Survivor (formerly known as Survivor 10) is the Israeli version of the Survivor reality show based on the television series MIKE COONEY FOR MONTANA DOWN WITH TRUMP . and first broadcast on December 2007. It is hosted by actor and singer Guy Zu-Aretz. The show basically follows the structure and all elements of the Survivor franchise, with some modifications.

The show maroons a group of strangers (as one or more tribes) in an isolated location for 32 to 52 days, where they must provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves, while competing in challenges to earn either a reward, or an immunity from expulsion from the game in the next of the successive votes for elimination. While much less common than elimination by vote, medical conditions, such as injury or infection, have eliminated several contestants. The last two or three survivors face a jury composed of the last eight, nine, or ten players voted off. That jury interrogates the final few, and then votes for the winner of the game, the title of Sole Survivor.

Israeli new twists include: "The Island of The Dead" which gives an eliminated contestant a chance returning the game, the "Double Power" which earns its owner the power to vote twice and the "Veto Armlet" which earns its owner the power to eliminate a contestant's vote.

The winners received a prize of 1 million Shekel. (around 265,000 US$)

The first 6 seasons were broadcast by ABOT REIF HAMEIRI production team and aired by Channel 10. After a Legal proceeding, the show is aired and broadcast by CASTAWAY TELEVISION production team and aired by Franchisee Reshet in Channel 2 . and begin from the nine season broadcast by Reshet TV Channel (Channel 13)


Season Tribes Filming Location Season Run Sole Survivor Runner(s)-up Final Vote Fan Favorite player
SurvivorIsraelLogo Jibaro
Los Haitises National Park, Dominican Republic December 15, 2007 - May 17, 2008 Naama Kasry Noam Tor Dan Mano 5-4-0 Noam Tor
Survivor10PearlIslands Barú
Pearl Islands, Panama December 23, 2008 - May 23, 2009 Erik Alper Mirit Vaknin 6-3 Mirit Vaknin
Survivor10ThePhilippines Carao
Caramoan Peninsula, Camarines Sur, Philippines August 29, 2009 - December 30, 2009 Shay Arel Tom Altager Liora Goldberg 6-3-0 Tal Englander
Survivor10FansvsSurvivors Kalinga
Sama Sama
June 6, 2010 - August 29, 2010 Natan Bashevkin Idan Kapon Sharon Rafaeli 5-3-2 Dan Mano
Survivor10Camarines Banao
February 14, 2011 - June 19, 2011 Irit Rahamim Basis Gev Pesti Natalie Cabessa 6-3-0 Yaniv Ruhan
Survivor10VIP12 Dạng
Thī̀ Niym
Ko Jum, Krabi Province, Thailand May 2, 2012 - August 29, 2012 Itay Segev Anat Harel 5-3 Yulia Plotkin
SurvivorILHonduras Coyopa
Bay Island, Honduras November 1, 2015 - March 1, 2016 Tiltil Orfali Titi Aynaw Ruslana Rodina Omri Kohavi 4-2-1-1 Tiltil Orfali
SurvivorILPalawan Buhay
El Nido, Palawan, Philippines May 20, 2017 - September 6, 2017 Inbar Pinievsky Basson Ma'ayan Adam Masgano Mangisto 5-2-0 Ma'ayan Adam
SurvivorILVIP19 Ipogo
Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines March 9, 2019 - July 13. 2019 Đovani Roso Naama Kasry Simcha Gueta 7-0-0 Naama Kasry
SurvivorILVIP20 Anting Anting
May 2, 2020 -


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