The Syndicate Alliance is the majority alliance of the Bula Bula tribe in Survivor: Fiji.


Tribe Switch

On Day 15, a Tribe Switch occurred. Host Jeff Probst asked a member from each of the two tribes to step forward, with Earl Cole stepping forward for Ravu and Edgardo Rivera for Moto to begin a Schoolyard Pick. Earl's group consisted of original Ravu allies Michelle Yi and Yau-Man Chan, along with original Moto members Boo Bernis, Cassandra Franklin, and Stacy Kimball. By luck of the draw, the group was able to keep the luxury Moto camp after Edgardo drew an orange buff for Ravu.

At their new camp, Earl and Yau-Man continued their search for a Hidden Immunity Idol. On Day 18, employing the same strategy they used earlier at Ravu, Earl led the tribe away from camp under the guise of retrieving their stranded boat, while Yau-Man stayed behind to look for the idol. This time, Yau-Man had more success, finding Moto's idol using the tribe's digging tools (which they lacked in Ravu), and vowed to share it with Earl should the situation arise. It appeared that Cassandra was all but ready to join forces with Earl and Yau-Man, confirming Boo as the next candidate for elimination. However, Ravu's dominance continue post swap despite the new Moto containing arguably the five strongest remaining players.

Michelle's Elimination

After the tribes merged into the Bula Bula tribe on Day 22, Jeff Probst announced a twist at the Immunity Challenge where the losing team would immediately go to Tribal Council without any chance to scramble and vote someone out, while the winners would remain at camp to enjoy the reward. One team consisted of members Boo, Cassandra, Earl, and Yau-Man, along with and Four Horsemen member Edgardo. The other team consisted of members Michelle and Stacy, along with Four Horsemen members Alex Angarita, Dreamz Herd, and Mookie Lee. The team of Boo, Cassandra, Earl, Edgardo, and Yau-Man won, leaving Michelle and Stacy vulnerable. At Tribal Council, Michelle had former Ravu tribemate Mookie's vote, while Stacy had former Moto ally Alex's vote. Swing vote Dreamz cast his vote for Michelle, eliminating her 3-2.

Four Horsemen Picked Off

Despite losing Michelle, the alliance still maintained a 5-4 advantage over the Four Horsemen. Cassandra won the next Reward Challenge and chose to bring Boo, Dreamz, and Yau-Man along with her to the reward. The group affirmed their loyalty to the Syndicate Alliance, including Dreamz, who was stung by the revelation that the other Horsemen kept their discovery of Ravu's Hidden Immunity Idol from him. This later prompted Dreamz to share this information with the Syndicate Alliance, also revealing that the Horsemen were going to play the idol on either Mookie or Alex. Unsure where Dreamz' loyalties lay, Stacy came up with the idea to cast their votes toward Edgardo because his name had not come up. At Tribal Council, Alex played the idol for naught and an unexpecting Edgardo was sent home in a 5-3-1 vote.

After Edgardo's blindside, Alex and Mookie retaliated by rummaging through Yau-Man's possessions and finding his idol. The pair attempted to blackmail Yau-Man into revealing his idol to the rest of the tribe, though their tactic backfired when Yau-Man revealed to his alliance their attempted blackmail and the tribe condemned their tactics. When Stacy won the next Immunity Challenge, the group, spurred by Boo's fears that Alex and Mookie had found the re-hidden Ravu Hidden Immunity Idol, split their votes between the two at Tribal Council. Alex, however, turned on Mookie and voted against his ally, sending him to the jury.

Left alone, Alex struggled to gain footing in the tribe and turn the rest of the group against Boo. His efforts were in vain after Boo won the succeeding Immunity Challenge and Alex was unanimously voted out at the next Tribal Council.

The Truck Deal

After Alex's elimination, the alliance was forced to turn on themselves as they were the only ones remaining. At the final six Reward Challenge, Yau-Man won a truck, but then dealt the truck to Dreamz in exchange for individual immunity should Dreamz win it at a prospective final four. Realizing Yau-Man's intention when he proposed the deal, Dreamz sought to take Yau-Man out without breaking the deal. He, Boo, Cassandra, and Stacy tried to vote him out at the next Tribal Council, but after Stacy accidentally tipped Yau-Man off by suggesting that their votes might be split, Yau-Man saved himself by playing his Hidden Immunity Idol, and Earl and Yau-Man's votes sent Stacy to the jury.

Dreamz then decided to get rid of Yau-Man at the final five, but Yau-Man thwarted his plan again by winning the next Immunity Challenge, and the tribe unanimously voted out Boo. At the final four Immunity Challenge on Day 38, Jeff Probst shocked the tribe by informing them that a Final Three would be facing the jury instead of the traditional Final Two, meaning that the subsequent challenge was the Final Immunity Challenge, which Dreamz won. At Tribal Council, Dreamz, now knowing that immunity guaranteed him a spot in the Final Three, reneged on his agreement with Yau-Man to hand over the Immunity Necklace, and Earl turned on his long-time ally and joined Cassandra and Dreamz in unanimously voting Yau-Man out.

Final Tribal Council

At the Final Tribal Council, Dreamz was blasted by the jury for his numerous betrayals, and Cassandra was berated for being greedy and a user. Ultimately, the jury voted for Earl to win in a 9-0-0 vote, making him the fourteenth Sole Survivor and the first person to win the game unanimously.


  • Yau-Man Chan is the only member of the alliance to return to compete for a future season.



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