This article is about the 9th episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. For the challenge of the same name, see Survivor History (challenge).

Survivor History is the ninth episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


Night 21

We went to Tribal Council and we went ahead and voted out Coach because I told Russell Coach was going to vote for him and now that's probably why Coach is out there looking into the sky wondering where everything went wrong.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

The Villains tribe returns to camp following Coach Wade's blindside, and while Sandra Diaz-Twine and Courtney Yates are happy they are still in the game, Jerri Manthey is completely dumbfounded at the move and being left out of the loop. Jerri expresses worry that she will be the next go, but Danielle DiLorenzo comforts her and reassures Jerri that she is safe, saying the decision to get rid of Coach was last minute and they could not tell her.

Coach was my one and only serious alliance for me, he was the only person out here I trusted. So I'm still going to stick true with the alliance I created with Russell, Parvati, and Danielle, but at this point it's all I got.

Jerri Manthey

Jerri confronts Russell Hantz and asks him whether or not he knew that Coach was going to be voted out, and Russell lies and says he didn't know for sure it would be him. Russell promises that Jerri will be safe with him and the alliance is still secure. Privately however, Russell is happy to see Coach gone.

Coach betrayed me by telling Sandra he was trying to blindside me tonight. You see we got five girls on my tribe now, I feel great about it because I trust three of them, but I don't trust Sandra and Courtney so they'll be the next ones to go, I promise you that.

Russell Hantz

Day 22

Tree Mail arrives at both camps informing the tribes about the upcoming Reward Challenge. Both tribes will need to rank their members from strongest to weakest so they can face off with the same ranked people on the other tribe. Because it is a balance challenge, the Villains decide that the girls will play and Russell will sit out, knowing the Heroes are going to put their guys with big egos in the top positions. True to that observation, that is exactly what Rupert Boneham tries to argue for at the Heroes camp. J.T. Thomas, who played the challenge in his original season, advises against that strategy.

I think I'm the strongest of all eleven of us still here, but if they want to rank me as the weakest, I'll let them.

Rupert Boneham

Arriving at the challenge, the Heroes get to see that Coach was voted out from the Villains tribe and became the first member of the jury. Rupert states that there is clearly an obvious women's alliance on the Villains tribe, which J.T. agrees with. The challenge begins, and host Jeff Probst makes the announcement that this day is Amanda Kimmel's 100th day of playing Survivor, the first person to earn that distinction. Later during the challenge, J.T. looks over to Russell and whispers over some encouragement, telling Russell to "hang in there", still under the impression of a women's alliance. Russell plays along and looks pleadingly at J.T. with his hands put together in prayer and shaking his head slightly.

The fact that J.T. thinks this is an all-girl alliance gives me a perfect opportunity that when we merge, to make him think I'm flipping. I done put that Russell seed in their mind and once it's taken root; they believe it.

Russell Hantz

The challenge progresses to the final step and foothold. The first person to fall out is Colby Donaldson, followed by Rupert, and finally Amanda, letting the Villains win the Reward Challenge. When the challenge ends and everyone walks back over, Russell shakes hands with a few of the Heroes, and Colby offers Russell good luck staying alive over at the Villains camp. The Villains get to enjoy a reward of eating at an Outback Steakhouse where Sandra remarks that her husband is probably jealous of her since they both love Outback. As the tribe sits down to eat, Parvati Shallow takes out her napkin and discovers a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, which she quickly hides. While eating, the women laugh at the idea the Heroes have that there is an all-girls' alliance.

All the Heroes see is an all-women's alliance. First of all there is no all-girl alliance, second of all Russell is running the show, they have no idea what's going on here. It's awesome!

Jerri Manthey

Parvati and Danielle step aside from the eating for a moment, and Parvati shows her the clue she just found in her napkin. The two girls read the clue aloud and pledge to help each other find it.

I shared the clue with Danielle just so Danielle knows I'm on her side. I want Danielle to feel tighter with me than she does with anyone else. It was kind of a part of my plan to make Danielle feel really connected to me so that at the end of the game, she feels more loyal to me so that she'll protect me over Russell. We'll fill Russell in on a need to know basis, and right now, Russell doesn't need to know, so he's not gonna know.

Parvati Shallow

At the Heroes camp the Heroes talk about losing the Reward Challenge, but they all agree that what they really need to focus on is the next Immunity Challenge. J.T. comes up with a bold plan to put the Heroes ahead in the game, feeling the merge is just one vote away. J.T. proposes that if the Heroes win the challenge and send the Villains to Tribal Council as they are expecting to do, that during the challenge he will slip his idol to Russell for him to use to protect himself from the supposed women's alliance, vote out Parvati, and then join the Heroes at the merge. J.T. says they can wrap the idol up in a paper with instructions on how to best use it, detailing their plan. The other Heroes think the idea is crazy, but crazy enough to where it might just work.

I think it's really crazy to give Russell the idol. We don't know what's going on over there, he could be in with the girls for all we know, I mean we don't know.

Amanda Kimmel

Amanda and Candice Woodcock talk to each other on whether or not they should support the idea to hand the idol to Russell. Candice says that the move could possibly work, but another positive is simply getting the idol away from J.T. and out of his hands.

Day 23

Early the next morning, Parvati and Danielle read the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol at the Villains camp and go off hunting for it with a shovel. After a very short hunt, Parvati finds the idol near the roots of a tree.

Danielle and I woke up this morning, we're like quiet little mice running around because there's a Hidden Immunity Idol at our camp and we didn't want Russell to see us. I am the happiest girl in the world to find that idol because it gives me control of the game right now and I'm not going to tell Russell about the idol right now, I want Russell to be out of the loop for a little bit. I don't see anything wrong with making him wait, I really don't. It doesn't mean I don't trust him, it's just I kind of want to see him squirm for a little bit, it's fun. It's not all Russell running the show around here, he's not the King of Survivor. I'm the Queen. *laughs* And usually the king does what the queen says anyway, so I'm cool.

Parvati Shallow

Day 24

The following day, J.T. has made up his mind on giving his idol to Russell, and begins composing a letter for him using Amanda's luxury items: a pen and some paper. J.T. writes to Russell, telling him that he thinks he can trust Russell and some instructions for using the idol and how to behave around camp so he can pull off the blindside on Parvati. J.T. promises Russell a place in the Heroes Alliance and a way to the final three together. The other Heroes offer support to J.T. while writing the letter and suggestions for what to insert in it.

I'm really nervous, I mean I'm always nervous but I'm really nervous today because I'm going to try a big plan today. If we win, I'm going to try to give Russell my Hidden Immunity Idol based on me guessing that he's on the outs, which I really feel like he is, that'll give us the numbers going into the merge. So it's all up to us, we have to win.

J.T. Thomas

Both tribes then arrive at the Immunity Challenge. The Heroes are able to get off to an early lead that they maintain throughout the challenge. As Russell stands on the platform alone, Colby on the other platform asks Russell if he's going home tonight, which Russell acknowledges. Colby directs Russell to get over to J.T. after the challenge is done so J.T. can give him something important. The Heroes move forward and complete the puzzle, winning immunity. As the two tribes mingle briefly to congratulate the Heroes for their win, J.T. and Russell meet up and J.T. slips Russell his idol.

Now I don't even have to find idols. People are actually giving me idols. You don't hand the enemy the idol, especially when his name is Russell Hantz. You don't do that. That's a no-no.

Russell Hantz

Returning victorious from the challenge, J.T. happily remarks that he was able to get Russell the idol, knowing that Russell will join the Heroes. The Heroes tribe laughs about making Survivor history with their brilliant maneuver.

With Russell getting that Hidden Immunity Idol, he's probably beaming with excitement. Russell is probably having trouble containing himself right now.

Rupert Boneham

Over at the Villains camp, Russell shares his find with Parvati on the beach. The two of them laugh as they mockingly go through J.T.'s letter with its carefully laid instructions and pointers for Russell, as well as promises to get him to the final three. The two laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation and J.T.'s foolishness.

How do you give the idol king an idol?*mimics* 'Here Mr. Russell, here's an idol, this one's just for you' Well, thank you. You know, I think J.T. just gave me a million dollars. Hey, I guess he can afford it.

Russell Hantz

Why would you hand a Villain your heart? J.T. gave Russell his heart today, and Russell is just going to stab it *laughing* a million times over, and hand it to me. And I'm going to eat it. *laughs*.

Parvati Shallow

Despite J.T. giving his idol up, the Villains do still need to go to Tribal Council. Sandra and Courtney are on the chopping block for being the last remaining former members of Rob Mariano's overthrown alliance. Sandra and Courtney talk to each other being disappointed with their position in the game, knowing that one of them will be going home.

Me and Courtney, you know our morale is really low 'cause it's inevitable that me or Courtney are going home and I'm really sad 'cause me and Courtney, it's like rice and beans you know, so it's up to Danielle, Parvati, and Russell who they're going to vote out.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

At camp, Danielle and Russell walk by and casually just decide Courtney should be the one they send home, and Parvati nods in agreement. Russell remarks that he doesn't trust Sandra or Courtney, but he doesn't like Courtney because he thinks that she'll flip. Courtney talks with Parvati later about what is going to happen at the vote and tries to convince Parvati to keep her because she could reel in Amanda to join the Villains alliance. Courtney declares her loyalty to Parvati personally, which makes Parvati consider keeping her.

Courtney and I have become really close and I want to keep Courtney here because I feel that once we merge, she would stay more loyal to me than Russell. I want to keep myself kind of lower key on this one because if I try to save her too much, people will say oh she has something on the side with Courtney.

Parvati Shallow

Talking later, Russell and Parvati reveal to Danielle and Jerri J.T.'s letter and idol. The two girls are overjoyed that J.T. was stupid enough to give Russell an idol. Parvati then talks about possibly keeping Courtney in the game because the Villains might be able to keep better track of her than Sandra. The alliance thinks on what to do and who to vote out.

At Tribal Council, the Villains greet Coach, the first member of the jury, to listen in on the Tribal Council. Sandra talks about trust in the tribe and how either she or Courtney will be the person voted out. Danielle talks about not trusting Sandra because of her not being a part of her alliance. Russell mentions that his original three alliance has trusted each other and that sort of trust can go all the way to the end. The Villains go to vote, and it is Courtney who is eliminated unanimously 5-1, becoming the second member of the jury. As they prepare to leave, Jeff announces that Parvati will reach the milestone of having played 100 days in Survivor the next day.


Challenge: Chimney Sweep
The castaways would compete in an endurance contest in which castaways were ranked strongest to weakest in their tribes. These rankings would be used to determine the match-ups between each tribe. Each castaway would stand on footholds. After ten minutes, the castaways would move to smaller footholds. After another ten minutes, they would move to the smallest footholds and stay there until the challenge was over. A castaway would score a point for their tribe by outlasting their opponent. The first tribe to score three points would win.

Reward: An all-you-can-eat feast courtesy of Outback Steakhouse.
Winner: Villains

Challenge: Strung Out
One at a time, five castaways from each tribe would maneuver a bag of puzzle pieces attached to a rope through an obstacle course in the ocean. The first tribe to retrieve all five bags and assemble the puzzle would win.
Winner: Heroes

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
S20 courtney t
Courtney (5 votes)
S20 danielle tS20 jerri t
S20 parvati tS20 russell tS20 sandra t
Danielle, Jerri, Parvati, Russell, Sandra
S20 jerri t
Jerri (1 vote)
S20 courtney t
S20 courtney bw
Courtney Yates

Voting Confessionals

(voting against Courtney) Courtney, I'm glad you were here to experience all of this with me, you're the greatest. You're going to be a friend of mine for life, but it's between me and you, and I have to vote for you to go home. I'm sorry, bye. Adiós.


(voting against Courtney) Alright, we're gonna try this one more time again. Definitely between you and Sandra, Courtney, you are the most threatening. It's obvious and it's not worth the risk. So, see ya.


(voting against Courtney) Courtney, I love you, it's nothing against you, just trying to make the best strategic move.


(voting against Courtney) You're a nice girl, I really wish I got to know you a little bit better, but you know, you just got on the wrong train, that's all.


(voting against Courtney) Oh, my little funny face. I'm so sad you're leaving, it won't be the same without you. I'm sure gonna miss ya. Go eat a sandwich.


(voting against Jerri) Gotta vote for somebody. Sorry.


Final Words

I have to say that I am very proud of myself. This is pretty good for the little skinny chick to get all the way to the jury, good for me! It's actually one of my Survivor dreams to be on the jury and get all pretty and make all the bitches jealous as they sit there in their dirty rags. I've been lucky in both of my Survivor experiences and there is no one I intensely hate, so good luck everybody.

–Courtney Yates

Still in the Running

S20 sugar bw
S20 stephenie bw
S20 randy bw
S20 cirie bw
S20 tom bw
S20 tyson bw
S20 james bw
S20 rob bw
S20 coach bw
S20 courtney bw
S20 amanda t
S20 candice t
S20 colby t
S20 danielle t
S20 jt t
S20 jerri t
S20 parvati t
S20 rupert t
S20 russell t
S20 sandra t


Behind the Scenes

Life at Ponderosa

Upon being voted out, Courtney Yates remarks about being excited at being voted out and is relieved to have made it to the jury so she can experience the jury part of the game for the first time. Courtney's weigh-in reveals she lost 4 lbs., but the more serious issue for medical to examine though are Courtney's severely scraped up knees.

Courtney arrives at Ponderosa and is greeted by Coach Wade. As Courtney comes in, she and Coach talk about their long upcoming stay at Ponderosa, both are eager to be a part of the jury and Ponderosa. Coach then asks Courtney how he ended up being voted out. Courtney washes her hands and views herself in the mirror for the first time before eating the meal prepared by the resort chef, Russell.

The next day, Coach goes out kayaking while Courtney looks on. Later as they eat, Courtney blames the failure of both the Villains tribe and her own game at the feet of Tyson Apostol for his bad move that kept Russell Hantz in the game. Coach agrees completely that it is what started the downward spiral for the Villains. Coach and Courtney bond at Ponderosa and are worried at who might show up next that could disturb the two of them.[2][3][4]



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