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Survivor 42 is the forty-second season of the CBS competitive reality television series Survivor.

Adhering to the format of its predecessor, this season notably featured a greater degree of character development as its cast attempted to navigate the dangerous twists of Survivor's new era. After a medical evacuation at the start of the season, the tribal phase saw two tribes succumb to infighting as the Taku Four emerged as the only unified bloc heading into the merge. Following a fairly straightforward early merge controlled by a supermajority alliance, Maryanne Oketch broke through as a pivotal player that dictated the endgame. In the end, Maryanne won in a 7-1-0 vote over Mike Turner and Romeo Escobar, becoming the second Black woman and second consecutive Canadian to become Sole Survivor.


Seasons 41 and 42 were slated for May 2020,[4] but the outbreak of COVID-19 pushed the production and filming of both seasons a year later. Safety protocols and mobility practices used in Survivor 41 were still enforced.[5]

According to Survivor 41 contestant Ricard Foyé, his cast had left for the airport the same day that the cast of Survivor 42, who had just finished their quarantine, arrived at Ponderosa.[6]

Eventual Survivor 43 castaway Lindsay Carmine was initially cast for this season, but was removed after testing positive for COVID-19.[7]

Capitalizing on the fact that the cast had yet to see Survivor 41, production decided to keep most of the twists introduced in the previous season for Survivor 42. Another holdover from Survivor 41 was the on-location after-show held directly following the conclusion of Final Tribal Council and the announcement of the Sole Survivor. Jeff Probst has expressed his preference for this after-show format, stating that it will be employed for all seasons in the foreseeable future.[8]

For the first time since its introduction in Survivor: Micronesia, scenes at Ponderosa were not published for unknown reasons.[9]


  • Shortened Game: As was the case in Survivor 41, the game lasted for 26 days, 13 days shorter than the standard 39.[10] Like in the previous season, no food rations and limited camp supplies were given to the castaways and reward items won in challenges were scarce.
  • Tribe Division: The 18 castaways were divided into 3 tribes of 6. No unifying theme was used in dividing the tribes.
  • Penalties for Losing Immunity Challenges: The tribe that lost an Immunity Challenge was forced to surrender their flint to Jeff and could only win it back if they won the next Immunity Challenge.
  • Shot in the Dark: By sacrificing one's vote at Tribal Council, a player in trouble may invoke this advantage for a chance to be immune from the vote. While the chance of a favorable outcome was slim, if successful, the play acted as if a Hidden Immunity Idol was played. In a change to its original mechanics in 41, this power could be invoked until the final six.
  • Advantage Amulet: Each player who performed the second leg of the first Reward Challenge had the choice of taking an Advantage Amulet for each of them. If all three amulets were used, they could collectively cast an Extra Vote. If two amulet holders were left, using them together would give them a Vote Steal. If only one active amulet remained, it could be used as a regular Hidden Immunity Idol. The amulets remained in play until there were six players left.
  • Beware Advantage: Game advantages were hidden in packages labeled "Beware Advantage", the contents of which may only be obtained if its finder opened it and fulfilled its demands.
    • Hidden Immunity Idols: Each camp had one idol, that if found, its finder had to utter a certain phrase before an Immunity Challenge, and if members of the other tribes respond with their own code phrases, all three idols will have power. Until then, the idols remained powerless and their finders without a vote at Tribal Council. Unlike in 41, however, the idols had full power after the merge when the vote penalty ended. A regular Hidden Immunity Idol with no restrictions was also hidden after the merge.
    • Knowledge is Power: At the Day 15 Reward Challenge, a Beware Advantage was hidden for the contestant sitting out to find. Upon opening the advantage, that contestant must then find the Knowledge is Power hidden at camp by sundown; failing which, they would lose their vote at the next Tribal Council. The advantage entitles a player to ask another castaway if they possess a Hidden Immunity Idol or an advantage at Tribal Council. If the target is indeed in possession of the demanded item, the asker may steal it from them; otherwise, the advantage becomes useless. In the event that the target had more than one advantage in their possession, it is up to them which advantage to give up and they do not need to reveal every advantage in their possession. This advantage can be played until there were six players left.
  • Journeys: Castaways from different tribes were taken to another island where they were given a choice between protecting or risking their vote on their next visit to Tribal Council. If all of them chose "protect", they kept their votes. If all of them chose "risk", none of them were able to vote at their next Tribal Council. If there was a split decision, those who chose "protect" get to keep their vote, but those who chose "risk" obtained an Extra Vote which would remain playable until the final six.
  • Idol Nullifier: On Day 8, an Idol Nullifier was introduced and hidden at the camp of the tribe that won the Reward Challenge. This advantage however went unaired.[11]
  • Earn the Merge: The 12 remaining survivors abandoned their tribe colors and competed in an Immunity Challenge in 2 teams of 5. The winning team earned individual immunity, a spot in the merge tribe and merge feast, and the power to choose which of the 2 unchosen players from the challenge will be joining them. The last player unpicked was sent to Exile Island until the next Immunity Challenge.
    • Hourglass: The exiled castaway was presented with an hourglass. If the player wished to "reverse" the events of the challenge, they must break the hourglass, hence revoking the winning team's immunity. The exiled player and the members of the losing team were given individual immunity instead, while the members of the winning team were forced to compete in the individual Immunity Challenge.
  • Double Elimination: On Day 17, the Kula Kula tribe was subjected to a Double Elimination, where the tribe was divided into two groups of five and two castaways were eliminated through two separate Tribal Councils. Following the Immunity Challenge, one group remained at the Kula Kula camp, while the other was sequestered at the old Taku camp for the afternoon.
  • Do or Die: On Day 21, the first player to be eliminated from the Immunity Challenge was subjected to a game called "Do or Die", the mechanics of which were identical to the Monty Hall problem. At Tribal Council, the player had to select the box with the fire symbol to win individual immunity. If the chosen box contained a skull symbol instead, the player would be eliminated from the game with no official vote taking place and any advantage or Hidden Immunity Idols owned by the player cannot save them. The castaways were given the option to sit out of the Immunity Challenge if they did not want to take the risk.
  • Simplified Final Four Tribal Council
  • Expanded Jury and Final Three: The Final Tribal Council was held with a Final Three facing an eight-person jury.
  • Reformatted Final Tribal Council: Instead of having each jury member speak individually, an open forum was held to ensure a more insightful rapport between the jury and finalists. The discussion was divided into three portions—"social", "physical", and "strategic".


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Merged Tribe
S42 jackson t Jackson Fox
47, Houston, TX
Healthcare Worker
Taku Evacuated
Day 3
S42 zach t Zach Wurtenberger
21, St. Louis, MO
Ika 1st Voted Out
Day 3
S42 marya t Marya Sherron
47, Noblesville, IN
Stay-at-home Mom
Taku 2nd Voted Out
Day 5
S42 jenny t Jenny Kim
42, Brooklyn, NY
Creative Director
Vati 3rd Voted Out
Day 7
S42 swati t Swati Goel
19, Palo Alto, CA
Ivy League Student
Ika 4th Voted Out
Day 9
S42 daniel t Daniel Strunk
30, New Haven, CT
Law Clerk
Vati 5th Voted Out
Day 11
S42 lydia t Lydia Meredith
21, Santa Monica, CA
Vati 6th Voted Out
Day 14
S42 chanelle t Chanelle Howell
28, New York, NY
Executive Recruiter
Vati Kula Kula 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 16
S42 rocksroy t Rocksroy Bailey
43, Las Vegas, NV
Stay-at-home Dad
Ika 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 17
S42 tori t Tori Meehan
24, Rogers, AR
Ika 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 17
S42 hai t Hai Giang
28, New Orleans, LA
Data Scientist
Vati 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 19
S42 drea t Drea Wheeler
34, Montreal, QC
Fitness Consultant
Ika 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 21
S42 omar t Omar Zaheer
30, Whitby, ON
Taku 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 23
S42 lindsay t Lindsay Dolashewich
30, Asbury Park, NJ
Taku 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 24
S42 jonathan t Jonathan Young
28, Gulf Shores, AL
Beach Service Company Owner
Taku Eliminated
8th Jury Member
Day 25
S42 romeo t Romeo Escobar
37, Norwalk, CA
Pageant Coach
Ika Second
S42 mike t Mike Turner
57, Hoboken, NJ
Retired Firefighter
Vati Runner-Up 4
S42 maryanne t Maryanne Oketch
23, Ajax, ON
Seminary Student
Taku Sole Survivor 2

Season Summary[]

Taking advantage of the fact that its cast had yet to see the previous season, Survivor 42 adopted many of the twists used in Survivor 41. The accelerated 26-day game started with three tribes of six: Ika, Taku, and Vati. While Taku was the first to lose two members, they became a united front and dominated in challenges largely due to Jonathan's brute strength. Ika's lack of cohesion resulted in disunity, giving Drea and Romeo the power to dictate tribal dynamics. Vati quickly fractured into three pairs and two chaotic visits to Tribal Council sowed even more discord between its members.

The individual portion began with the formation of a cross-tribal alliance built on the advantages that its members possessed. However, the introduction of the Hourglass forced the alliance to turn on itself, simultaneously allowing the Taku Four to position themselves securely amidst the two other starting tribes, which dissolved under significant infighting. The majority alliance took out the remaining outsiders before cannibalizing each other, leaving Maryanne and Romeo safe while Mike aligned with Taku to eliminate Hai and Drea.

At the final six, the Takus finally decided to turn on each other. Realizing that Omar and Lindsay had been controlling the tribal dynamics, Maryanne joined the rest of Kula Kula to orchestrate their eliminations. At the final four, Romeo won the Final Immunity Challenge and brought his late-game ally Maryanne to the finals, forcing Jonathan to face Mike in the fire-making challenge. Mike won and joined Maryanne and Romeo in the Final Three.

At the Final Tribal Council, Mike was commended for his social game, but criticized for breaking his word while also preaching honor; Maryanne was praised for her growth throughout the game, but the jury was unclear about her approach to the game; and Romeo was criticized for having no control in the second half of the game. In a 7-1-0 vote, Maryanne's eloquence in articulating her growth narrative and strategic decisions won her the title of Sole Survivor over Mike and Romeo.

Episode Air Date Challenges Journey Eliminated
Finish Viewers
(in millions)
Reward Immunity
1 "Feels Like a Rollercoaster" March 9, 2022 Ika Taku Drea1 Jackson
(no vote)
Day 3
4.96[12] 0.8/7[12]
Vati Zach
1st Voted Out
Day 3
2 "Good and Guilty" March 16, 2022 Vati2 None Marya
2nd Voted Out
Day 5
5.06[13] 0.8/7[13]
3 "Go for the Gusto" March 23, 2022 Taku2 Omar3 Jenny
3rd Voted Out
Day 7
5.35[14] 0.8/7[14]
Ika2 Chanelle3
4 "Vibe of the Tribe" March 30, 2022 Taku Taku None Swati
4th Voted Out
Day 9
5.63[15] 0.9/7[15]
5 "I'm Survivor Rich" April 6, 2022 Ika2 Rocksroy Daniel
5th Voted Out
Day 11
5.58[16] 0.9/8[16]
Taku2 Lydia
6 "You Can't Hide on Survivor" April 13, 2022 Hai, Jonathan,
Lydia, Maryanne, Tori
Rocksroy7 TBD 6th Voted Out
Day 14
5.12[17] 0.8/7[17]
7 "The Devil You Do or the Devil You Don't" None (Chanelle,
8 "You Better Be Wearing a Seatbelt" April 20, 2022 Chanelle,
Tori Chanelle
7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 16
5.43[18] 0.9/7[18]
9 "Game of Chicken" April 27, 2022 Hai Rocksroy
8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 17
5.72[19] 0.9/7[19]
Jonathan2,8 Tori
9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 17
10 "Tell a Good Lie, Not a Stupid Lie" May 4, 2022 Lindsay
Lindsay Hai
10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 19
5.62[20] 0.9/8[20]
11 "Battle Royale" May 11, 2022 None Jonathan Drea
11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 21
5.38[21] 0.8/7[21]
12 "Caterpillar to a Butterfly" May 18, 2022 Omar
Lindsay Omar
12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 23
5.70[22] 0.9/8[22]
13 "It Comes Down to This" May 25, 2022 Mike2 Lindsay
13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 24
5.11[23] 0.8/7[23]
None Romeo Jonathan
(no vote)11
8th Jury Member
Day 25
Jury Vote Romeo
Sole Survivor
14 "Aftershow"
^1 During the journey on Day 2, Drea and Maryanne each won an extra vote.
^2 Combined Reward and Immunity Challenge.
^3 During the journey on Day 7, Chanelle and Omar each lost their vote at their next Tribal Council.
^4 The vote resulted in a tie. Per Survivor rules, a revote would commence.
^5 Per Survivor rules, in case of a deadlock tie, the non-immune players would have an open discussion to eliminate one of the tied players. If no consensus is reached, the non-immune castaways would be forced to draw rocks.
^6 The twelve remaining players were divided into two teams of five and two sit-outs, with the winning team winning reward and immunity, as well as the right to take one of the two sit-outs (Lindsay and Rocksroy) to join them.
^7 The unchosen sit-out from the last challenge (Rocksroy) was exiled. There, he was given an hourglass which he may choose to break to strip the winning team of their immunity, transferring it to the losing team and himself. Rocksroy broke the hourglass.
^8 At the Immunity Challenge, the ten remaining players were divided into two teams of five, with one person from each team winning immunity. The last player standing overall (Jonathan) won reward for their team.
^9 A Hidden Immunity Idol was played; however, no votes were cast against its user.
^10 By winning the "Do or Die" game, Lindsay was granted immunity at Tribal Council.
^11 Instead of a traditional vote, the winner of the Immunity Challenge, Romeo, would choose someone to take with them to the Final Three. He chose Maryanne. The remaining two castaways, Jonathan and Mike, would compete in a fire-making challenge to determine the last finalist.

Voting History[]

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Voted Out S42 jackson t
S42 zach t
S42 marya t
Tie Deadlock S42 jenny t
S42 swati t
Tie S42 daniel t
S42 lydia t
S42 chanelle t
S42 rocksroy t
S42 tori t
S42 hai t
S42 drea t
S42 omar t
S42 lindsay t
S42 jonathan t
S42 romeo t
S42 mike t
S42 maryanne t
Vote No vote1 5-0 4-0 2-25 1-16 2-07 3-1 2-2-15 3-0 6-2-2-1 7-3-1 4-1 4-08 6-2 5-3 3-2-2 4-18 No vote10 7-1-0
Maryanne Marya Lydia Romeo Tori Hai Drea Omar Lindsay Jury Vote
Mike None3 Chanelle Daniel Lydia Chanelle Rocksroy Hai Drea Romeo Lindsay
Romeo Zach Swati Maryanne Hai Rocksroy Jonathan Mike Omar Lindsay
Jonathan Marya Lydia Chanelle Tori Hai Drea Romeo Lindsay Eliminated Mike
Lindsay Marya Lydia Chanelle Tori Hai Drea Jonathan Jonathan Maryanne
Omar Marya None4 Romeo Rocksroy Hai Drea Jonathan Maryanne
Drea Zach Swati Lydia Chanelle Tori Hai Mike Maryanne
Hai Jenny Jenny Jenny Daniel Daniel Lydia Chanelle Rocksroy Jonathan Maryanne
Tori Zach Swati Jonathan Chanelle None2 Maryanne
Rocksroy Zach Tori Lindsay Chanelle Romeo Maryanne
Chanelle None4 Mike None Jonathan Romeo Maryanne
Lydia Jenny None None Daniel Daniel Maryanne
Daniel Lydia Lydia Jenny Chanelle None
Swati Zach None2
Jenny Lydia None Voted Out
Marya None2
Zach None2
Jackson Evacuated
^1 Jackson was evacuated over his medical condition. No vote occurred for his removal.
^2 This castaway played their Shot in the Dark, making them ineligible to vote at Tribal Council. The scroll they selected, however, read "Not Safe", thus all votes against them remained valid.
^3 This castaway found the Beware Advantage containing the Hidden Immunity Idol, and until all of the Hidden Immunity Idols were activated, they were barred from voting.
^4 This castaway lost their vote at the summit, thus they were unable to cast a vote.
^5 The vote resulted in a tie. Per Survivor rules, a revote was held where the castaways involved in the tie would not vote and the remaining castaways could only vote for those involved in the tie.
^6 Per Survivor rules, in the case of a deadlock tie, the non-immune players would have an open discussion to eliminate one of the tied players. If no consensus is reached, the non-immune castaways would be forced to draw rocks.
^7 By consensus, Jenny was eliminated.
^8 A Hidden Immunity Idol was played; however, no votes were cast against its user.
^9 This castaway played an Extra Vote advantage, allowing them to vote twice at Tribal Council.
^10 Instead of a traditional vote, the person who won the Immunity Challenge, Romeo, would take someone with them to the Final Three. He chose Maryanne. The remaining two castaways, Jonathan and Mike, would compete in a fire-making challenge to determine the last finalist.


  • Survivor 42 follows Island of the Idols as the second season to contain contestants of East Asian, South Asian, and Southeast-Asian descent.
  • Survivor 42 contains 5 LGBT contestants: Chanelle, Hai, Jackson, Lydia, and Romeo. This record was broken in Survivor 44, which had 6 LGBT contestants.
  • Survivor 42 is the first season where three different tribes attended the first three Tribal Councils; this would happen again in Survivor 44.
  • Survivor 42 is the first season since the introduction of the rock draw where a deadlocked vote occurred during the tribal phase.
    • Survivor 42 also had the earliest deadlocked vote, which occurred on Day 7.
    • Survivor 42 marks the first time since Palau where a 2-2 tied vote was followed by a revote and not a fire-making tiebreaker.
  • Survivor 42 is the first season with more than two starting tribes to start the individual phase with equal numbers between all tribes.
  • Survivor 42 ties the record previously set in Survivor 41 for most contestants immune at a single Tribal Council; 7 contestants had individual immunity at the final 12 Tribal Council.
    • Survivor 42 is tied with Survivor 41 for most contestants to have individual immunity at Tribal Council, with 10.
    • Including Maryanne, who played an idol before the vote at the Double Elimination, Survivor 42 is the first season where every person who made the jury phase had some form of immunity at Tribal Council.
  • Survivor 42 holds the record for most consecutive episodes where at least one contestant is sitting out of a challenge, with 8.
    • The only tribal challenge in which every remaining contestant participated was the opening Reward Challenge on Day 1.
    • With an additional episode outside of this streak, Survivor 42 contains a record 9 episodes where at least one contestant is sitting out.
  • Survivor 42 is the first season since Edge of Extinction to contain multiple individual Reward Challenges.
  • The final three challenges of Survivor 42 were all variations of challenges previously seen in the finale of Cambodia.
  • Survivor 42 is the third season, after Marquesas and Philippines, with a three-way tie for most individual Immunity Challenge wins: Jonathan, Lindsay, and Tori each won two challenges. This is the first instance where none of the tied contestants won a challenge in the finale.
    • This is also the second season, after Samoa, where the same woman (Tori) won the first two individual Immunity Challenges.
  • Survivor 42 is the first season to have multiple Hidden Immunity Idols expire unused.
  • Survivor 42 is the second season whose finale aired over a year after filming commenced, after Kaôh Rōng.
  • Survivor 42 is the first season where women and men were alternately eliminated during the jury phase.
  • Survivor 42 is the second season to produce a Final Three containing one representative of each starting tribe, after Worlds Apart.
  • Survivor 42 is the first season since Fiji whose Final Three did not include any Caucasian contestants.
  • Survivor 41 and Survivor 42 are the first seasons since One World and Philippines to produce consecutive female Sole Survivors.
  • Survivor 42 is the first season since China to not have Ponderosa videos for the jury.[9]


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