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Survivor 41 is the forty-first season of the CBS competitive reality television series Survivor.

After spending a year and a half on hiatus, Survivor returned for a new era, promising a more dangerous, fast-paced experience in a condensed 26-day game with the introduction of several novel twists. As the first season to be filmed following the adoption of the diversity initiative for CBS reality programming, Survivor 41 also focused on social commentary with its portrayal of the rise and fall of the All-Black Alliance. The season concluded with Erika Casupanan defeating Deshawn Radden and Xander Hastings in a 7-1-0 vote to become the first female Sole Survivor in 7 seasons.


Production for the 41st and 42nd seasons were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As has been the norm since Survivor: Samoa, the seasons were scheduled to be filmed back-to-back beginning in March 2020, but had to be put on hold due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus.[3] Prior to the Fijian government allowing production to enter, domestically filming both seasons either in Georgia or Hawaii was considered.[4]

In March 2021, it was announced that production for the two seasons had resumed in Fiji, but due to mobility issues, the production team modified their protocols to ensure the cast and crew's safety such as using a staggered arrival scheme.[5] Each crew member and contestant had to test negative and be quarantined for 14 days.[4] Production also coordinated with the Fijian Ministries of Health and Medical Services and Economy, as well as the Fijian Navy to establish a safe "bubble" within a chain of islands to be used as base camp, tribe camps, challenge sites and Tribal Council, allowing free movement within the bubble and prohibiting physical interaction outside of it.[6] 408 Fijian crew members were employed for the production of seasons 41 and 42.[6]

This season was filmed over 26 days, 13 days shorter than the standard 39-day timeline due to the 1/3 of the production schedule being allocated for quarantine. To keep the shorter game just as challenging, the tribes were given fewer supplies and no food rations. Items won on Reward Challenges were also scarce.[7]

In response to complaints from past Survivor contestants about the fact that contestants only received one pair of underwear for the duration of the game, thus exposing them to urinary tract infections, production gave extra pairs of underwear to contestants with vaginas.[8]

Beginning in 41, seasons will no longer be named after twists or overarching themes and will simply be identified by their season number.[9]

For the first time since Survivor: Borneo, the winner was announced on location. In place of a live reunion show, a "deep dive" episode, also filmed on location moments after the Final Tribal Council took place with the finalists and jurors in attendance. According to Tiffany Seely, the jury and the finalists received $10,000 for appearing in the after-show immediately following the Final Tribal Council.[10] This on-location after-show would carry into all subsequent seasons for the foreseeable future.[11]


In response to criticism over lack of racial diversity in its reality programming, CBS announced in November 2020 that Survivor and its other reality shows must cast at least 50% persons of color beginning with the 2021-2022 television season. Crew members will also have the same composition for a fairer representation of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds in the edited show. However, due to the year-long delay of the production on this season and the subsequent forty-second season, Survivor 41 was the first season to be cast after CBS announced this mandate.[12][13][14]

Jeff Probst stated that contestants from the show's first 20 years will not be asked to return in the foreseeable future,[9] though he has recanted his stance on this matter.[15]

According to eventual Survivor 42 contestant Zach Wurtenberger, the original cast of Survivor 41 were to be himself, Brad Reese, Erika Casupanan, Danny McCray, David Voce, Heather Aldret, Jonathan Young, Tori Meehan, Cassidy Clark, Jesse Lopez, Bruce Perreault and Matthew Grinstead-Mayle that were supposed to leave on March 2020. While Brad, Danny, Erika, Heather, and Voce were retained for this season, some of the contestants were eventually re-cast in future seasons: Jonathan, Tori, and Zach on Survivor 42; Cassidy and Jesse on Survivor 43; and Bruce and Matthew on Survivor 44.[16]

Tiffany Seely was brought onto the season last-minute as an alternate to replace future Survivor 42 contestant Lindsay Dolashewich, who had tested positive for COVID-19 prior to the cast flying to Fiji.[17][18]

Game Within the Game[]

A Survivor first, viewers will be given the opportunity to solve rebus puzzles hidden throughout the course of the episode, whether at challenges, Tribal Council, or in underwater shots; after which fans may answer online. The answers to the puzzles are iconic lines from the series' history.[19] Jeff Probst explained the minigame was aimed for the younger audience and aspiring contestants.


  • Shortened Game: The game lasted for 26 days, 13 days shorter than the standard 39.[20] To retain the difficulty of a 39-day game in a shorter season, no food rations and limited camp supplies are given to the castaways and reward items won in challenges are scarce.[7][20] This format has subsequently become the standard for all future seasons, except in the case of "special" seasons.[21]
  • Tribe Division: The 18 castaways were divided into 3 tribes of 6. No unifying theme was used in dividing the tribes.
  • Penalties for Losing Immunity Challenges: As part of keeping the shorter season just as difficult, tribes that lost the Immunity Challenge had their flint taken away until the next time they win.
  • Shot in the Dark: By sacrificing one's vote at Tribal Council, a player in trouble may invoke this advantage for a chance to be immune at any vote until there were seven players left. While the chance of a favorable outcome was slim, if successful, the play acted as if a Hidden Immunity Idol was played.[22]
  • Journeys: Castaways from different tribes were taken to another island where they were given a choice between protecting or risking their vote on their next visit to Tribal Council. If all of them chose "protect", they kept their votes. If all of them chose "risk", none of them were able to vote at their next Tribal Council. If there was a split decision, those who chose "protect" get to keep their vote, but those who chose "risk" obtained a game advantage. The advantages available through this method were:[23]
    • Extra Vote: A castaway may vote twice at any Tribal Council until there were six players left.
    • Vote Steal: On Day 6, a Beware Advantage was planted at each camp, inviting its finder to meet members of the other tribes where they individually chose between taking a free tarp or a Vote Steal.
    • Knowledge is Power: This advantage entitles one player to ask another castaway if they possess a Hidden Immunity Idol or an advantage at Tribal Council. If the target has either item in their possession, the player may steal it from them; otherwise, the advantage was rendered null. In the event that the target had more than one advantage in possession, they may decide which advantage to give up and do not need to reveal every advantage they had. This advantage can be played until there were six players left.
  • Beware Advantages: Game advantages were hidden at camp in packages labelled "Beware Advantage", the contents of which may only be obtained if its finder opened it and fulfilled its demands; otherwise, they would lose their votes. The advantages that were disguised as a Beware Advantage were:
    • Hidden Immunity Idols: Each camp had one idol, that if found, its finder had to utter a certain code before an Immunity Challenge, and if members of the other tribes respond with their own code sentences, all three idols will have power. Until then, the idols remained powerless and their finders without a vote at Tribal Council. If the conditions were not met before the merge, all three idols will be rendered powerless, though their owners will be able to vote again.
  • Double Tribal Council: On Day 3, only the first place tribe won immunity, sending the two other tribes to Tribal Council to vote out one person each.
  • Earn the Merge and Exile Island: The 12 remaining survivors abandoned their tribe colors and competed in an Immunity Challenge in 2 teams of 5. The winning team earned individual immunity, a spot in the merge tribe and merge feast, and the power to choose which of the 2 players who sat out from the challenge will be joining them. The last player unpicked was sent to Exile Island until the next Immunity Challenge.
    • Hourglass Advantage: The exiled player would be presented with an hourglass. If the player wished to "reverse" the events of the challenge, they must destroy the hourglass, stripping the winning team's immunity. The exiled player and the members of the losing team would be given individual immunity instead, while the members of the winning team would be forced to compete in the individual Immunity Challenge.
  • Double Elimination: On Day 17, the Viakana tribe was subjected to a Double Elimination, where the tribe was divided into two groups of five and two castaways were eliminated through two separate Tribal Councils.
  • Do or Die: On Day 21, the first player to be eliminated from the Immunity Challenge was subjected to a game called "Do or Die", the mechanics of which were identical to the Monty Hall problem. At Tribal Council, the player had to select the box with the fire symbol to win individual immunity. If the chosen box contained a skull symbol instead, the player would be eliminated from the game with no official vote taking place and any advantage or Hidden Immunity Idols owned by the player cannot save them. The castaways were given the option to sit out of the Immunity Challenge if they did not want to take the risk.
  • Simplified Final Four Tribal Council: Instead of a traditional vote, the person who won the final four Immunity Challenge got to choose one person to take with them to the Final Three. The remaining two castaways competed in a fire-making challenge to determine who would be eliminated.
  • Expanded Jury and Final Three: The Final Tribal Council was held with a Final Three facing an eight-person jury.
  • Reformatted Final Tribal Council: Instead of having each jury member speak individually, an open forum was held to ensure a more insightful rapport between the jury and finalists. Unlike the previous format introduced in Survivor: Game Changers however, the discussion was no longer divided into three portions ("outwit", "outplay", and "outlast"), making for a more free-flowing exchange between the jurors and the finalists.


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Merged Tribe
S41 eric t Eric Abraham
50, San Antonio, TX
Cyber Security Analyst
Yase 1st Voted Out
Day 3
S41 sara t Sara Wilson
23, Boston, MA
Healthcare Consultant
Ua 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
S41 voce t David Voce
34, Chicago, IL
Yase 3rd Voted Out
Day 5
S41 brad t Brad Reese
49, Shawnee, WY
Ua 4th Voted Out
Day 7
S41 jd t JD Robinson
20, Oklahoma City, OK
College Student
Ua 5th Voted Out
Day 9
S41 genie t Genie Chen
46, Portland, OR
Grocery Clerk
Ua 6th Voted Out
Day 11
S41 sydney t Sydney Segal
25, Brooklyn, NY
Law Student
Luvu 7th Voted Out
Day 14
S41 tiffany t Tiffany Seely
47, Plainview, NY
Yase Viakana 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 16
S41 naseer t Naseer Muttalif
36, Morgan Hill, CA
Sales Manager
Luvu 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 17
S41 evvie t Evvie Jagoda
28, Arlington, MA
Ph.D. Student
Yase 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 17
S41 shan t Shan Smith
34, Washington, DC
Ua 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 19
S41 liana t Liana Wallace
20, Washington, DC
College Student
Yase 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 21
S41 danny t Danny McCray
33, Frisco, TX
Ex-NFL Player
Luvu 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 23
S41 ricard t Ricard Foyé
31, Sedro-Woolley, WA
Flight Attendant
Ua 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 24
S41 heather t Heather Aldret
52, Charleston, SC
Stay-at-home Mom
Luvu Eliminated
8th Jury Member
Day 25
S41 xander t Xander Hastings
20, Chicago, IL
App Developer
Yase Second
S41 deshawn t Deshawn Radden
25, Miami, FL
Medical Student
Luvu Runner-Up 7
S41 erika t Erika Casupanan
31, Toronto, ON
Communications Manager
Luvu Sole Survivor 2

Season Summary[]

With the game shortened to just 26 days, the 18 castaways were subjected to a more brutal and relentless Survivor experience, having to live with fewer supplies, subsist on no food rations, and negotiate a barrage of game advantages. The majority of these advantages came from brief journeys to a separate island where castaways from each tribe could choose to risk their vote at a future Tribal Council for the chance at winning an advantage. Another added layer to the game was Hidden Immunity Idols being concealed in "Beware Advantages" and the Shot in the Dark mechanic.

Yase suffered from initial disunity, but rallied after losing the first two Immunity Challenges. Ua suffered a more extensive losing streak and quickly whittled down to just the alliance of Shan and Ricard, the former of whom acquired the tribe's Hidden Immunity Idol and advantages through a series of deceptions and betrayals. Despite reaching the individual portion of the game as a full tribe of six, Luvu was plagued by paranoia surrounding their enigmatic tribemate Erika, even attempting to throw Immunity Challenges to eliminate her.

After an unusual merge on Day 12, Liana defected from Yase, having earlier forged an unbreakable bond with Shan during a trip to the Summit. The two women also recruited Danny and Deshawn to form an alliance of all the remaining African-American players in the game. Though this alliance was initially successful in voting out Liana's former Yase allies, they later suffered from miscommunication and infighting, particularly between Deshawn and Shan. This culminated on Day 19, when Danny and Deshawn joined the rest of the tribe in splitting the vote between Liana and Shan, eliminating the latter with the Ua idol in her pocket.

In the wake of Shan's departure, Ricard formed a new majority alliance with Erika, Heather, and Xander, eliminating the remnants of Shan's alliance until only Deshawn remained. Deshawn was spared however, after Erika led the charge to oust Ricard at the final five, citing him as the biggest jury threat remaining. On Day 25, Xander won the Final Immunity Challenge and chose Erika to join him in the Final Three. This subjected Deshawn and Heather to the fire-making challenge, which Deshawn narrowly won.

At the Final Tribal Council, Xander was praised for his overall congeniality, but was criticized for his lack of social awareness. Deshawn was lauded for his strong social relationships, but was chided for his sloppy and temperamental gameplay. Erika was highlighted for her role in orchestrating major power shifts without being seen as a large threat, but was questioned for not making enough close bonds with everyone. In the end, Erika's strategic acumen won the jury over, and she was awarded the title of Sole Survivor in a 7-1-0 vote.

Episode Air date Challenges Journey Eliminated
Finish Viewers
(in millions)
Reward Immunity
1 "A New Era" September 22, 2021 Ua Luvu Danny Abraham
1st Voted Out
Day 3
6.25[24] 1.1/8
2nd Voted Out
Day 3
2 "Juggling Chainsaws" September 29, 2021 Luvu2 Deshawn3 Voce
3rd Voted Out
Day 5
5.90[25] 1.0/7
Ua2 Evvie
3 "My Million Dollar Mistake" October 6, 2021 Luvu2 Sydney Brad
4th Voted Out
Day 7
5.79[26] 0.9/6
4 "They Hate Me 'Cause They Ain't Me" October 13, 2021 Ua Yase None JD
5th Voted Out
Day 9
5.67[27] 0.9/5
Yase Luvu
5 "The Strategist or the Loyalist" October 20, 2021 Yase2 Shan Genie
6th Voted Out
Day 11
5.62[28] 1.0/7
Luvu2 Liana5
6 "Ready to Play Like a Lion" October 27, 2021 Danny, Deshawn,
Evvie, Ricard, Sydney
Erika7 TBD 7th Voted Out
Day 14
5.32[29] 0.8/7
7 "There's Gonna Be Blood" November 3, 2021 None (Erika,
5.47[30] 1.0/7
8 "Betraydar" November 10, 2021 Danny,
Evvie Tiffany
8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 16
5.56[31] 1.0/7
9 "Who's Who in the Zoo" November 17, 2021 Erika Naseer
9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 17
5.76[32] 0.9/7
Xander2,8 Evvie
10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 17
10 "Baby with a Machine Gun" November 24, 2021 Ricard,
Ricard Shan
11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 19
5.54[33] TBD
11 "Do or Die" December 1, 2021 None Danny Liana
12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 21
5.63[34] TBD
12 "Truth Kamikaze" December 8, 2021 Deshawn,
Ricard Danny
13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 23
5.70[35] TBD
13 "One Thing Left to Do... Win" December 15, 2021 Erika2 Ricard
14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 24
5.62[36] TBD
None Xander Heather
(no vote)12
8th Jury Member
Day 25
Jury Vote Xander
Sole Survivor
14 "Aftershow" 4.00[36]
^1 During the journey on Day 2, JD and Xander each won an extra vote.
^2 Combined Reward and Immunity Challenge.
^3 During the journey on Day 5, Deshawn won an extra vote.
^4 During the journey on Night 7, Brad won a Vote Steal.
^5 During the journey on Day 11, Liana won the Knowledge is Power advantage.
^6 The twelve remaining players were divided into two teams of five and two sit-outs, with the winning team winning reward and immunity, as well as the right to take one of the two sit-outs (Erika and Naseer) to join them.
^7 The unchosen sit-out from the last challenge (Erika) was exiled. There, she was given an hourglass which she may choose to break to strip the winning team of their immunity, transferring it to the losing team and herself. Erika broke the hourglass.
^8 At the Immunity Challenge, the ten remaining players were divided into two teams of five, with one person from each team winning immunity. The last player standing overall (Xander) won reward for their team.
^9 The vote resulted in a tie. Per Survivor rules, a revote would commence.
^10 By winning the "Do or Die" game, Deshawn was granted immunity at Tribal Council.
^11 A Hidden Immunity Idol was played; however, no votes were cast against its user.
^12 Instead of a traditional vote, the winner of the Immunity Challenge, Xander, would choose someone to take with them to the Final Three. He chose Erika. The remaining two castaways, Deshawn and Heather, would compete in a fire-making challenge to determine the last finalist.

Voting History[]

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Voted Out S41 abraham t
S41 sara t
S41 voce t
S41 brad t
S41 jd t
S41 genie t
S41 sydney t
S41 tiffany t
Tie S41 naseer t
S41 evvie t
Tie S41 shan t
S41 liana t
Tie S41 danny t
S41 ricard t
S41 heather t
S41 xander t
S41 deshawn t
S41 erika t
Vote 5-1 4-1-1 3-1 3-1 3-1 2-1 5-4-3 6-2-2-1 3-34 4-0 3-2 3-3-24 6-0 5-32 3-34 4-0 4-15 No vote6 7-1-0
Erika Sydney Tiffany Naseer Naseer Liana Shan Liana Danny Danny Ricard Jury Vote
Deshawn Evvie Tiffany Evvie Shan Shan Ricard Danny None Ricard
Xander Abraham None1 Deshawn Naseer Liana Liana Shan Liana Deshawn Danny Ricard
Heather Sydney Tiffany Naseer None Liana Shan Liana Danny Danny Ricard Eliminated Erika
Ricard Sara Brad JD Genie Evvie Tiffany Heather Naseer Shan Shan Liana Deshawn Danny Deshawn Erika
Danny Evvie Xander Evvie Shan Shan Ricard Deshawn None Deshawn
Liana Abraham Voce Sydney Tiffany Evvie Erika None Ricard Erika
Shan Sara Brad JD Genie Sydney Tiffany Heather Naseer Erika None Erika
Naseer2 Naseer2
Evvie Abraham Voce Deshawn Heather Liana Erika
Naseer Sydney Xander Heather None Erika
Tiffany Abraham Voce Deshawn Heather Erika
Sydney None3
Genie Ricard JD JD Ricard
JD Sara Brad Genie
Brad Sara None1
Voce Abraham Tiffany
Sara Brad
Abraham Tiffany
^1 This castaway found the Beware Advantage containing the Hidden Immunity Idol, and until all of the Hidden Immunity Idols were activated, they were barred from voting.
^2 This castaway played an Extra Vote advantage, allowing them to vote twice at Tribal Council.
^3 This castaway played their Shot in the Dark, making them ineligible to vote at Tribal Council. The scroll they selected however read, "Not Safe", thus all votes against them remained valid.
^4 The vote resulted in a tie. Per Survivor rules, a revote was held where the castaways involved in the tie would not vote and the remaining castaways could only vote for those involved in the tie.
^5 A Hidden Immunity Idol was played; however, no votes were cast against its user.
^6 Instead of a traditional vote, the person who won the Immunity Challenge, Xander, would take someone with them to the Final Three. He chose Erika. The remaining two castaways, Deshawn and Heather, would compete in a fire-making challenge to determine the last finalist.


  • Survivor 41 is the first season of Survivor to not have a subtitle. The working title for the season during pre-production was Survivor: Dawn of a New Era, but this subtitle was scrapped prior to filming.[37]
    • Borneo did not have a subtitle when it aired, but was retroactively given one, making this the second season to air without a subtitle.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season to have castaways born in the 2000s, and the first season to have castaways born after the premiere of Borneo.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season to last fewer than 39 days.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season to enact the CBS diversity initiative where at least 50% of the cast was BIPOC.
    • This is the first season since Fiji to have at least 50% of the cast be people of color.
    • This is the first season to contain six Black contestants.
  • Survivor 41 was tied with Micronesia, Game Changers, David vs. Goliath and Island of the Idols for the most openly LGBT contestants at the time of filming with 3: Evvie, Genie, and Ricard. This record was broken by Survivor 42 with 5.
    • After filming, Evvie came out as non-binary (using they/them as pronouns).[38] This is the first time someone has changed their gender identity between filming and airing.
    • With Erika coming out as lesbian in 2023,[39] Survivor 41 produced the second female LGBT winner, after Micronesia.
    • With Deshawn coming out in 2024, Survivor 41 officially has 5 LGBT contestants.
      • Survivor 41 is the first season where LGBT contestants received all of the jury votes at Final Tribal Council.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season to contain multiple Canadian contestants: Erika and Shan.
    • In addition, Survivor 41 is the first season to be won by a Canadian contestant since the rule allowing Canadian residents to participate was adopted prior to Island of the Idols.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season since South Pacific, and the first season with three starting tribes, to not have a tribe switch.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season with three starting tribes where every tribe had someone sit out of at least one challenge.
  • Survivor 41 breaks the record previously set in Game Changers for most contestants immune at a single Tribal Council; 7 contestants had individual immunity at the final 12 Tribal Council. This would be tied by each of the next five seasons, except Survivor 44.
    • Survivor 41 also sets the record for most contestants to be immune at any Tribal Council; a total of 10 contestants had individual immunity this season.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season since Kaôh Rōng without any votes negated by a Hidden Immunity Idol.
    • Survivor 41 is the first season since Cagayan in which at least one idol was played, but no idols negated any votes.
  • Survivor 41 is tied with Palau, Caramoan, and Kaôh Rōng for most tie votes, with 3.
    • Because all 3 ties occurred after the merge, Survivor 41 holds the record for most post-merge tie votes.
  • Survivor 41 is the first season since Game Changers to be won by a woman, breaking a six-season streak of male winners, the longest gendered streak of winners in the series' history.
    • Erika also set the record for the highest percent of jury votes of any woman on the American version with 7/8 or 87.5%.


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