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February 26, 2006


An information source for all things related to Survivor

The Survivor Wiki project was started in February 2006 and was created and continued by fan interest. The wiki currently consists of 4,229 articles.

Survivor Wiki is a free encyclopedic reference on the topic of the television show Survivor, Survivor Wiki is written by a collaboration of fans and readers in order to give other fans an up to date and reliable source about Survivor, its format, seasons, contestants, game-changing twists and the people or events that happen outside the game, such as contestants' post-game accomplishments and any information that involves the show's production.

Survivor Wiki contains information on both the flagship US Survivor franchise, and international versions of the show as well. Spoilers will not be tolerated, though information based from previews that are officially released by the CBS network, such as future season titles, contestant names, and episode titles are allowable.

Survivor Wiki is a wiki, meaning that anyone can contribute to any article. You can contribute by clicking on the Edit button on the top of each page. Survivor Wiki Edit

Survivor Wiki is in no way endorsed by CBS, SEG, or Mark Burnett. Survivor is a copyright of CBS.


Why should I be a part of this Wiki?

Our resource of information on Survivor is entirely written, maintained and updated by people like you. Survivor Wiki is heavily dependent on its users' effort for its continued survival.

What to do here

Many users, registered or otherwise, wonder what can they contribute to the wiki. There is a myriad of things you can do to improve the site.

Add, Improve and/or rewrite articles. The wiki has undergone many changes over the past years, and was saved from being considered a "dead wiki." This is because of continual editing and adding new articles. You can do the same thing. This is the main activity of all wikis in general.
Write comments on articles. Each page has a talk page. You can vent your feelings and thoughts, whether good or bad about the article in question. For example, you hated Russell Hantz so much, you talk smack about him. This is allowable, but please don't curse on the talk pages.
Write a blog. You can write your personal feelings through your blogs. For example, express your thoughts about the recently aired episode or release your opinions about a castaway you like or hate. You are your own boss!
Discuss with fellow fans. Through our forums, you may speak your thoughts about the recent episode. Feel free to express your opinion but do not steal other users' thunder.
Chat. We also have a chat feature. Feel free to converse with other fans.

Survivor Wiki Rules

As a wiki, Survivor Wiki holds its nature to be open for the public to edit it. Despite this, there are policies and rules that each user should abide when visiting the wiki. They are found here.

Wiki History

Wiki Founder

Survivor Wiki was created on February 26, 2006, by Beatles20147.


As hosted by Wikia, Inc., the Survivor Wiki is not governed by a single person. The administrators work hand in hand with users through discussion. The administrators however, are trusted site users who are given additional tools that are to be used when they see fit, but by any means they do not govern the wiki with an iron fist.

Wiki Layout

While the Wiki is not run by a single person, there are people responsible for the wiki's present look and feel. The current background image of silhouettes of castaways holding torches were made by IAmNothing712, while the present blue layout of the wiki was customized by former admin Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd.


If you wish to contact the Survivor Wiki, our external email address is But if you want to talk to an individual member of the wiki, or if you want to ask questions/help, the administrators are here to assist you.


The Wiki Is Not...

...a social media platform. Survivor Wiki is first and foremost, an encyclopedia. Try to limit flagrant socializing to the wiki's chat room.
...a repository of Survivor episodes. If you are trying to search for Survivor episodes, this is not the place. We also do not post third-party links here. Short videos, previews or interviews may be posted to promote the show, but never full episodes.
...a repository of Survivor-related photos. We do not dump superfluous images from the show. If you want to upload photos, kindly abide to our uploading policy.
...a repository of your BrantSteele Simulator stuff. Survivor Wiki is an encyclopedia, not a storage for your simulations.
...a repository of your fanon or wishlist seasons. We have a spinoff wiki for that sort of stuff. advertisement service. Do not advertise your sites or services on this wiki without consent from the admins, or it will be considered spam. While we occasionally host Online Reality Games (ORG) on the wiki and are currently affiliated with iSurv1vor, inviting our users to play in other ORGs through their message walls is prohibited at all times.
...a spoiler site. Survivor Wiki strictly upholds a spoiler policy. Do not expect to find any spoilers here.
...official. The Survivor Wiki is 100% made by the fans, for the fans. We are not affiliated in any way to Jeff Probst, Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Lynne Spillman, CBS/SEG, Castaway Television Productions Ltd, or any entity related to the show. If you want to be on Survivor, we cannot help you with that. You may post your audition videos here, but do not expect them to be seen by anyone related to the show. We are an encyclopedia, not a disguised casting call.
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