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Tamara Antrice "Taj" Johnson-George is a contestant from Survivor: Tocantins.

Taj is best known for her strategic prowess, orchestrating a cross-tribe alliance while still being well-liked. Ultimately however, one of her closest allies, Stephen Fishbach, expressed concern that she would bring her other ally, J.T. Thomas to the end instead of him, which prompted him to turn on her, eliminating her two days short of the Final Tribal Council.


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Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George (37)
Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.
Occupation: Former Pop Star

Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George already has a lot on her plate, but can't wait to add Survivor contestant into the mix. A Grammy®-nominated singer, successful author, wife of a former NFL pro and mother of two wonderful boys, Taj believes she will be the "most underestimated player" in the game.

A Grammy®-nominee for her soul group SWV ("Sisters With Voices"), Taj says "her group was the one to beat." Selling over six million records, her time as a singer has prepared her for the spotlight.

In addition to her music career, Taj is also an accomplished writer. The author of "Player HateHER: How To Avoid The Beat Down And Live In A Drama Free World," she tries to practice what she preaches as her true pride and life's focus lies within her family. The wife of Heisman Trophy winner and former Tennessee Titan running back Eddie George, she warns all opponents, "I'm not the average NFL wife and mother."

Growing up in Brooklyn, Taj overcame both physical and mental abuse in her life. With her background, it's no wonder she says she's "naturally distrustful." Taj goes on to say "I am literally, truly a survivor, who has survived more things you can ever imagine." She is used to beating the odds and plans to do it again.

In her free time, Taj says she is very physical and likes to workout, running, swimming and doing yoga and kickboxing. Taj is the total package built around strength and street smarts and will be a fierce competitor in this game.

Taj currently resides in Nashville, Tenn. Her birth date is April 29.[1]


Taj was placed on the Jalapao Tribe. After gathering the necessary supplies, the tribes were asked to vote for the weakest person based on first impressions only. Taj agreed with the tribe that Sandy Burgin was the weakest due to her age. Instead of eliminating her, the tribe gave her a free helicopter ride to the camp. After a long hike in the hot sun, Jalapao arrived at the camp before nightfall. Taj asked Sandy why the shelter wasn't built. Taj asked how to pronounce the tribe's name, which Carolina Eastwood explained how to. The tribe built a shelter the next day. At the first challenge, Taj assisted Sandy on the steps. Despite starting the puzzle first, Timbira barely beat out Jalapao for immunity and flint. Carolina started telling people to work on projects to improve camp, annoying the tribe. Taj told Carolina that she gets panicky and whiny, which caused tension in the camp. Carolina acknowledged that Taj was right. More impressed by Sandy's strength, Carolina was unanimously voted out. After she was eliminated, the tribe received flint.

With the flint, the tribe made fire quickly. Joe Dowdle lead the tribe to find protein. He succeeded finding protein from termites and grubs. Later that day, Taj revealed her husband was Eddie George. Stephen Fishbach was clueless about her husband. The others had mixed reactions to the revelation. They were in awe that they were playing with Eddie George's wife, but felt that Taj needed the money less. At the challenge, Jalapao made a come from a behind victory for immunity and fishing gear. However, Brendan Synnott selected Taj to join him on Exile Island. Taj convinced Brendan to share the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol with her. She realized that the idol was back at camp. The pair decided to make a cross-tribe Exile Alliance. Jalapao won the next reward and Taj was exiled again with Brendan. The duo decided to bring in Stephen and Sierra Reed into the alliance. Taj informed Stephen about the alliance. Jalapao won immunity, keeping Taj safe.

Taj was selected to participate in the Shoulder the Load challenge. Taj outlasted Debbie Beebe to win reward. Taj congratulated Debbie for doing a great job. Jalapao exiled Sierra and she retaliated by picking Taj. She explained about the Exile Alliance, which Brendan was unable to do. Unfortunately, Timbira ended Jalapao's winning streak by winning immunity. Taj talked to Stephen and J.T. Thomas about voting out Sandy or Sydney Wheeler. Not wanting to vote out either, Taj voted against Joe. Sandy was the one who got the shaft in a 5-1-1 vote. Taj found the Hidden Immunity Idol and gave it to Stephen because he had pockets to carry it in. Jalapao won the next Reward Challenge and won a trip to the Charmin Cafe. Brendan chose Stephen to come with him to Exile Island rather than Taj. During the reward, there were letters from home. Taj was thankful that Brendan didn't exile her. Taj had a terrible time at the Immunity Challenge, which Jalapao lost. Taj was frustrated with the loss and snapped at Joe. Despite everything, the tribe unanimously voted out Spencer Duhm, who had done worse at the challenge than Taj. 

Taj talked to Stephen about letting J.T. know about the idol. Jalapao barely lost the following Reward Challenge. Taj hoped that she was not exiled again because both idols were found. Timbira chose to exile Joe, who picked Erinn Lobdell to join him on Exile Island in hopes of getting her to flip. Taj decided to make a fake idol using the real one as a guide. Taj hid her idol in her bag, but J.T. stumbled upon it. Stephen explained that Taj was going to tell him about, which solidify the alliance between the three. Jalapao lost the Immunity Challenge, meaning they would go into the merge without numbers. J.T. and Stephen considered the possibility of blindsiding Taj because Stephen technically had the idol. In the end, the alliance held true and Sydney was sent home.

Taj stated it was bittersweet sending Sydney home, but glad she was in the game. Everyone was concerned about Joe's leg, which was severely infected. Joe said it was getting better but Taj believed otherwise. The next Tree Mail implied a Reward Challenge for a feast, much to Taj's dismay because she just wanted to eat. Thankfully, all Taj had to do was eat because it was a merge feast. J.T. named the merged tribe Forza. Brendan made no attempt to signal Taj, which made her questioned his loyalty to the exile alliance. Tyson Apostol won immunity and Joe was medically evacuated, meaning there was no Tribal Council. The Jalapao Three came into a powerful position because the Timbira members were targeting each other. They became even more powerful when the alienated Erinn joined Jalapao. Ultimately, Taj turned on Brendan and blindsided him.

Taj was teamed with Coach Wade, Stephen, and Sierra during the Reward Challenge. They lost badly, but Taj wasn't exiled. At the Immunity Challenge, Taj chose to play rather than eat. She regretted the decision as she did badly. Sierra was the obvious target for her affiliation with Brendan. However, the Jalapao Three felt this was their only opportunity to eliminate Tyson Apostol, as he had won the two previous Immunity Challenges. Without telling Sierra, the plan worked and Tyson was blindsided. Taj came close winning the Touchy Subjects Reward Challenge, but Stephen won instead. Stephen still chose her and J.T. to go on the reward. When they returned, Coach told them that Sierra was trying to get the original Timbira back together, but in truth, it was actually Debbie Beebe who tried to reorganize the Timbira tribe. Sierra caught wind of this lie and told everyone that Coach was lying, making all three Jalapao members suspicious of them. Taj voted against the bigger threat Debbie, but Sierra was deemed to cause too much drama and was voted out instead.

At the Survivor Auction, Taj was able to buy a smartphone to speak with her husband unopposed. Seeing her video made her so emotional. Jeff explained that Taj would be only one to see her loved one unless she exiled herself and her husband. Taj, in tears of joy, complied, leaving everyone extremely joyous. Her husband was impressed with Taj's survival skills. Taj became a target in the eyes of Coach. Stephen won immunity and Debbie was voted out in a 4-1-1 vote. J.T. won the next Reward Challenge and selected Stephen to join him while exiling Coach. Taj and Erinn talked about Coach and his exaggerated mannerisms. Both women deemed it old and extremely annoying. Taj even felt that Coach should be in a mental institution for calling himself the "Dragon Slayer." J.T. won immunity after Coach collapsed. He said he didn't want to medical to check on him. Despite claiming his back was hurting, Coach was walking fine. The women targeted Coach and Stephen voted with them to send Coach packing. Both Taj and Stephen felt they should vote out J.T. if he doesn't win immunity. However, he did win. Stephen was worried that if Taj would win the Final Immunity Challenge, she would bring J.T. over him. Stephen convinced J.T. to turn on Taj, blindsiding her. In her exit confessional, Taj said because of J.T. and Stephen betraying her, she would vote for Erinn if she made it to the Final Two.

At Final Tribal Council, Taj was the last person to speak. She made it clear that she was hurt by the blindside and felt it was unnecessary. Taj asked why did J.T. and Stephen need to blindside her. Taj's question would ignite an argument between the finalists. In the end, Taj gave her jury vote to J.T.

Voting History

Episode Taj's
Voted Against
1 Carolina -
2 Jalapao Tribe Immune
3 Jalapao Tribe Immune
4 Joe -
5 Spencer Spencer
7 Sydney Joe, Sydney
8 No Tribal Council
9 Brendan -
10 Tyson -
11 Debbie -
12 Debbie Coach
13 Coach -
14 Erinn Erinn, J.T.,
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • On January 9, 2010, Taj attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • Taj underwent four knee surgeries after her time on the show.[2]
  • Taj and her husband Eddie were invited to compete in The Amazing Race, but Taj could not participate because she had torn her meniscus around the time they were contacted.[2]
  • In 2016, Taj and her SWV bandmates entered as house guests in the 7th season of the Philippine version of Big Brother to promote their concert with TLC in Manila.[3]
  • Taj attended Stephen's wedding on June 9, 2018.[4]
  • Taj is set to release her own skincare line in 2023.[5]


  • Prior to Survivor, Taj is a part of the popular 90s R&B girl band SWV.
  • Taj was recruited to compete on Survivor when she received an e-mail from casting that forwarded by the NFL. She also did not watch the show prior to competing.[6]
  • Taj is one of four women to be married to an NFL player and appear on Survivor. The others are Elisabeth FilarskiDanni Boatwright, and Monica Culpepper.
    • She is the first, however, to be married to an NFL player before appearing on Survivor.
  • Taj is the first African-American woman to find a Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Taj is the only contestant to vote against Joe Dowdle and only Jalapao member never to vote against Sandy Burgin.
  • Taj is the only woman from the Jalapao tribe to reach the merge on Tocantins.
  • Taj is the only member of Jalapao to be voted out of Forza and the only one to be a member of the jury.
  • Taj lost 28 lbs. during her time in Tocantins.[7]
  • Taj was invited to return at least twice, once for Heroes vs. Villains and once again in 2011, but has stated her disinterest in returning.[2]


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