Vince's Elimination (Worlds Apart)

Guys, the elimination Vince Sly was not because of a successful split vote. Will Sims II voted against Vince, with the knowledge that if Vince does have an idol, a member of the splitting alliance (Jenn Brown, Joe Anglim, Hali Ford and himself) could be in danger of elimination. Think of it if Tyson Apostol of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains's plan to eliminate Parvati Shallow actually worked. The split vote (i.e. having someone in the splitting alliance not be idoled out if one idol was used to a minority) was voided (Vince uses the idol, Jenn would be voted out), eventually turning the vote into a simple minority alliance member blindside (the first time where a majority member swayed a vote to another minority but would a fellow majority at risk, which was different with Natalie Anderson's move in Survivor: San Juan del Sur which if Alec Christy had used an idol, minority member Keith Nale would be voted out).

In short, the resulting vote out was a blindside of a minority alliance member, rather than a split vote, because by definition a split vote it should "attempt to avoid one of their own being voted out by the use of a Hidden Immunity Idol. The strategy involves the alliance casting an equal or near-equal number of votes on two different members of the opposing alliance, theoretically ensuring that one of them is voted out regardless of whom the idol is played on.". The resulting doesn't attempt to avoid one of their own being voted out by an idol (Jenn), and it doesn't assure that one of Nina and Vince would be voted out (Vince uses the idol, Nina doesn't go). Zjzr (talk) 15:02, March 7, 2015 (UTC)

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