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Suspicion is the second episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 4

As the dawn of Day 4 cracks on Kucha, Michael Skupin gets up early and tries to cook some rice, but it turns out badly. This irks the rest of the tribe, who feel that preparing food should be a group decision. Later, though, Michael redeems himself by catching fish for the tribe. Over at Ogakor, the tribe relaxes in a pool of muddy water—except for Kel Gleason, who goes off fishing alone. The rest of Ogakor is unimpressed by Kel's lack of fishing skill. Says Colby Donaldson: "The guy couldn't fish a rubber ducky out of a bathtub." Meanwhile, the younger members of the tribe—Colby, Amber Brkich, Jerri Manthey, and Mitchell Olson—have begun to bond.

Day 5

The tribes receive Tree Mail about the Reward Challenge, which tells them that they will have to jump off a cliff into water. Rodger Bingham is worried, because he cannot swim very well and he has a fear of heights. At the challenge, Rodger hesitates to jump, then struggles in the water, and Ogakor wins by a landslide. They earn a pair of blankets. Still, the rest of Kucha supports Rodger for trying his best. At Ogakor camp, experienced chef Keith Famie volunteers to cook the rice, but it turns out pasty and sticky. "How could a great chef not know how to make rice?" Jerri complains. Jerri decides to do some cooking herself, and makes tortillas that the tribe loves. Jerri feels proud, but Tina Wesson feels bad for Keith for being one-upped. Keith brushes it off. "No worries, mate," he says in an Aussie accent.

Later, controversy erupts at Ogakor when Jerri spots Kel chewing on something brown. Jerri believes it is beef jerky. She tells her tribemates, who are outraged that Kel snuck in food. While Kel is gone, Tina sneaks a peek into Kel's bag, but nothing is found. When Kel returns to camp, the tribe confronts him. Kel denies that he has beef jerky, and says that he was chewing on a blade of grass. As a peace offering, Kel offers to let the women use the razors he brought, but Jerri sees this as an admission of guilt. Maralyn Hershey disagrees with the accusation and wants Jerri to apologize, but she refuses.

Day 6

Kucha receives Tree Mail, explaining that the Immunity Challenge will be the dreaded gross food eating challenge. Kimmi Kappenberg pipes up that she is a vegetarian and will not eat any meat at the challenge, much to her tribemates' dismay. At the challenge, the tribes square off, one person at a time. Everyone who downs their randomly chosen food earns a point for their tribe. Through the first seven rounds, everyone is successful - except Kimmi, who refuses to eat a cow brain and costs her tribe a point. Kimmi returns to her tribe crying, disappointed that she cannot break her vegetarian beliefs. But in the final round, Ogakor's Tina cannot hold down cow stomach, forcing the challenge into a timed tiebreaker. Each tribe gets to choose one member of the opposing tribe to participate. Unsurprisingly, Kimmi and Tina are chosen. Host Jeff Probst presents them with a mangrove worm, to Kimmi's delight. Kimmi shouts, "I can eat a worm!" That she does, finishing it before Tina, and giving the Kucha tribe its first challenge win. Back at Ogakor camp, several people feel vulnerable at the vote. Tina feels terrible for costing her tribe the challenge, while Keith knows he is in danger. Meanwhile, Jerri targets Kel, because he's "a liar and a cheat".

At Tribal Council, Tina again apologizes for her challenge performance, and Jerri again talks about her popular tortillas. Then it is time to vote, and it is a decisive one: in a unanimous 7-1 vote, Kel Gleason became the first Ogakor member to be sent home from the Australian Outback.


Challenge: Butch Cassidy
The castaways must jump from a 35-foot granite cliff into a deep natural pool and swim to a floating crate anchored in the river. Once each member of the tribe reaches the crate, they must dive down and detach it from the anchor. The tribe must then maneuver the crate down the river through small rapids, and carry it onto a sandy beach. The first tribe to get the crate and all tribe members across the finish line wins.
Reward: Blankets

Winner: Ogakor

Challenge: Tucker'd Out
On a spinning wheel are various aboriginal delicacies, such as mangrove worms, crickets, grubs, and cow brains. Each castaway must square off against someone from the opposing tribe, spin the wheel, and eat the item that is pointed at. If a castaway refuses to eat, or if he or she throws up, that tribe falls behind one point. The tribe that successfully eats the most tucker, wins.

Winner: Kucha

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S2 kel t.png
Kel (7 votes)
S2 amber t.pngS2 colby t.pngS2 jerri t.png
S2 keith t.pngS2 maralyn t.pngS2 mitchell t.pngS2 tina t.png
Amber, Colby, Jerri, Keith, Maralyn, Mitchell, Tina
S2 jerri t.png
Jerri (1 vote)
S2 kel t.png
S2 kel bw.png
Kel Gleason

Voting Confessionals

Amber, Colby, Keith, Jerri, and Tina's confessionals are only available on DVD.

(voting for Kel) Kel, you made it too easy to cast this vote, too early in the game. And... it's sad actually because, today, you were really great, you were helping us out. You were very personable, you had a lot more to say, and I wish you had done that from the very beginning... but you didn't. Good luck.

Jerri Manthey

(voting for Jerri) Nothing against you, Jerri, but I already promised Tina and Maralyn that I would not vote against them, and I would vote for you. I made this on Day 1, and I don't break my promises. Sorry about that, Jerri.

Kel Gleason

(voting for Kel) Kel, I'm voting for you. I know you're probably a good military person, and you're a quiet guy, but you're the person who least likely tried to fit into our tribe. Sorry.

Tina Wesson

(voting for Kel) Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. As much as we could use your strength in our challenges, we're a little sick and tired of some of your games and the only comfort I have in voting this way is the fact that you brought this on all by yourself. I'm sorry.

Mitchell Olson

(voting for Kel) Kel, thanks for playing, we have some nice parting gifts for 'ya.

Colby Donaldson

(voting for Kel) I guess there's just been a couple of things that happened that... I guess I'm able to trust you less than I was in the beginning, so, it's a trust thing.

Amber Brkich

(voting for Kel) Kel, I think it's just time. This just isn't a game you should be playing. And the fact that you talked to everybody about immu-alliances so early on when we were trying to keep the team together was just wrong.

Keith Famie

(voting for Kel) Kel. Kel, if you were lying in the Simpson Desert, dying of thirst, every single one of us would give you a drink of water. I'm sorry it didn't work out a little longer for you. You're a fine man, but you won't be calling me "Mother" any longer. Good luck to you.

Maralyn Hershey

Final Words

I knew right from Day 1 that it was going to be hard for me to fit in. I'm a military guy, and the people I was working with are very unique, special type of people. It was going to be very hard for me to fit into that mixture. I tried, I really did. But I don't think in a couple of days I could have overcome our differences. Good luck. You're all winners to me.

Kel Gleason

Still in the Running

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S2 kel bw.png
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S2 amber t.png
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S2 elisabeth t.png
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S2 jerri t.png
S2 keith t.png
S2 kimmi t.png
S2 maralyn t.png
S2 michael t.png
S2 mitchell t.png
S2 nick t.png
S2 rodger t.png
S2 tina t.png



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