Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island is the eighth season of Survivor South Africa.


The season was officially announced in December 8, 2019, with the applications being open immediately and the deadline to submit applications being January 20, 2020.

This season will see the return of veteran host Nico Panagio and was planned to air on M-Net 101 in the second half of 2020[3] but production was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.[4] According to M-Net and Afrokaans, imposed travel restrictions forced production to film the season in an area in South Africa itself described as a "COVID-19-safe bubble - a place of isolation, deprivation and deception."[5]

In addition, Network Ten, the network that airs Australian Survivor, would make this season's episodes available for Australian viewers on their on demand service. Episodes would be aired the following day after the South African broadcast, at 9am.[6]


  • Tribes Selected by Random Draw: Rather than the tribes being pre-determined by production, the tribes are decided by a random draw. The men and women would draw from different bags, with each bag containing five parcels of orange and green Buffs.
  • Immunity Island: After an Immunity Challenge, one member from the losing tribe will be exiled to Immunity Island. Once there, the banished castaway will receive an Immunity Necklace, but with a caveat: The player will then be given a choice on whether or not they compete in a solo challenge. If the survivor plays the challenge and wins, they get an advantage in the game. If the player loses, there will be a pre-determined consequence. Regardless of the result of the minigame, the player will rejoin their tribe at Tribal Council with the individual immunity, but they are unable to vote. If the survivor refuses to play, they may immediately return to camp with the Immunity Necklace, but they may only assign it to someone else; though the player may still vote.[7] Further, a clue to their tribe's Hidden Immunity Idol is available on Immunity Island for them to find.
  • Diplomatic Immunity: After the Reward Challenge on Day 2, the representatives sent for the challenge would earn Diplomatic Immunity, represented by a bracelet. At any point if their tribe loses an Immunity Challenge, the castaway may invoke their Diplomatic Immunity by handing the bracelet to Nico, at the cost of that player transferring to the other tribe.
  • Hidden Immunity Idol: Hidden Immunity Idols are hidden around each camp site, with clues available to find while on Immunity Island. In addition, another Hidden Immunity Idol can be found at Tribal Council. The castaway who finds this idol may leave it in its hiding place at Tribal Council until the player decides to play it.


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Switched Tribe
ZAS8 jason t.png Jason Brookstein
27, Johannesburg, GP
Structural Engineering Draughtsman
Zamba 1st Voted Out
Day 3
ZAS8 pinty t.png Pinty Nkanjeni
30, Cape Town, WC
Vuna 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
ZAS8 amy t.png Amy Eliason
33, Johannesburg, GP
Corporate Lawyer
ZAS8 anela t.png Anela Majozi
25, Durban, KZN
Math Educator
ZAS8 anesu t.png Anesu Mbizvo
29, Johannesburg, GP
Doctor/Vegan Lifestyle Entrepreneur
ZAS8 carla t.png Carla Gubb
29, Cape Town, WC
Corporate Sales Executive
ZAS8 chappies t.png Chappies Chapman
32, Centurion, GP
Transformation Coach
ZAS8 dino t.png Dino Paulo
30, Johannesburg, GP
Live Escape Game Owner
ZAS8 kiran t.png Kiran Naidoo
29, Johannesburg, GP
Strategy Consultant
ZAS8 marisha t.png Marisha du Plessis
35, Tulbagh, WC
Guest House Owner
ZAS8 mike t.png Mike Laws
32, Cape Town, WC
Vuna 2
ZAS8 nicole t.png Nicole Wilmans
26, Somerset West, WC
Digital Marketing Manager
ZAS8 paul t.png Paul Cupido
29, Johannesburg, GP
Aftercare Teacher
ZAS8 qiean t.png Qieän Wang
35, Cape Town, WC
Zamba 2
ZAS8 renier t.png Renier Louwrens
30, Secunda, MP
Chemical Engineer
ZAS8 santoni t.png Santoni Engelbrecht
39, Strand, WC
Online Business Owner
ZAS8 shaun t.png Shaun Wilson
40, Cape Town, WC
I.T. Business Owner
ZAS8 thoriso t.png Thoriso M-Afrika
36, Kariega, EC
Marketing Officer
ZAS8 tyson t.png Tyson Zulu
24, Johannesburg, GP
ZAS8 wardah t.png Wardah Hartley
39, Johannesburg, GP
Yoga Instructor
Vuna 1

Season Summary

Episode Air Date Challenges Exiled Eliminated
Reward Immunity
1 "Nothing Unites Like a Common Enemy" June 3, 2021 Zamba1,3 Dino2 Thoriso Jason
1st Voted Out
Day 3
Vuna3 Vuna
2 "I Can Go 'Bos'... No Pun!" June 10, 2021 Zamba Zamba Santoni Pinty
2nd Voted Out
Day 6
3 "Always Be Closing"[8] June 17, 2021 3rd Voted Out
4 "Gloat or Vote" June 24, 2021 ??? Voted Out
5 "Collateral Damage" July 1, 2021 ??? Voted Out
6 "Control the Flow" July 8, 2021 ??? Voted Out
7 "Look Behind You" July 15, 2021 ??? Voted Out
8 "Here for a Good Time" July 22, 2021 ??? Voted Out

^1 Both tribes received supplies in the Reward Challenge. However, Zamba won camping supplies by grabbing a Tribe Advantage during the challenge.
^2 Immunity Necklaces were available during Reward Challenges; one for each tribe. Dino collected Zamba's during the challenge, giving him individual immunity on his first Tribal Council. No one from Vuna collected theirs.
^3 A second Reward Challenge was held on Day 2 where one member from both tribes competed for flint.

Voting History

Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island Voting History
Original Tribes Switched Tribes
Episode #: 1 2 3
Voted out: ZAS8 jason t.png
ZAS8 pinty t.png
Vote: 7-2 6-2-1
Amy Jason
Anela Jason
Anesu Pinty
Carla Pinty
Chappies Mike
Dino Jason
Kiran Pinty
Marisha Jason
Mike Pinty
Nicole Jason
Paul Wardah
Qieän Jason
Renier Jason
Santoni None1
Shaun Qieän
Thoriso None1
Tyson Pinty
Wardah Pinty
Pinty Mike
Jason Qieän

^1 This castaway lost their vote by staying and playing on Immunity Island. However, they attended Tribal Council with individual immunity.



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