Eliminated, Day 40

^1 On Week 5, the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Aristeo and Carmen, forcing a revote. Teresa did not change her vote on the revote.

Post-La Isla

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  • She's friends with La Isla 2015's winner Jorge Lyle, and asked him for advice before entering the competition.
  • She's the only contestant to find at least one part of the Returning Symbol at the Returning Challenge.
    • She's also the only contestant to win the Returning Challenge, and come back to the game.


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