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Suzuki Sadatsugu is a contestant from Survivor Philippines: Palau.


"I'm a Survivor because even though I am far from my parents, I could fight all challenges that would come into my life...not everyone understands me, but I make sure that before the day ends that people know who I am and understand who I am."

Suzuki Sadatsugu lived in Japan for 18 years but still managed to stay true to his Filipino roots. He usually visits his relatives in Manila, the reason he's very familiar with the country and knows how to speak Filipino quite well. Fondly called "Piko" or "Zuki", he is taking up BS Criminology at the Emilio Aguinaldo College in Manila. Towering at 6 feet and banking on his exotic looks, Suzuki started modeling when he was 19 years old and gained quite an exposure by joining competitions. Suzuki will try to stay true to himself as he faces the challenges of being a Castaway. "I'm really happy that I joined Survivor, but I am nervous about outwitting. I just can't lie or harass other castaways. I'm just friendly and I always try to make people laugh. I hope they laugh at my jokes so that they won't boot me off the island.", Suzuki said in English.

Survivor: Palau (Philippines)

Voting History

Suzuki's Voting History
Cycle Suzuki's
Voted Against
1 Justine -
2 Carol -
3 Koror Tribe Immune
4 Koror Tribe Immune
5 Koror Tribe Immune
6 Koror Tribe Immune
7 Koror Tribe Immune
8 Marvin -
9 Tara Individual Immunity
Echo -
10 Justine;
Amanda, Mika;
Amanda, Jef, Mika
Voted Out, Day 31
11 Mika (x2)2 On the jury
Voted For
Sole Survivor

^1 The vote ended with a 2-2-0 tie between Justine and Suzuki, forcing a revote. Jef changed her vote to Suzuki in the revote, eliminating Suzuki from the game.

^2 After Suzuki is eliminated in the last Tribal Council, he was given the power to give someone still in the game a Blood Pearl. He chose Mika, penalizing 2 votes against her in this cycle's Tribal Council.


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