The Tavua Alliance is an alliance formed in Survivor: Game Changers.

The pre-merge dominance of the Nuku and Tavua tribes laid the groundwork for long-term bonds between Zeke Smith, Cirie Fields, Andrea Boehlke and Ozzy Lusth. The Power Six alliance, which had its genesis in the post-swap Mana tribe, blindsided Ozzy after the merge, initiating a protracted power struggle. The Tavua alliance recruited Mana outsiders Michaela Bradshaw and Aubry Bracco, and the temporary loyalty of Sarah Lacina allowed the Tavua brain trust, particularly Cirie, to dictate much of the flow of play in the mid-game. This power was employed against suspected threats within the alliance (including Zeke and Andrea) as often as it was employed against Power Six members (including Debbie Wanner and Sierra Dawn Thomas). Sarah defected once again at the Final 7, causing Michaela's elimination. At the following Tribal Council, an unusual confluence of circumstances squelched a final attempt to reassert control of the game, resulting in Cirie's elimination. Aubry fell next, and the alliance was survived into the Final 4 only by Power Six defector Tai Trang, who, on Day 38, became the final player voted out before the Final Tribal Council.



A preexisting alliance formed during the days on Tavua by Andrea, Cirie, Ozzy, Sarah, and Zeke against Troyzan due to their numbers advantage from being on the original Nuku tribe, the alliance never went to Tribal Council as the tribe was so dominant in challenges in the first six days. At the Day 14 tribe switch, however, the alliance regrouped with other former Nuku member Tai Trang to oust former Mana members Jeff Varner and Sandra Diaz-Twine. Cirie was placed on the opposite tribe. Succeeding in voting out Sandra in a 5-2 vote, Debbie Wanner later joined following her boot and joined in eliminating Jeff unanimously following a controversial Tribal Council.

Cirie and Michaela Talk

Shortly after the merge, Michaela figures that she and Hali are on the chopping block. Cirie and Michaela leave the tribe to talk, and Michaela finds a mentor for herself. A tight bond develops between the two women, and this bond would eventually save Michaela from becoming the merge boot.

Saving an outsider

At the merge, Hali and Michaela were targets for being outsiders. The majority leaned on voting out Michaela for her annoyance. However, Cirie and Zeke managed to turn the vote on Hali so she was blindsided.

Zeke and Sarah Flip

During the reward trip on Day 22, Zeke talks to Debbie and Tai about targeting Cirie and Andrea but Debbie was skeptical. After the Immunity Challenge, Zeke tells Sierra, Cirie, Andrea, and Aubry want to vote her out and he wants to target Andrea. However, Sierra tells this to Cirie. Cirie tells Andrea, and then both of them target Zeke. Sierra's ally Debbie convinces her to target Ozzy. She then tells the rest of her alliance and Zeke and Sarah about the plan. At Tribal Council, Zeke voted for Aubry while Sierra's alliance along With Sarah voted for Ozzy so Ozzy was blindsided.

Zeke and Sarah Return

On Day 26, Troyzan won immunity. At camp, Sarah talked to Zeke about flipping on Sierra's alliance. She reconsidered after Sierra offered her a final three deal. However, Aubry later told her that Debbie did not trust her. At Tribal Council, Sarah and Zeke flipped back to this alliance so Debbie was blindsided.

The downfall of Zeke

Andrea wins immunity on Day 33. At camp, Andrea plotted to eliminate Zeke that night, though Michaela and Sarah were skeptical of giving the other alliance a chance to regain the majority. At Tribal Council, the minority alliance voted against each other to avoid elimination, but the majority alliance betrayed Zeke, sending him to the jury in a vote of 5-3-2.

Ending the Sheriff

The following morning, Sierra told Sarah about her legacy advantage in an attempt to gain her trust. Brad won immunity. At camp, the alliance minus Michaela decided to target Sierra. Michaela plotted with Tai to vote for Andrea. However, Sarah told both of them about Sierra's legacy advantage and managed to convince them to turn on her. Sierra was voted out at Tribal Council.

Downward Spiral

Following voting out Sierra with the inclusion of now Tai, the alliance set their eyes on Brad as the next target for his prowess in challenges and being one of the leaders of the former majority alliance. Despite this, Andrea and Aubry became skeptic of Sarah as both saw her surprised look at Tribal Council rather suspicious. Voicing this to Cirie, she immediately ratted Andrea out to Sarah, putting a target on Andrea's back. Going into the Immunity Challenge, Andrea and Brad were the main targets as everyone, excluding their closest allies Aubry and Troyzan, branded them as major physical threats. Aubry went on to win the challenge and back at camp, Cirie and Sarah questioned whether targeting Andrea over Brad would be the smartest move for them. Ultimately, Cirie spoke with Michaela and they agreed with Sarah that ousting Andrea was best, thus eliminating Andrea in a 6-2 vote and reducing the alliance to a shaky quintet.

Going into the next day after Andrea's blindside, Aubry knew she was on the bottom and attempted to reconstruct her former bond with Tai from Kaôh Rōng. Meanwhile, Sarah decided to give her vote steal advantage to Cirie to build more trust before Tribal Council. While talking, Sarah explained that she found Tai to be more trustworthy than Aubry and wanted her out next. Cirie reasoned with her about voting Tai instead but she refused, forcing Cirie to think of a new scheme against him.

In the aftermath following Cirie's risky move at Tribal Council, Sarah confronted her for using her advantage. Cirie then told her she was trying to save her because Tai was coming for her. She then found out from Tai that he was going after her.

On Day 36, Brad won immunity, and shared the reward with Troyzan and Sarah. On the trip Sarah agreed to work with them. At Tribal Council, Cirie, Tai and Aubry voted for Sarah, Sarah and Troyzan voted for Tai, and Brad voted for Aubry; however, after Sarah played her legacy advantage, Tai played his Hidden Immunity Idols on himself and Aubry, and Troyzan played an idol on himself; Cirie was eliminated by default for being the only non immune person left.

With Cirie gone, Aubry was the only loyal member left. On Day 37, she tried to persuade Sarah and Tai to vote out Troyzan, but at Tribal Council, Aubry was unanimously voted out.



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