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The Administration Staff are a special set of users on Survivor Wiki that allow them to maintain the wiki's content and configure its layout.

Current Staff

User Rank Date of Membership
IAmNothing Bureaucrat March 31, 2011
Copper5 Admin February 4, 2013
BlueBarracudas555 Admin June 27, 2013
Bwburke94 Bureaucrat June 23, 2016
Ivanornels Bureaucrat February 2, 2017
CambodiaAaron Admin June 1, 2017
SavaiiSurvivor Admin June 1, 2017
Sesefied Admin June 1, 2017
Sinjoh Bureaucrat June 20, 2017
Matpeng Admin February 19, 2019
Distanceriez E. Admin November 23, 2019
CrimsonRedGhoul Admin May 23, 2020



Administrators ("admins" for short, or sysops) are trusted users of the Survivor Wiki, who have been granted exclusive access to special tools that could help in maintaining the Wiki. They are a small team of editors who are considered to be some of the most trustworthy and responsible users known in the community.

Users who have queries about the wiki often approach Administrators. Admins provide good pieces of advice and can tremendously help in reaching a consensus during discussions.

Admins are granted the following abilities:

  • Ability to delete pages, files and page histories
  • Renaming files and articles
  • "Protect" articles from being edited nor renamed
  • Block users and IP addresses from editing
  • Reverting an article to a previous edit
  • Edit the MediaWiki namespace to make changes to the interface and design.


Bureaucrats are the highest achievable rank of any Survivor Wiki user. Not only are they administrators, they also have the access to granting and revoking rolls such as Administrators and Rollbacks.

Bureaucrats are granted the following abilities:

  • Granting or revoking user rights, both Administrators and Rollback
  • Also to grant, but not revoke bureaucrat rights to admins.


Rollbacks are members of the Survivor Wiki community who assist administrators and bureaucrats in maintaining the wiki.

Rollbacks are simply given the ability to rollback a page to a previous user’s edit. This allows them to help curtail vandalism on the wiki. Rollbacks are encouraged to inform admins of vandalism, so they can see to the appropriate punishment.

Tasks and Conduct

Admins are regularly expected to:

  • Delete pages that are obvious spam/vandalism, or (appropriately) marked with a {{delete}} tag.
  • Protect pages that are subject to heavy vandalism or editing wars.
  • Block users that meet the criteria for blocking.

Revoking of Rights

Admins may have their rights revoked for a variety for reasons:

  • If an admin remains inactive for a long period of time, the current administrative staff has the right to strip the inactive admin of their roles.
  • Admins are never required to use their tools and must never use them to gain advantage in a dispute they are involved in. An administrator intentionally doing so will result in their roles being stripped.
  • Admins are also never to use their administrator privileges in an abusive manner. An administrator abusing their privileges will have their roles stripped.
  • As pillars of the Survivor Wiki community, administrators are expected to adhere to the site’s policies just like other users. Administrators breaking these policies will see their rights stripped and an appropriate block length.

If a bureaucrat is required to have their role stripped, and are unable or refuse to do so, Fandom will need to be contacted to have those rights removed. Generally, bureaucrats inactive for at least one year can have their role removed with no other caveats, however in other cases community consensus may be required. Keep in mind that what may be required to remove the bureaucrat role is up to Fandom’s staff.

Users are also encouraged to contact Fandom in the event they or the community at large feel the administrative staff is not properly doing their jobs.

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