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Survivor 41 is the forty-first season of the CBS competitive reality television series Survivor.


Production for the 41st and 42nd seasons were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As has been the norm since Survivor: Samoa, the seasons were scheduled to be filmed back-to-back beginning in March 2020, but had to be put on hold due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus.[3] Prior to the Fijian government allowing production to enter, domestically filming both seasons either in Georgia or Hawaii was considered.[4]

In March 2021, it was announced that production for the two seasons had resumed in Fiji. Due to mobility issues however, the production team modified their protocols to ensure the cast and crew's safety such as using a staggered arrival scheme for the international crew en route to Fiji.[5] For anyone to enter the country, each crew member and contestant had to have a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test result and be quarantined for 14 days.[4] Production also collaborated with the Fijian government to establish a safe "bubble" within a chain of islands to be used as base camp, tribe camps, challenge locations and Tribal Council, allowing free movement within the bubble but prohibiting physical interaction outside of it.

This season, was filmed over 26 days, 13 days shorter than the standard 39-day timeline, due to the production schedule being compromised by the Fijian government's quarantine rules. To keep the shorter game just as challenging, the tribes were given fewer supplies and no food rations. Further, tribes that lose a challenges will incur penalties.[6]

Beginning in 41, seasons will no longer be named after twists or casting themes and will simply be identified by their season number.[7]

In an interview with Rob Cesternino for Rob Has a Podcast on the red carpet premiere of Survivor: Winners at War, host Jeff Probst acknowledged the negative response to the format of the Edge of Extinction twist, as well as its inclusion in that season. Though insisting his personal preference for the Edge of Extinction, Probst revealed that it would not be used for Survivor 41, but did not rule out eventually using it again.[8][9] The inclusion of Fire Tokens, which were previously used in Survivor: Winners at War, was heavily considered during the pre-production for the season, but was scrapped per the recommendations of Survivor: David vs. Goliath runner-up Mike White, whom Probst consulted.[10]


Following criticism over lack of racial diversity in its reality programming, CBS announced in November 2020 that Survivor and its other reality shows must cast at least 50% persons of color beginning with the 2021-2022 television season. Crew members will also have the same composition for a fairer representation of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds in the edited show.[11][12][13]

Jeff Probst also stated that contestants from the show's first 20 years will not be asked to return in the foreseeable future.[14]

Game Within the Game

A Survivor first, viewers will be given the opportunity to solve rebus puzzles hidden throughout the course of the episode, whether at challenges, Tribal Council, or in underwater shots; after which fans may submit their answer to the puzzle online.[15] Jeff Probst explained the game was aimed for the younger audience and future castaways.


  • Shortened Season: The game lasted 26 days, 13 days shorter than the usual 39 days.[16] To retain the difficulty of a 39-day game in a shorter season, no food rations and limited camp supplies were given to the castaways.[6][16]
  • Penalties for Losing: As part of keeping the shorter season just as difficult, tribes that lose a challenge will have a part of their supplies taken away from them and will only earn them back the next time they win.
  • Tribe Division: The 18 castaways were divided into 3 tribes of 6. No unifying theme was used in the dividing them into tribes.
  • Beware Advantage: A new advantage, once found, may only be taken by its finder if they take a pre-determined risk. Each tribe has one hidden at their camps.
  • Risk/Protect Your Vote: On Day 2, one member from each tribe were whisked to a separate island where they were given a "prisoner's dilemma" between protecting or risking their votes on their first trip to Tribal Council. If all three choose "protect", they keep their votes. If all three choose "risk", none of them will be able to vote. If there is a split decision, those who chose "protect" get to keep their votes, but those who chose "risk" will get an extra vote.[17]
  • Shot in the Dark Die: By sacrificing one's vote at Tribal Council, a player in trouble may invoke this advantage for a chance to be immune from the vote. While the chance of a favorable outcome is slim, if successful, the play acts as if a Hidden Immunity Idol is played.[18]
  • Double Tribal Council: On Day 3, only the first place tribe won immunity, sending both losing tribes to Tribal Council to vote out one person each.


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe
S41 abraham t.png Eric Abraham
50, San Antonio, TX
Cyber Security Analyst
Yase 1st Voted Out
Day 3
S41 sara t.png Sara Wilson
23, Boston, MA
Healthcare Consultant
Ua 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
S41 brad t.png Brad Reese
49, Shawnee, WY
Ua 1
S41 danny t.png Danny McCray
33, Frisco, TX
Ex-NFL Player
S41 voce t.png David Voce
34, Chicago, IL
S41 deshawn t.png Deshawn Radden
25, Miami, FL
Medical Student
S41 erika t.png Erika Casupanan
31, Toronto, ON
Communications Manager
S41 evvie t.png Evvie Jagoda
28, Arlington, MA
Ph.D. Student
S41 genie t.png Genie Chen
46, Portland, OR
Grocery Clerk
S41 heather t.png Heather Aldret
52, Charleston, SC
Stay-at-home Mom
S41 jd t.png JD Robinson
20, Oklahoma City, OK
College Student
S41 liana t.png Liana Wallace
20, Washington, DC
College Student
S41 naseer t.png Naseer Muttalif
36, Morgan Hill, CA
Sales Manager
S41 ricard t.png Ricard Foyé
31, Sedro-Woolley, WA
Flight Attendant
Ua 1
S41 shan t.png Shan Smith
34, Washington, DC
S41 sydney t.png Sydney Segal
25, Brooklyn, NY
Law Student
S41 tiffany t.png Tiffany Seely
47, Plainview, NY
Yase 1
S41 xander t.png Xander Hastings
20, Chicago, IL
App Developer

Season Summary

Episode Air date Challenges Eliminated
Finish Viewers
(in millions)
Reward Immunity
1 "A New Era" September 22, 2021 Ua Luvu Abraham
1st Voted Out
Day 3
6.25[19] 1.1/8
2nd Voted Out
Day 3
2 "Juggling Chainsaws" September 29, 2021 TBA
TBD Voted Out

Voting History

Survivor 41 Voting History
Original Tribes
Episode #: 1 2
Voted out: S41 abraham t.png
S41 sara t.png
Vote: 5-1 4-1-1 TBD
Brad Sara
Evvie Abraham
Genie Ricard
JD Sara
Liana Abraham
Ricard Sara
Shan Sara
Tiffany Abraham
Voce Abraham
Xander Abraham
Sara Brad
Abraham Tiffany


  • Survivor 41 marks the first time that a country is used nine consecutive times.
  • Survivor 41 is currently the only season of Survivor to not have a subtitle.
    • The working title for the season during pre-production was Survivor: Dawn of a New Era, but this subtitle was scrapped prior to filming.[20]
    • Survivor: Borneo did not have a subtitle when it aired, but was retroactively given one, making this the second season to air without a subtitle.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season to have castaways born in the 2000s, and the first season to have castaways born after the premiere of Borneo.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season to last fewer than 39 days.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season to have a castaway's gender identity change after filming. Evvie came out as non-binary (using they/she as pronouns) between filming and airing.


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