Survivor Wiki's Spoiler Policy states that leaking information about a current or future season will result in a wiki ban for at least the duration of the season.

What Is a Spoiler?

A spoiler is anything regarding a current or future season that has not yet been revealed by CBS, televised, seen in a promo, or seen in a deleted scene on CBS's website.

The following pieces of information were spoilers prior to the episodes airing or promos revealing the information in question:

The following pieces of information are not spoilers:

  • "All three remaining Brains are switched to the same tribe, I saw it in the promo."
  • "The next immunity challenge is Battle Dig, CBS revealed it today."
  • "Episode 2 airs on September 27."

Tribe Switches

A Tribe Switch (or any similar twist) ceases to be a spoiler once the twist has been revealed in a promo. In addition, if the promo shows the new tribes, that information ceases to be a spoiler as well.

This rule does not apply to promo pictures accidentally showing someone in a differently-colored buff, and only to deliberate reveals of a switch.

The Merge

The merged tribe name and color of Survivor (U.S.) seasons cannot be mentioned on the wiki, including in the Template: namespace, until officially revealed by CBS. This is because PlanetBuff often leaks the merged color a few weeks before the merge actually happens, and revealing the color before the merge is revealed to the viewers spoils the approximate time when the merge occurs.

  • If a merged color is revealed by CBS but no name is given, this can be added to the "Castaways" and "Voting History" section of the season's articles, but not to the Season template on the article or to the castaways' articles. Because the Tribecolor template requires a tribe name, a RGB value should be used to avoid usage of a placeholder tribe name.

Challenge/Tribal Council Results

The results of challenges (including duels) and Tribal Councils are spoilers until the episode has aired regardless of whether CBS has revealed the results beforehand. So if a promo says that Aras loses the next duel and joins the jury, that information is a spoiler until it has actually aired.

Tribal Council results cannot be posted in the main namespace until the episode has finished airing on the East Coast. Under normal circumstances, this is at roughly 9:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Wednesday. The exception to this rule is if an episode (usually a season finale) includes two or more Tribal Councils spread across multiple days, in which case results can be posted as soon as they air.

If a contestant quits or is evacuated, this can be posted as soon as it airs, unless it takes place at Tribal Council in which case the normal Tribal Council rules apply.

Spinoff Wikis

All spoiler policies also apply on Survivor Fanon Wiki and Survivor Answers Wiki, as well as any ORGs affiliated with the main wiki. For the purposes of this rule, Survivor ORG Wiki is not considered to be affiliated with the main wiki.

  • On Fanon Wiki, the policy also applies to events in fanon seasons that have not yet occurred or been revealed by the fanon author(s).
  • On ORGs, the policy also applies to events in ORG seasons that have not yet occurred or been revealed by the season's hosts.

Survivor Wiki Facebook Group

The Survivor Wiki Facebook group (as well as the groups for spinoff wikis, but not the Survivor ORG Wiki) falls under the jurisdiction of the wiki, and the Spoiler Policy applies there as well. On the Facebook group, information about the currently airing episode can be posted as soon as the event in question airs.

Survivor Polls and Survivor Simulations

The Survivor Polls and Survivor Simulations Facebook groups are spinoffs of the Survivor Wiki Facebook group, but are unaffiliated with the wiki itself. Therefore, no wiki bans will be assessed for posting spoilers on Polls or Simulations.

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