Takali is a tribe from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. They are the "Gen X" tribe. Their tribe color is purple.


 Bret LaBelle
42, Dedham, MA
Police sergeant
S33 bret t
 CeCe Taylor
39, Granada Falls, CA
Insurance adjuster
S33 cece t
 Chris Hammons
38, Moore, OK
Trial lawyer
S33 chris t
 David Wright
42, Sherman Oaks, CA
Television writer
S33 david t
 Jessica Lewis
37, Voorheesville, NY
Assistant district attorney
S33 jessica t
 Ken McNickle
33, Denver, CO
S33 ken t
 Lucy Huang
42, Diamond Bar, CA
S33 lucy t
 Paul Wachter
52, Sugarloaf Key, FL
Boat mechanic
S33 paul t
 Rachel Ako
37, Los Angeles, CA
Recruiting director
S33 rachel t
 Sunday Burquest
45, Otsego, MN
Youth pastor
S33 sunday t

 Adam Klein
S33 adam t
 Figgy Figueroa
S33 figgy t
 Jessica Lewis
S33 jessica t
 Ken McNickle
S33 ken t
 Taylor Stocker
S33 taylor t

Tribe History

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