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This article regards the Filipino version of Survivor, not to be confused with the American version of the show.

This article is about the Philippine version of Survivor. For its first season, see here. For the 25th American season, see here.

Survivor Philippines is the Philippine edition of the Survivor franchise. Each year from 2008-2011, one season is aired.

Its slogan is, Pautakan, Pagalingan, Patatagan literally means, "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" in Filipino. The prize for being the Sole Survivor (in addition to the title) is a cash prize of 3,000,000 (roughly $65,000) - the highest cash prize seen in a Philippine television game show.


The first season of Survivor Philippines aired in 2008, produced by GMA network.

Format Changes

Broadcast format

Unlike the American version, which condenses the events of each cycle of 2–3 days in one episode, the Philippine version split each day cycle into five 30-45 minute episodes. Normally, Reward Challenges are aired during a Monday or Tuesday episode, the Immunity Challenges on a Wednesday or Thursday episode, and Tribal Council on a Friday. Sometimes, if a Tribal Council culminates in a close vote, the deciding vote is revealed the following Monday, to extract the most suspense.

The Reunion Show is pre-recorded, and is apart from the live finale, where the winner is announced.

Another significant change is that, the name of the merged tribe is also determined by production, as are the starting tribes.


Thailand (season 1)

The inaugural season was set in Koh Tarutao, Thailand, the same place where the fifth American season Survivor: Thailand, was filmed. Though the season was advertised to have only 16 castaways, it was later expanded to 18. The castaways were initially divided into two tribes sorted by gender, Jarakay and Naak, Thai words for crocodile and snake respectively, though no Buffs were handed. In a twist, the Buffs were given out at the first Immunity Challenge, where a surprise tribe switch occurred, with five women moving to Jarakay and five men moving to Naak.

After the merge, a "Cursed Pearl" was in play, where the eliminated castaway hands out a large black ball to one of the remaining castaways, effectively giving that player a vote at the next Tribal Council. The only way to negate the effects of the Cursed Pearl was to win individual immunity.

The final twist of the season, a fan vote, was counted as the ninth jury vote. The voting period immediately began during the airing of the Final Tribal Council, citing that the show, being a Monday-to-Friday series unlike its United States counterpart, its viewers had relatively more opportunity to get to know the cast.

The Sole Survivor of the season was J.C. Tiuseco, winning a 7-2 vote (including the fan vote), over Rob Sy.


The second season was named Survivor: Palau (Philippines), and is set in Peleliu, Palau, the same location as the U.S. version's Survivor: Palau and Survivor: Micronesia. The season was made up of 16 castaways, separated into two tribes whose names were based on one of the starting tribes in Palau and Micronesia, which are Koror and Airai.

In this season, a twist called Isla Purgatoryo (lit. Purgatory Island) was in play, in which an eliminated castaway during the pre-merge phase was sent to, living in the island alone with some supplies and a guard dog against snakes in the island. During a castaway's stay in Isla Purgatoryo, they would also battle with whoever eliminated castaway was sent to the island in what is known as a "Face-Off Challenge", in which the loser was eliminated the game for good while the winner earned the right to stay in the game. After nine were left in the game, the winner of the last Face-Off Challenge would return to the game, with individual immunity on the first post-merge Tribal Council, similar to the immunity given to The Outcasts when they returned to the game in Survivor: Pearl Islands. Justine Ferrer, a transgender, who was voted out first, won her way back into the game by winning all Face-Off Challenges.

The Cursed Pearl twist from last season returned along with a new variant, the "Blood Pearl", in which two votes were counted against the recipient.

Amanda Coolley Van Cooll became the Sole Survivor in a 4-3-0 vote against Justine Ferrer and Jef Gaitan.

Celebrity Showdown

The third season featured celebrities and notable figures outside of the local entertainment scene. Another twist at the final 4 was that there was no immunity and the jury and the remaining castaways would vote someone out.

In the end, Akihiro Sato became the Sole Survivor in a 3-2-2 vote against Ervic Vijandre and Solenn Heusaff.

Celebrity Doubles Showdown

The fourth season also featured celebrities and was filmed in the Palawan, Philippines. Paolo Bediones was replaced with actor Richard Gutierrez.

In a Survivor franchise first (Survivor: Blood vs. Water was filmed a year later), ten pairs of castaways competed for the title of Sole Survivor. Unlike Blood vs. Water where the pairs were split into separate tribes, this season had five pairs per tribe, and prior to the tribe switch, each vote cast at Tribal Council was counted for both members of a pair, thus a double elimination. The doubles format was abolished on Day 9.

At the end of the season, Betong Sumaya Jr. became the Sole Survivor in a 4-2-1 vote against Mara Yokohama and Stef Prescott.


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