Tania Copeland is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets.

A large personality in the early game, Tania failed to realize her position in the game before being sent to the Island of Secrets, where she chose to flip over to Laumei in the tribe swap. Here, Tania's friendship with Seipei Mashugane saw her position become much more secure, even managing to eliminate rival Felix Godlo. However, she was seen as the least valuable member of her tribe to continue with, and was subsequently eliminated.


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Surname: Copeland
Age: 51
Occupation: Immigration consultant
From: Somerset West, Cape Town

The rules and restrictions of society were not made with Tania in mind. Or, actually, they were. It's just that this strong and independent woman is not going to pay much attention to them. Tania is one of a kind, unlike anyone else who has played the game of Survivor. She may be slightly older than her competitors, but it won't hold her back. This colourful 51-year-old immigration consultant is a self-proclaimed hedonist and an avid rock climber who loves all kinds of adventures in the outdoors. Tania, who has raised several kids, teaches English language to adults and knows that she's always the heart and soul of a party – with or without her no-longer-guilty pleasure – a marijuana joint. In Survivor SA she wants to be part of what she calls Team Underdog – who shows the big dogs how it's done. (Oh, by the way, her father was a bank robber).[1]

Survivor South Africa

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Voting History

Tania's Voting History
Episode Tania's
Voted Against
1 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
2 Ta'alo Tribe Immune
3 On Island of Secrets1
4 Rose-Lee Durão, Rose-Lee
5 Felix -
6 Jacques Durão,
Jacques, Seipei
Voted Out, Day 14

^1 In "The Gods Have Smiled Upon Me", Tania was sent to the Island of Secrets where she was given the choice of going back to her tribe the next morning or staying until the Tribe Switch, where she would have the option to chose which tribe she would like to join. Tania decided to stay, granting her immunity from Tribal Council.



  • Tania is the oldest member of the original Ta'alo tribe.


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