Survivor South Africa is the South African version of Survivor. The series was first broadcast on September 3, 2006.


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Format Variations

The South African version of the show follows the same basic format of the American version.


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Tribe Captains

The fifth season of the show introduced two South African sports champions as captains of the tribes. They would live at the camps, compete in the challenges with the tribes, and made some decisions, but they couldn't be voted out nor have a vote at Tribal Council. However, both of them would vote at the Final Tribal Council to help to decide the winner.

Immunity Idol

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Hidden Immunity Idol

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Unlike the American version of the show, the players in Season 5, Survivor South Africa: Champions, were allowed to steal Hidden Immunity Idols from other's possessions.

Exile Island

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Only in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina.

Dead Man's Island

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Used only in Survivor South Africa: Panama, the castaways voted out after the merge were taken to an island without knowledge of the remaining players in the game, where they would wait for a chance to compete for two spots to re-enter the game at the Final Three.

Tribal Council

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Immunity Necklace

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Final Tribal Council

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Celebrity Seasons

The cast of the third season of the show was compound of eighteen South African celebrities, each of whom was playing the game to raise money for a charity of their choice.

The fourth season had its cast made up by nine South African celebrities, competing with ten regular South African citizens.


  • Survivor South Africa: Philippines was filmed in the Palawan Province of the Philippines in January/February 2018. The season lasted for 39 days. The winner was Tom Swartz, an Adventure Camp Manager from Port Elizabeth.

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