Tom Westman

Since I can't edit the page, I figured I'd throw this out there. Jeff says here that Tom was in the mix but didn't make the final cut. AllYourFavorites! (talk) 00:16, February 14, 2020 (UTC)

Oh Chris Underwood couldn't make it since Edge of Extinction was filmed only 2 weeks prior to Winners At War? Good thing the page can't be edited to fix glaringly wrong errors. ZestyCrabLegs (talk) 07:01, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

How about you learn to read and comprehend properly instead of making snide comments on this thread? 
* Chris Underwood (Edge of Extinction) was not invited presumably due to the finale of Edge of Extinction and the filming of Winners at War being only a week apart, as he would not have enough time to prepare his travel documents.
  • Tommy Sheehan (Island of the Idols) was not invited because he would not have known that he won at the time of filming, as Island of the Idols and Winners at War were filmed only two weeks apart and the former season had yet to air.

Sesefied (talk) 11:51, February 29, 2020 (UTC)

Michele's second immunity win

During Michele's second immunity win, she also won reward and brought Sarah & Denise. (source:


On Wikipedia, it displays Parvati first and then Sandra getting booted because that was what was aired. This wiki showed Sandra getting booted first because Parvati said so. Jeff actually said “7th person voted out” for Parvati and “8th person voted out” for Sandra.

I think Dakal attended tribal before Sele, but it was edited to show vice versa given Sandra's epic blindside being the perfect closer.

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