Susan Jean "Susie" Maroney is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2019).

A key member of Steven Bradbury's Sporty Seven Alliance, Susie, despite being a marathon swimmer, consistently proved to be lackluster in the challenges. After another Immunity Challenge loss, Susie initially seemed safe with her alliance to protect her, but the lack of equality in her alliance, combined with target Janine Allis' Tribal Council performance, prompted alliance members Abbey Holmes and Ross Clarke-Jones to turn on her, sending her home and blindsiding the rest of her alliance.


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Marathon Swimmer, 44

The most highly decorated long-distance swimmer in Australian history, Susie knows how to stay strong mentally and how important endurance is to win a game like Survivor.

Growing up with asthma, her mother got Susie and her siblings into swimming to build up their lung capacity which led to a huge career in marathon swimming.

Most famous for her 1999 swim from Mexico to Cuba, the world's longest open water swim, Susie completed the 200 km swim in 38 hours, a feat no one has done since.

An Australia Day Ambassador and inducted twice into the International Hall of Swimming Fame, Susie is ready to take on the endurance challenges saying; "I was so mentally strong in my marathon swimming career, I think I am prepared and probably better trained to take on the types of challenges Survivor throws at us.

"I'm really looking forward to testing myself as an individual again."

The mother of three children, Susie wants to show her kids that she's still a hero.[1]

Australian Survivor

Because of her career in swimming, Susie began the season as a member of the Champions tribe. On the first day, Susie was among the tribe members recruited to be in Steven Bradbury's Sporty Seven alliance. At the inaugural Immunity Challenge on the second day, Susie struggled, resulting in the first loss for the Champions. Because of her poor performance, Susie was initially targeted by the rival alliance that had formed to counter the Sporty Seven. Fearful that she would be voted out, Susie was approached by Pia Miranda who shared her concerns. However, Nova Peris brought up targeting the paranoid Anastasia Woolmer instead. Thus, with her alliance's backing, Susie remained safe at the first Tribal Council and Anastasia was eliminated.

After the Champions lost immunity once again on Day 7, Susie and several of her allies blamed Janine Allis for the loss. This infuriated Janine, and reignited her alliance's efforts to take out Susie. Unbeknownst to Susie however, Janine's allies Luke Toki and David Genat had bonded with Ross Clarke-Jones and Abbey Holmes respectively, and attempted to flip them against the rest of the Sporty Seven. Though Abbey recognized her position within the seven, she remained concerned about turning on her alliance too early. Despite this, both Abbey and Ross ultimately sided against the Sporty Seven, blindsiding Susie in a 6-5 vote.

Voting History

Susie's Voting History
Episode Susie's
Voted Against
1 Anastasia -
2 Champions Tribe Immune
3 Janine Abbey, David, Janine,
Luke, Pia, Ross
Voted Out, Day 7


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  • Susie is the first contestant with cerebral palsy.


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