Swing Break is a recurring Survivor challenge. First appearing in Survivor: Philippines, it has since reappeared in Survivor: Worlds Apart.


Survivors will race to transport a series of heavy pots filled with corn or rice through a series of obstacles using baskets or a sled. Once through the obstacles, the castaways place the pots in a series of stands. Once all the stands are filled, one person will use a wrecking ball to smash the pots. The first tribe(s) to knock out all their pots wins the challenge.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Philippines where Matsing competed in, and lost, its final challenge, causing the tribe to become decimated the next day. Its rivals, Tandang and Kalabaw, prevailed.

The challenge reappeared in Survivor: Worlds Apart where the new Escameca tribe destroyed the new Nagarote tribe, smashing all of their pots before Nagarote could reach their wrecking ball.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"Create a Little Chaos"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S25 abimaria tS25 artis tS25 lisa t
S25 michael tS25 pete tS25 rc t
S25 carter tS25 dana tS25 dawson t
S25 jeff tS25 jonathan tS25 katie t
Worlds Apart
"We're Finally Playing Some Survivor"
Tribal Immunity S30 dan tS30 joaquin tS30 joe t
S30 mike tS30 rodney tS30 sierra tS30 tyler t



  • This challenge has only appeared in seasons with three starting tribes.
    • Both season's starting tribes were red, yellow, and blue.
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