Tavua is a tribe from Survivor: Game Changers. Their tribe color is green.

Despite being forced to start from scratch after its creation at the Tribe Switch on Day 7, Tavua proved to be the most dominant of the tribes during the three-tribe phase of Game Changers, losing only one Reward Challenge.


 Andrea Boehlke
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 Cirie Fields
S34 cirie t
 Ozzy Lusth
S34 ozzy t
 Sarah Lacina
S34 sarah t
S34 troyzan t
 Zeke Smith
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Tribe History

Tavua was formed on Day 7 at the Tribe Switch, when the final 18 players drew buffs. The six who had drawn green buffs were sent to the new Tavua beach, which forced the tribe members to start anew with minimal supplies. Tavua was composed mostly of former members of Nuku, with the exception of Troyzan Robertson, who had been a former Mana. Thus, he was relegated to the bottom of the totem pole. In order to overcome the numerical disadvantage, Troyzan set out to find a Hidden Immunity Idol. He found a clue in a glass bottle, directing him to the rear right corner of the puzzle table at the upcoming Immunity Challenge.

Tavua ended up winning the Immunity Challenge and abstained from Tribal Council. After their victory, Troyzan seized the opportunity to pocket the idol. For coming in second place in the challenge, Tavua took an assortment of spices back with them to camp.




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