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Survivor Wiki's Spoiler Policy states that leaking information about a current or future season may result in a wiki ban for an extended period of time. It should be noted that spoilers are not allowed anywhere on the wiki, from articles, subpages, forum threads, blog posts, profile pages, and templates.

Definition of a Spoiler

A spoiler is any major game information regarding a current or future season of Survivor that has not yet been shown in an episode on the East Coast (including the "Next Time On Survivor" segment) or in a deleted scene on the relevant broadcaster's website. For Survivor (U.S.), in most cases, the only website source allowed for current/future seasons is the official CBS's website, though media outfits such (but not limited to) as Entertainment Weekly and Parade could be accepted as long as pages will be cited after the current episode aired.

"Major game information" is defined to include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • The winner(s) of any challenge
  • The results of a Tribe Switch
  • Any eliminations or order of elimination
  • The number of finalists and jurors
  • The specific placement of events within the season (the point at which the jury starts is considered an event)
  • The name and/or theme of future seasons ()

In the event that a season's promo airs within the preceding season's finale or Reunion Show, the season's name, theme, and tribe names/colors are allowed if revealed, but not its cast unless revealed in its entirety. (See below for exceptions)

The following pieces of information were spoilers prior to the episodes airing or valid sources revealing the information in question:

  • "I heard that Survivor: Cagayan has a Final Two." (this is a spoiler because the finalist/jury configuration is major game information)
  • "Colton is evacuated in episode 6 of Survivor: One World." (this is a spoiler because it involves an elimination)
  • "Malcolm wins immunity next episode." (this is a spoiler because it involves the result of a challenge, and also indirectly involves an elimination by revealing Malcolm cannot be voted out)
  • "Survivor Sucks says that Season 29 uses the Blood vs. Water twist."(this is a spoiler because it is not from a valid source)
  • "I heard that Cochran is returning for Survivor: Caramoan." (this is a spoiler because it involves an officially unrevealed contestant)
  • "Tasha is switched to the new tribe Angkor, I saw it in a promo." (this is a spoiler because it contains the results of a tribe switch)

Spoilers in any shape or form are off-limits at all times anywhere on the wiki (article pages, article talk pages, forum threads, blog posts, user pages, personal message walls and any page unmentioned). Any violation will result into a ban, the length of which will be determined by admin who caught the violator(s), and depend on the gravity of the offense.

Please note that Inside Survivor and websites and/or articles that cite it are not considered reliable sources due to the sources of the website never being properly disclosed.

When to Post Future Events

Information regarding future game events may only be posted until after the episode has finished airing on the East Coast. Proper citations must also be done, whether the information came from CBS or any third-party site (please refer to the Citation Policy for the exhaustive list of third-party sites sanctioned by Survivor Wiki).

Exhaustive List of Information Pertinent to Spoiler Policy

The following information is not allowed on the wiki until the relevant episode or season has finished airing, unless specifically permitted by another section of our policy.

Episodes usually end with the segment "Next Time on Survivor", except in the case of reunions. In reunions, a short preview of the following season is usually shown. If no preview is shown, information from the next episode should not be posted unless otherwise revealed.

Regardless of the above, any information regarding elimination from the game can be posted as soon as it has aired.

  • The identity of any contestants on a future season, if they are not officially revealed (For returnees, a clear image of them in a promo counts, even if not specifically named onscreen.)
  • The identity of first-time contestants on a future season, unless all first-time contestants have been revealed (This rule is intended to prevent presumptive pages from being created for contestants revealed in a promo, and can be bent on occasion. Australian Survivor is exempt from this rule.)
  • Any elimination from the game, whether at Tribal Council, at Redemption Island, or at camp
    • Boot order and related information (in seasons with the Redemption Island or Edge of Extinction twist, this includes both Tribal Councils, duels, and reentry challenges)
    • The outcome of the vote at Tribal Council, broadly defined (saying "this Tribal Council ends in a 3-2 vote", for instance, is a spoiler even if no names are given)
    • The days in which Tribal Councils are held, except during season finales
    • Whether any contestants are evacuated, quit, et cetera
    • Whether any contestants achieve specific feats within the game (such as a Perfect Game)
  • Results of a tribe switch (or any similar twist)
  • Results of any challenge that has not aired in its entirety (challenge results can be added as soon as the host declares the challenge over)
  • Merged tribe name and color (unless the merge has been revealed)
  • Number of finalists/jurors (unless the first juror's elimination has aired and production has confirmed the number of finalists)

What is Not a Spoiler?

The following information is not considered a spoiler regardless of our spoiler policy, if it is officially revealed by CBS.

  • Tribe names and colors for any pre-merge tribes (PlanetGearCompany, formerly PlanetBuff, may also be a valid source)
  • Episode titles
  • The existence of any season-long twist, such as Exile Island or Redemption Island
  • The identity of contestants, provided all contestants have been revealed (If only part of the cast is revealed, those contestants may or may not be a spoiler depending on circumstances.)
  • The initial tribal affiliation of contestants, provided tribal affiliation for all contestants have been revealed (unless it spoils an elimination and/or the results of a Schoolyard Pick)
  • The number of days over which any given season takes place (including half-days from the Day Zero twist)
  • The number of tribes into which a switch takes place (however, the identity of the remaining tribes may still be a spoiler)
  • The existence of a Final Two/Three, if the first juror's elimination has been aired and it would be impossible for the other finalist configuration to exist given the remaining state of the game

Spoiler Rules for Admins

Because of the special rights given to Survivor Wiki admins, care must be taken to avoid accidentally spoiling other users of the wiki.

  • Pages for previous contestants should not be edit-protected for spoilers if the fact the page is protected can reasonably be seen as a cast spoiler for a future season. This rule applies only to spoiled returnees, and only to pages which already exist on the wiki. Example: The pages for spoiled Survivor: Game Changers returnees, except for those competing on Millennials vs. Gen X, were left unprotected to avoid self-fulfilling spoilers.
  • However, if the page would reasonably be protected for other reasons, there is no prohibition on protecting the page for those reasons. Example: Had this spoiler policy existed before the Survivor: Redemption Island cast reveal, any theoretical protection of the Russell Hantz page would not reasonably be seen as a cast spoiler due to his notoriety.

Other Reality Show Wikis

The spoiler policy also applies to sister wikis Big Brother Wiki and The Amazing Race Wiki. Adding Survivor spoilers to those wikis, and/or Big Brother/Amazing Race spoilers to Survivor Wiki, may result in a block on both relevant wikis.

Spinoff Wikis

All spoiler policies also apply on Survivor Fanon Wiki and other sister wikis. The policy also applies to events in fanon seasons that have not yet occurred or been revealed by the fanon author(s); however, the "What is Not a Spoiler?" section does not apply because of the nature of Fanon Wiki.

The Survivor ORG Wiki, on the contrary, is no longer recognized as an official spinoff by Survivor Wiki, and is not subject to this policy. No action on Survivor ORG Wiki or its Facebook group is subject to discipline on Survivor Wiki, unless it results in a global Wikia/Fandom block.

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