Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown is the third season of Survivor. This season featured 18 famous local personalities from different fields ranging from film, television, sports, and pop culture.

Akihiro Sato won the title of Celebrity Sole Survivor after a vote of 3-2-2, over Ervic Vijandre and Solenn Heusaff.


Filipino model-actor Richard Gutierrez was tapped as the new host of the franchise, replacing former host Paolo Bediones, who moved to another TV network after the second season finished airing.[1]

The season was set in Ranong, Thailand, but the theme of the season was Burmese-inspired, given the location's close proximity to Myanmar. The identities of the castaways were teased between July and August 2010 before the press release on August 14, 2010.

In a first in the Survivor franchise, the final four castaways faced the jury at the Final Tribal Council, with the jury and remaining four castaways voting for the final jury member. The results were read at the live finale, with the final person voted out joining the now-jury of seven, before voting for the winner commenced.


  • Shorter season: The season was filmed for 36 days, three days shorter than the standard 39.
  • Celebrity castaways: Eighteen celebrity contestants, glamorously dressed supposedly for a press conference for the season, until they were abruptly whisked off to the island of Ranong, where they were informed that the game had already started.
  • One World: For the first two days of the series, the still tribe-less castaways lived on one camp until the second Reward Challenge, where the tribes were formed.
  • Tribe Leader: The two castaways who won the first challenge on Day 2 would be assigned as the leaders of their tribes. The third tribe leader was elected by the still tribe-less castaways at the first Tribal Council. In addition, only the tribe leader of the tribe that lost the first tribal Immunity Challenge would vote at that Tribal Council.
  • Three tribes: For the first time in the Philippine franchise, three tribes competed in the season.
  • Isla Misteryo: Following the same mechanics of the American version's Exile Island, one member of each tribe was banished here until the next Immunity Challenge. Hidden across the island are bags of coins (functionally similar to Fire Tokens later introduced in the American version) which the exiled castaways can use to buy items from a "store" where luxury items, Immunity Bracelets, and creature comforts were available.
  • Kidnapping: Completely different from the first season, instead of the kidnapped castaway staying in the opposing tribe for a period of time, he/she would become a member of the tribe who kidnapped him/her. This power was given to the tribe that came in first at the Day 7 Reward Challenge.
  • Tribe Switch: On Day 12, a Tribe Switch occurred, simultaneously dissolving the Magan tribe and mixing the remaining 14 castaways into two tribes of six.
  • Immunity Bracelet: Like the previous season's Hidden Immunity Objects, this season's Immunity Bracelets were used akin to the American version's Hidden Immunity Idol. 
  • Final Tribal Council format: For the first time in any franchise, four contestants faced a jury of six. At the Final Tribal Council, the jury, along with the final four, voted for the seventh and final member of the jury, and its results were revealed at the live finale. The final jury member was voted out in public, after which, the now-complete jury voted for the Sole Survivor.


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Post-Kidnap Absorbed Tribe Merged Tribe
SP3 princess t Princess Snell
StarStruck finalist
None Quit
Day 2
SP3 docferdz t Doc Ferdz Recio
Veterinarian and TV host
Magan 1st Voted Out
Day 6
SP3 myka t Myka Flores
Magan Magan 2nd Voted Out
Day 9
SP3 buhawi t Buhawi Meneses
Parokya ni Edgar/Franco bassist
Magan Magan 3rd Voted Out
Day 11
SP3 karen t Karen delos Reyes
Actress and former commercial model
Sar Mayee Sar Mayee Nagar 4th Voted Out
Day 13
SP3 prettytrizsa t Pretty Trizsa Celso
Stand-up comic
Sar Mayee Sar Mayee Sar Mayee 5th Voted Out
Day 16
SP3 mico t Mico Aytona
TV host
Magan Magan Nagar 6th Voted Out
Day 19
SP3 ian t Ian Batherson
StarStruck finalist
Nagar Nagar Nagar 7th Voted Out
Day 19
SP3 jon t Jon Hall
Nagar Nagar Sar Mayee Galone 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 22
SP3 aira t Aira Bermudez
SexBomb Girls member
Sar Mayee Sar Mayee Nagar 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
SP3 michelle t Michelle Madrigal
Nagar Nagar Sar Mayee 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
SP3 ahron t Ahron Villena
Nagar Nagar Sar Mayee 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 30
SP3 elma t Elma Muros-Posadas
Track and field athlete
Magan Magan Sar Mayee 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 33
SP3 moi t Moi Marcampo
Commercial model and
personal assistant to Piolo Pascual
Nagar Nagar Nagar 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 35
SP3 aubrey t Aubrey Miles
Film and TV actress
Sar Mayee Sar Mayee Sar Mayee 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
SP3 solenn t Solenn Heusaff
Model and make-up artist
Magan Magan Nagar Runners-Up 4
SP3 ervic t Ervic Vijandre
Basketball player and model
Sar Mayee Nagar Sar Mayee 5
SP3 akihiro t Akihiro Sato
Model and TV actor
Sar Mayee Sar Mayee Sar Mayee Sole Survivor 8

Episode Guide

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Elimination History

Voting History

Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown Voting History
Pre-Tribes Original Tribes Post-Kidnap Tribes Absorbed Tribes Merged Tribes
Cycle # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Finale
Voted out: SP3 princess t
SP3 docferdz t
Doc Ferdz
SP3 myka t
SP3 buhawi t
SP3 karen t
SP3 prettytrizsa t
Pretty Trizsa
SP3 mico t
SP3 ian t
SP3 jon t
SP3 aira t
SP3 michelle t
SP3 ahron t
SP3 elma t
SP3 moi t
Tie SP3 aubrey t
SP3 solenn t
SP3 ervic t
SP3 akihiro t
Vote: No vote1 1-02 4-1 3-1 4-2-1 6-1 3-2-1 4-2-1-0-03, 4 4-2-05 7-2 7-1 5-1-1 5-1-0-06 4-1 3-3-2-27 5-3 3-2-2
Galone Akihiro Pretty Trizsa Moi Michelle Aira Michelle Ahron Elma Moi Aubrey None7 Jury Vote
Galone Ervic Pretty Trizsa Aira Michelle Aira Michelle Ahron Elma Moi Akihiro Akihiro
Galone Solenn None Myka Buhawi Ian Mico Ian Jon Aira Michelle Ahron Elma Moi Akihiro Akihiro
Galone Aubrey Pretty Trizsa Aira Michelle Aira Michelle Ahron Elma Moi Akihiro None7 Ervic
Galone Moi Karen Mico Aira Jon Aira Michelle Aubrey Elma Akihiro Solenn Akihiro Ervic
Galone Elma None Myka Buhawi Pretty Trizsa Ian Michelle Aira Michelle Ahron Solenn Aubrey Aubrey Akihiro
Galone Ahron Karen Aira Ian Jon Aira Michelle Ervic Aubrey Aubrey Solenn
Galone Michelle Pretty Trizsa Ahron Aubrey Ervic Akihiro Ervic Aubrey Solenn
Galone Aira Ian Mico Ian Jon Ervic Ervic Aubrey Akihiro
Galone Jon Pretty Trizsa Ahron Aubrey Solenn Aubrey Akihiro
Nagar Ian Karen Aira Solenn
Nagar Mico None Myka Buhawi Karen Ian
Sar Mayee Pretty Trizsa Jon
Nagar Karen Moi
Magan Buhawi Doc Ferdz Myka Mico
Magan Myka None Mico
Magan Doc Ferdz None
None Princess Quit


^1 Princess quit the game. No vote occurred for her removal.
^2 Only the tribe leader, Buhawi, was permitted to cast a vote at the second Tribal Council.
^3 Nagar faced a Double Elimination. In addition, Sar Mayee participated in the second round of voting as part of their reward.
^4 Aira and Moi played their Immunity Bracelets, negating any votes cast against them.
^5 Michelle played her Immunity Bracelet, negating any votes cast against her.
^6 Aubrey and Moi played their Immunity Bracelets, negating any votes cast against them, though they did not receive any votes.
^7 At the Final Tribal Council, the Jury did not vote for a finalist to win, instead, the Jury and the finalists themselves cast votes for the 7th Jury Member. The vote resulted in a tie between Aubrey and Akihiro. A revote commenced at the live finale, where Akihiro and Aubrey were ineligible to vote.


  • This is the first season in any Survivor franchise to have four contestants face the jury at the Final Tribal Council. However, voting at the Final Tribal Council was done by both the final four and the jurors to determine the final juror, with the results being read at the live finale. At the live finale, the person voted out joined the jury, with the actual voting for the winner commencing afterwards.
    • The resulting tie at the Final Tribal Council is the third occurrence in any Survivor franchise, following Koh-Lanta: Bocas del Toro and Koh-Lanta: Palawan. It would later be followed by Survivor: Ghost Island.
      • However, as voting at the Final Tribal Council was to determine the final juror, Celebrity Showdown is the only one among these seasons to have a tie occur at the Final Tribal Council, but not have a tie in the voting for the winner.


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