The Tandang Alliance is an alliance in Survivor: Philippines. This alliance was powerful at first, eliminating in the first two Dangrayne Tribal Councils their desired targets, and keeping the majority against the Kalabaw Alliance. However, the alliance was undone by what was perceived as its callous treatment of Lisa Whelchel and Michael Skupin, resulting in the defection of the latter two and the eventual elimination of the remaining members of the alliance.


Classic Day One Alliance

The Tandang Alliance was originally formed by RC Saint-Amour and Abi-Maria Gomes on Day 1 of Survivor: Philippines. The pair then recruited tribe mates Pete Yurkowski and Michael Skupin, putting Artis Silvester and mainly Lisa Whelchel in the outs.

Sneaky Pete

Abi and RC had found the clue for a Hidden Immunity Idol and decided to look for it. One time after RC is talking with Michael, Abi became suspicious about her, and asked why she is talking behind her back with Michael. RC explained to Abi that she is not planning anything behind her back, and that she is just close with Michael for being a father figure to her. Abi threatened RC that she will cut her if she has plans to vote her out, and searched for the Hidden Immunity Idol with Pete. When the two eventually found it, they decided not to tell RC, due to Abi's suspicions about her. The distrust between the two gave Pete an idea to finally break the two apart, where he removed the Hidden Immunity Idol clue from Abi's bag and left it in RC's bag which is open during that time. When the clue was found in RC's bag, she read it in front of the whole tribe, and Abi quickly blamed RC for taking the clue from the place it was previously hidden. RC and Abi quickly became fed up with each other, and the alliance split, taking Lisa and Artis who are previous outsiders from their tribe, and pushing away RC and Michael.

Continuing the Winning Streak

On Day 11, rival tribe Matsing was dissolved, and the tribe gained former Matsing member, Malcolm Freberg. The charismatic Malcolm was quickly accepted into the Tandang alliance after Pete showed him the idol, which left RC feeling even more alienated. The Tandang tribe continued to win against Kalabaw, but all the while, more tension was building within the tribe, and cracks began to form.

Merging with the Numbers

When the merge came around, all seven members of Tandang were still in the game after not losing a single Immunity Challenge, while rival Kalabaw tribe only had four members remaining. Despite the numbers advantage, the rivalry between Abi and RC had heightened, and with Jeff Kent's resentment of returning players' Jonathan Penner and Skupin possibility of winning, joined in the vote against Penner and RC. An idol play by Penner however, sent RC home in a 4-2-0 vote. By the time the next Tribal Council came around, the plan to vote out Penner had been foiled by him winning immunity, and the alliance then targeted Skupin. Lisa, however, had a pact with Skupin, and tried to shift the target towards Malcolm by revealing to Pete that Malcolm had an idol. Pete was skeptical however, and instead suggested that Jeff Kent be voted out instead. At Tribal Council that night, chaos erupted. Lisa told everyone the current state of the Tandang alliance, Malcolm ended up revealing the Matsing idol, and Abi ended up showing the Tandang alliance's idol. Despite the confusion, the plan worked, and Jeff was blindsided.

Fall of Tandang

After Kent's elimination, Abi confronted Lisa about the information she had revealed at the previous night's Tribal Council, calling her naive. After this, Lisa began to have trust issues when Penner asked her to align with him. Meanwhile, in the newly congealed Kalabaw Superalliance (consists of the alliance pairs Penner and Carter, Denise and Malcolm, and Skupin and Lisa), Denise Stapley formulated a plan to eliminate Artis because he was the least likely to have the Tandang idol. However, the plan required one of the Tandang members to flip. Penner once again tried to draw in Lisa, but whether she would vote with them or not was still a mystery. At Tribal Council, Artis was voted out, but it was Skupin who flipped instead of Lisa.

The next day, Lisa also decided to renege with the alliance, leaving only Abi and Pete still in the alliance. The Kalabaw superalliance decided to split the vote between Pete and Abi because of the idol. Knowing they were on the outs, Pete and Abi tried to get Lisa and Mike to stay loyal to Tandang and vote out Malcolm, but the two refused. At Tribal Council, Abi was bashed by the contestants and even Probst, and especially Denise, to the point of breaking down in tears. After the vote, Abi played the idol and Pete was voted out 3-2-0 (with 3 votes against Abi negated using her idol), leaving Abi to fend for herself against the Kalabaw superalliance.

With Abi all alone, winning Immunity is a must for her, in order to derail the rival alliance's plan. At the Final 7 Immunity Challenge, Abi won (with the help of the advantage she bought at the Survivor Auction), keeping her safe against the Kalabaw alliance. She was asked by the Kalabaw Alliance pair to vote out Denise (who is part of the newly created Matsing-Fulcrum alliance), but didn't succeed. While Abi is still in the outs, the Matsing-Fulcrum alliance chose to vote Carter (the remaining member of the Kalabaw Alliance) instead, with Abi as the lone person in the outs left.

At Final Five, Abi tried to convince former alliance member Lisa to vote with her against Denise, saying that she couldn't win if Lisa keeps aligning with Matsing and Skupin in which Abi said that Lisa in the bottom of the alliance. Abi tried to persuade the Fulcrum alliance to bring her to end as they would have a better chance at winning due to her being unliked by the tribe, but the Fulcrum decided to keep their Final Four alliance with Matsing (also with the plan of voting Malcolm next using Denise to give him more competition in the next Immunity Challenge), voting out Abi unanimously, destroying the once powerful Tandang alliance.


  • Every member of the Tandang tribe was a part of the alliance at some point in the game.



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