Taylor Lee Stocker is a contestant from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

Best known for his mischievous attitude and antics, Taylor quickly entered a showmance with fellow Millennial Figgy Figueroa. After a tribe switch, Figgy was blindsided by Adam Klein, causing Taylor to begin targeting him. At the merge, Taylor was caught stealing and hiding food from the others and, after an explosive argument at Tribal Council with Adam, was voted out.


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Name: Taylor Lee Stocker
Age: 24
Current residence: Post Falls, ID
Occupation: Snowboard instructor
Tribe designation: Vanua (Millennials)
Three words to describe you: Spontaneous, inventive, and thinker.
Hobbies: Playing music, brewing beer, and snowboarding.
Pet peeves: Wobbly tables, people not cleaning up their dogs' poop, loud chewing, slow walkers, selfies, forms without enough space for answers.
What does it mean to be a Millennial? Come on, man! We are open-minded, liberal, self-expressive, upbeat, connected, tech savvy, and we invented the words "sicky sicky, gnar gnar, rachet, clutch, bae, and LOL." I love my generation. We are all-around epic.
Personal claim to fame: Learning to play guitar. Not many people keep their passions.
Inspiration in life: [Scottish knight] William Wallace. I am a fan of fearless people.
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? A toothbrush, lip balm, and, most of all, my banjo.
Survivor contestant you're most like: I would say Woo Hwang (Cagayan, Cambodia) because I am tricky and funny. But, if it came to it, I would not let another castaway walk off with my money!
Reason for being on Survivor: In all honesty, I have not thought about the money; I just want to kick ass at this game.
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I make friends easy. I also believe most would have a hard time voting me off because people like me. I am not annoying and I am a hard worker. It's just one day at a time.[2]


Taylor started on Vanua. On Day 1, he formed the Triforce alliance and recruited Figgy Figueroa and Jay Starrett. Michelle Schubert was recruited later that day. He developed feelings for Figgy. On Night 5, Taylor and Figgy started kissing, but were caught by Michaela Bradshaw. Michaela ratted them out the next day. When Vanua lost immunity, Figgy became a target. However, Taylor's ally Michelle turned the vote on Mari Takahashi so she was blindsided. Will Wahl then became a member of Taylor's alliance.

He, Figgy, and Vanua outsider Adam Klein were switched to Takali after the Tribe Switch, and joined fellow Takali members Ken McNickle and Jessica Lewis. When Takali lost immunity, Taylor and Figgy believed Adam would side with them. However, at Tribal Council, Adam flipped on them because of how powerful they were and voted out Figgy which angered Taylor. After returning from Tribal Council, Adam talked to Taylor about betraying him and eliminating Figgy, but Taylor still plotted revenge. The next day, Taylor tried to sway Jessica and Ken into turning on Adam, and they considered doing so because they perceived Taylor as less strategic than Adam. Since Takali won the following Immunity Challenge, the four remaining members reached the merge.

Upon reaching the merge, Taylor reunited with his remaining allies. That night, Taylor stashed food from the feast, but was overheard by several others. As Taylor snacked, Adam came over in an attempt to align, telling Taylor about his Reward Steal advantage and targeting Will, telling Taylor that Will was Jay's new closest ally. However, Taylor decided to use that against him. The next day, he told Jay that Adam was targeting Will. Will won immunity. Taylor and his alliance targeted Adam. Before Tribal Council, Adam asked Taylor what was going on, but Taylor gave him false hope he was on his side. At Tribal Council, Taylor and his allies voted for Adam, but the rest blindsided Michelle.

Returning from Tribal Council, Taylor, Will, and Jay tried to get more allies. Adam and Taylor promised to protect each other's secrets—Adam about Taylor's food stash and Taylor about Adam's reward-stealing advantage. On Day 25, Ken defeated Taylor to win immunity. At camp, Taylor told Jay about his stolen food stash and Adam's advantage. Jay encouraged Taylor to tell their tribemates about Adam's advantage in order to spark distrust. During Tribal Council, Taylor falsely claimed that Adam had eaten the food with him, and also revealed Adam's advantage, which Adam confirmed. However, his scrambling did not work. He voted for Adam, but was voted out with seven votes with Jay voting for him as well.

At the Final Tribal Council, he asked the Final Three to convince him who he should vote for. Despite disliking Adam, he joined the other nine jurors in voting for him to win.

Voting History

Taylor's Voting History
Episode Taylor's
Voted Against
1 Vanua Tribe Immune
2 Mari -
3 Vanua Tribe Immune
4 Vanua Tribe Immune
5 Takali Tribe Immune
6 Ken -
7 Takali Tribe Immune
8 Adam -
9 Adam Adam, Chris, David, Jay,
Ken, Sunday, Zeke
Voted Out, Day 25
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Taylor and Figgy briefly dated after the game.[3]
  • On October 28, 2016, Taylor announced his girlfriend is pregnant with their first child.[4]
    • Their son was born in late 2016/early 2017.[5]
    • Taylor and his girlfriend married on October 21, 2017.[6]



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