The Tambaqui Alliance was the majority alliance on the Tambaqui tribe in Survivor: The Amazon.



After losing the first Immunity Challenge, Roger rallied Alex Bell, Butch Lockley, Dave Johnson, and Rob Cesternino into an alliance. Rob was also asked to join in Roger's intended target Ryan Aiken's alliance to oust Roger.

Taking Out the Outsiders

Because of Ryan and Roger wanting to vote each other first, two alliances - Roger, Butch, and Alex on one side, and Ryan, Matthew, and Daniel on the other - were formed on Tambaqui. Rob became the swing vote and considered voting out either one of them, while Dave wanted Daniel gone. At the first Tribal Council, Rob joined Roger's alliance in voting out Ryan in a close 4-3-1 vote.

During Day 7-9, Rob voiced wanting to vote out Roger. After losing the third Immunity Challenge, Daniel tried to scramble to stay in the game longer. Knowing Rob would only vote against Roger if there was a majority, Daniel tried to convince Alex to vote out the oldest member of the tribe because of his abrasive attitude and their conflict reaching its climax. Ultimately, the alliance stayed strong and voted out Daniel unanimously.

Tribe Switch

With both tribes losing two members each, a tribe swap occurred on Day 13. Christy Smith, Heidi Strobel, and Jeanne Hebert joined Tambaqui. When finding out previously from Jenna Morasca that her alliance was targeting Jeanne next, Dave began targeting her. After losing the Immunity Challenge later, Dave tried to convince Heidi to flip on Jeanne and Christy and vote Jeanne out. Heidi pondered over voting out her original alliance's target or staying with the ladies and forcing a tie against Butch. Ultimately, Heidi sided with the men and voted out Jeanne at Tribal Council.

The Merge

With the merge occurring on Day 19, the remaining ten castaways became Jacaré. Roger quickly noticed that the men held a distinctive 6-4 advantage over the ladies, however the men on Jaburu viewed him as annoying and joined the women in plotting against him. Roger particularly butted heads with Deena Bennett and eventually at the first merged Tribal Council, Roger was blindsided in a 7-3 vote.

Dave quickly followed Roger as he was viewed the biggest threat physically when he was voted out unanimously.

Rob Uses the Outsiders

During the night of Day 29, Alex decided to tell Rob that he would likely be the one going out at the final four between the newly formed majority alliance of them, Heidi Strobel and Jenna Morasca. Rob viewed the decision as curious, but refused to stand aside and be voted out. The new majority alliance decided to vote out Matthew for his athleticism. However, they were unaware that Rob was plotting with Butch, Christy Smith, and Matthew to get rid of Alex. After careful consideration at Tribal Council, Rob voted out Alex, blindsiding his allies and Alex himself.

Christy's Mistake

In danger of being picked off, Jenna and Heidi tried to get Christy to flip on the men. She was torn between going with the women or staying with the men. After the Immunity Challenge, Rob talked to her about her decision, which she did not know what to do. Horrified about Christy being a swing vote, Rob schemed with the other women and Matthew to get her out. Rob's plan came together and Christy was blindsided in a 4-2 vote.

Heidi or Jenna?

Rob told the remaining ladies that either one of them would leave, and they didn't seem to mind. After both Heidi and Jenna lost immunity, Jenna broke down, stating she had health problems and told the men to vote her out. Seeing Jenna's elimination would benefit herself, Heidi tried campaigning against her friend. However, the alliance deemed Heidi the bigger threat to win the game and voted her out in a 3-2 vote.

Jenna Strikes Back

After voting out Heidi, Jenna became the last female standing against the alliance. All three members thought she would be easy to beat in the upcoming challenge because she was sick. However, this was proved wrong when Jenna won, forcing the men to turn on each other. Rob managed to sway Matthew into voting out Butch, while Butch tried forming an alliance with Jenna to vote out Rob. Eventually, Butch was voted out in a unanimous vote.

In the Final Immunity Challenge, thinking both would take him to the end, Matthew threw the challenge eventually giving Jenna the win when she outlasted Rob. In the end, Rob was voted out by Jenna for betraying their alliance and Matthew was brought to the Final Two. At the Reunion, it was revealed that Jenna won in a 6-1 vote, with Matthew only receiving Butch's vote.




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