The Takali Alliance, also known as Paul's Posse, was the majority alliance on the Takali tribe in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.


Paul's Posse

Paul Wachter was the leader of the Takali Tribe. He gave a lot of orders, but appeared to be lazy in camp, and this rubbed minority alliance members David Wright, and Ken McNickle the wrong way.

The Women Become Suspicious

Takali lost immunity on Day 10. The alliance targeted CeCe Taylor; however, after Paul made an offhand comment to Jessica Smith about how he would align with men over women, the women in his alliance—Jessica, Lucy Huang, and Sunday Burquest—considered voting him out. At Tribal Council, they joined the minority alliance to eliminate Paul from the game.

The Alliance Breaks

The next day, Sunday told Chris Hammons and Bret LaBelle that it was Jessica's idea to blindside Paul, so that they targeted Jessica. However, at Tribal Council, David played his Hidden Immunity Idol on Jessica so Lucy was blindsided.

Surviving the Swap

A Tribe Switch occurred the next day. Chris was switched to Vanua, while Bret, and Sunday Burquest were switched to Ikabula. However, all of them and former member Jessica survived the swap, and reached the merge.


At the merge, Bret, Sunday, and Chris reunited. At the merged Tribal Council, they worked with Jessica who was a member of David's alliance, David's alliance and the Vanua outsiders alliance to blindside Triforce member Michelle Schubert. The next day, Sunday and Bret talk about blindsiding Jessica. But after the Immunity Challenge, they realized they did not have the numbers, so they stayed loyal to Jessica. At Tribal Council, the large group voted out Taylor Stocker.

Gen-X Civil War

With Taylor gone, Chris and Bret set their eyes on Jessica. The next day, Chris talked to his close ally Zeke Smith about getting Jessica out. However, David talked to his allies Jessica and Ken about blindsiding Chris. David won immunity. At camp, the Takali Alliance, and David's alliance vied for Zeke and Hannah Shapiro's votes. Zeke and Hannah ultimately sided with the latter blindsiding Chris.


After Chris's elimination, Zeke and David formed separate alliances and targeted each other. David formed David's Vinaka Alliance and recruited Hannah, Adam, Ken and Jessica while Zeke formed Zeke's Vinaka Alliance and recruited Bret, Sunday and Triforce members Jay Starrett and Will Wahl.



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