Sylvie Pommier is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Bocas del Toro.


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  • Age: 26 ans - Vie maritale
  • Profession: Secrétaire
  • Département: Gironde (33)
  • Passion: Sports, lecture, peinture
  • Devise: Quand on veut, on peut


A member of the chaotic Boro tribe, Sylvie developed friendships with Julie Bourdon, Linda Penard, and Moundir Zoughari early on in the game. During the first Reward Challenge, which was a long scavenger hunt that the tribes had not even finished by the end of the day, Linda and Sylvie had a conflict over a pareo that Sylvie was using that she did not share with Linda, which fractured their relationship for the rest of the game. On Day 11, Linda and Sylvie resurfaced their conflict about the pareo, which prompted Moundir to argue with Linda that night about her attitude towards Sylvie. However, things escalated to the point where Linda became scared due to Moundir's aggressive tone and demeanour and Hélène Patry, who had entered the tribe on Day 6 as Alexandra Denikine's replacement, believed that Moundir would've hit Linda if there weren't any cameras around. In spite of Sylvie and Moundir's friendship and allegiance, Sylvie was reproachful of Moundir's actions and felt that they were beyond the game. However, at the following elimination, Linda was voted out by everyone on the tribe except for herself and Hélène due to her throwing the corresponding Immunity Challenge and due to her combative character. On Day 20, the Boro tribe won the sixth Reward Challenge and was rewarded with letters from home and chocolate. Sylvie's revelations about her husband as she was reading her letter, her admission that she values the chocolate more than she values her letter, and her obsession with the tribe's shortage of food in general all rubbed Moundir the wrong way and, as a result, they were no longer close. When the Boro tribe lost the following Immunity Challenge, Moundir wanted Sylvie to go home and he received the support of his ally Antoine Sanchez. Due to wanting to preserve her life in the game and due to her initial rapport with Antoine, respectively, Hélène and Delphine Bano, who had entered the tribe on Day 18 as Julie's replacement, joined Antoine and Moundir in a unanimous vote against Sylvie at the corresponding elimination.

Voting History

Sylvie's Voting History
Episode Sylvie's
Voted Against
1 Richard -
2 Boro Tribe Immune
3 Boro Tribe Immune
4 Linda -
5 Boro Tribe Immune
6 Boro Tribe Immune
7 Moundir Antoine, Delphine,
Hélène, Moundir
Voted Out, Day 22

Post Koh-Lanta



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