Whenever adding information to a page that was not aired on a Survivor episode, be sure to cite that source. This can be biographic information, post-Survivor accomplishments/updates, potentially game relevant exit interview quotes, or tweets from relevant people that contribute to an article.

To cite an article from a website, use the <ref></ref> tags, with the web address between the ref tags, and {{Reflist}} at the bottom of the page. If using a single source that is being to used cite information multiple times on a page, use <ref name="cite"></ref> (please note "cite" can be any alphabetic name), with following citations using <ref name="cite"/>

Some examples of citation from the Survivor: Ghost Island page:

  • Meager Supplies: For this season, tribes will only be supplied with a machete, pot, a fishing kit, and a supply of rice cut in half from the minimum the medical team allots for the castaways.<ref name="twist"></ref><ref></ref>
  • Tribe Leader: Shortly after entering the game, both tribes will select a leader, who will in turn choose two people, one athletic and one puzzle solver, for an immediate Reward Challenge.<ref name="twist"/>


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