Temple Transfer (also known as Thrilogy) is a recurring physical/mental challenge that originated in Survivor: Thailand and was later used in South Pacific. It is based on the popular mathematical puzzle, Tower of Hanoi.


Tribes or castaways would race to transfer levels of a temple from one station to another, one at a time in an attempt to move the entire structure to a final platform.


The challenge first appeared in Survivor: Thailand in which the tribes had to transfer a large temple from one platform to another, final platform, where Chuay Gahn won their first Immunity Challenge after Sook Jai decided to throw the challenge.

The challenge reappeared 18 seasons later as the opening challenge in Survivor: South Pacific, where Ozzy defeated Coach to win reward for Savaii.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Family Values"
Tribal Immunity S5 brian tS5 clay tS5 ghandia t
S5 helen tS5 jan tS5 ted t
Chuay Gahn
South Pacific
"I Need Redemption"
Tribal Reward S23 cochran tS23 dawn tS23 elyse t
S23 jim tS23 keith tS23 mark t
S23 ozzy tS23 semhar tS23 whitney t



  • Each tribe that won this challenge lost the first Immunity Challenge.
  • Each tribe that won this challenge had a winner and runner-up as members.
    • However, the winner and runner-up on Savaii became winners and runner-ups in a different season than when they competed in this challenge.
  • Both winning tribes would have the eventual fourth place finisher.
  • Each season this challenge was used, the merged tribe color was yellow/gold.


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