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Survivor: Worlds Apart, also known as Survivor: Worlds Apart — White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar, is the thirtieth season of the CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. The initial tribes were divided based on the economic/professional background of their members. To date, it has produced four returning players (Hali Ford, Joe Anglim, Shirin Oskooi, and Sierra Dawn Thomas) for subsequent seasons.

This season saw an abnormally high level of interpersonal strife between contestants. Major incidents included: the controversial invective that Will Sims II directed against Shirin; the misogynistic conduct of Rodney Lavoie Jr.; the fraught social standing of Dan Foley; the latter's emotional conflict with Mike Holloway; Nina Poersch's feelings of exclusion from her tribe based on her hearing impairment; and Jenn Brown's withdrawal from the main social action of the game after the elimination of her friend, Hali. After an extended streak of Immunity Challenge victories, Mike won the title of Sole Survivor in a 6-1-1 jury vote over Will and Carolyn Rivera.


Filming commenced weeks after Survivor: San Juan del Sur, while information about this season was revealed at the end of that season's live Reunion Show.

Originally, the season was planned to feature returning players to mark the show's 15th anniversary and 30th installment, but Executive Producer Mark Burnett decided to have new contestants instead. Host Jeff Probst said:

Leading up to 30, we spent almost a year talking about whether we should do some sort of all-star season with returning players, and that seemed to be the conventional wisdom. A lot of people were expecting us to do that. But Mark and I were talking on the phone one day and Mark said something so simple. Mark said, Just keep in mind, Jeff—it is our 30th season, but it is also just our 30th season. And that really struck me, and from that moment on I realized, yeah, this is not the end of Survivor. It just happens to be a big number. Let's just do a great season.

—Jeff Probst, on conceptualizing season 30

Probst explained why San Juan del Sur failed to be on par with the past four seasons. He stated that they decided on the theme (the "Blood vs. Water" concept) before casting. In an attempt to remedy last season's less than stellar performance, the host said they went into casting before they decided how they were going to divide them into tribes.[1][2]

The idea of "White Collar vs. Blue Collar" was considered but the producers found the concept flat on its own. But with the success of Survivor: Cagayan's "Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty", they settled on having a third tribe, thus "No Collar"'s conception. Probst claimed that the "No Collar" archetype was his idea.[3]

The contestants that were eliminated before the jury phase were sequestered in Costa Rica.[4]

The motif of the season was inspired by classic shipwreck novels Swiss Family Robinson and Gilligan's Island.[5]


  • Tribe Division by Profession: The 18 castaways are divided according to their professions and approaches to life:
    • The Masaya ("White Collar") tribe is made up of castaways who work in the corporate world with a degree of authority. They "make the rules."
    • The Escameca​ ("Blue Collar") tribe is made up of castaways who work on manual labor. They "follow the rules."
    • The Nagarote​​ ("No Collar") tribe is made up of castaways who are free spirits with passion-based occupations. They "break the rules."
  • Hidden Immunity Idol: A Hidden Immunity Idol is hidden at each one of the tribe's camps.
  • Tribe Leaders: At the beginning of the season, two people from each tribe would be chosen as "leaders" and would have to decide together between either receiving a large bag of beans or receiving a smaller bag of beans and a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.[6]
  • Tribe Switch: On Day 12, a tribe switch occurred, simultaneously dissolving the Masaya tribe and mixing the castaways into two tribes of seven.
  • Merge: This season merged with twelve castaways in the game.
  • Extra Vote: A castaway would get the right to vote twice at the same Tribal Council. The intention of using the second vote should be voiced immediately after all the votes are cast and is valid until the final five.[7][8] It is at the voter's discretion whether they would throw this vote away, vote for the same person twice, or vote against two targets.
  • Expanded Jury and Final Three: The Final Tribal Council was held with a Final Three facing an eight-person jury.


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe
S30 so t So Kim
31, Long Beach, CA
Retail Buyer
Masaya 1st Voted Out
Day 3
S30 vince t Vince Sly
32, Santa Monica, CA
Coconut Vendor
Nagarote 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
S30 nina t Nina Poersch
51, Palmdale, CA
Hearing Advocate
Nagarote 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
S30 lindsey t Lindsey Cascaddan
24, College Park, FL
Escameca 4th Voted Out
Day 11
S30 max t Max Dawson
37, Topanga, CA
Media Consultant
Masaya Nagarote 5th Voted Out
Day 14
S30 joaquin t Joaquin Souberbielle
27, Valley Stream, NY
Marketing Director
Masaya Escameca 6th Voted Out
Day 16
S30 kelly t Kelly Remington
44, Grand Island, NY
State Trooper
Escameca Nagarote Merica 7th Voted Out
Day 19
S30 hali t Hali Ford
25, San Francisco, CA
Law Student
Nagarote Nagarote 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 22
S30 joe t Joe Anglim
25, Scottsdale, AZ
Jewelry Designer
Nagarote Escameca 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
S30 jenn t Jenn Brown
22, Long Beach, CA
Sailing Instructor
Nagarote Nagarote 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
S30 shirin t Shirin Oskooi
31, San Francisco, CA
Yahoo! Executive
Masaya Nagarote 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 29
S30 tyler t Tyler Fredrickson
33, Los Angeles, CA
Ex-Talent Agent Assistant
Masaya Escameca 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 32
S30 dan t Dan Foley
47, Gorham, ME
Postal Worker
Escameca Escameca 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 35
S30 sierra t Sierra Dawn Thomas
27, Roy, UT
Barrel Racer
Escameca Escameca 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
S30 rodney t Rodney Lavoie Jr.
24, Boston, MA
General Contractor
Escameca Escameca Eliminated
8th Jury Member
Day 38
S30 carolyn t Carolyn Rivera
52, Tampa, FL
Corporate Executive
Masaya Nagarote Runners-Up 10
S30 will t Will Sims II
41, Sherman Oaks, CA
YouTube Sensation
Nagarote Nagarote 4
S30 mike t Mike Holloway
38, North Richland Hills, TX
Oil Driller
Escameca Escameca Sole Survivor 4

Season Summary[]

The eighteen new castaways were divided into three tribes of six based on profession: Escameca (Blue Collar), Masaya (White Collar), and Nagarote (No Collar). Despite frequent arguments between the Blue Collars, they only went to Tribal Council once, as did the White Collars. Though the No Collars lost two members, a core alliance of Hali, Jenn, and Joe formed, with Will as their fourth. With 14 players remaining, the players were redistributed into two tribes of seven; on Escameca, Blue Collar Rodney and White Collar Joaquin aligned, but Rodney's former Blue Collar allies, led by Mike, blindsided Joaquin to break up the pair and retain Rodney's loyalty.

When the tribes merged, two alliances vied for dominance: the Nagarote Alliance of No Collars, now with White Collar Shirin, against the Escameca Alliance of Blue Collars. However, due to White Collars Carolyn and Tyler, alongside Will joining the Blue Collars' side, the Escameca Alliance took control of the game, systematically eliminating the Nagarote Alliance. Though Rodney remained with the Blue Collars, he constructed his own alliance with the swing vote Carolyn, Tyler, and Will to eventually take down the other Blue Collars to avenge Joaquin.

Mike overheard Rodney's inner alliance plotting his blindside and outed his plans, but instead found himself ousted from the majority alliance and made the primary target. However, Mike won five of the last six Immunity Challenges and played a Hidden Immunity Idol the only time he was vulnerable. Due to the alliance being unable to get rid of Mike, they were forced to turn on each other. Eventually Mike's immunity wins and the use of the Hidden Immunity Idol enabled him to make it to the end along with Carolyn and Will.

At the Final Tribal Council, Mike was praised for winning so many Immunity Challenges and making it to the end despite being a massive target, but was criticized for his poor social game, Carolyn received some criticism for backstabbing her ally Tyler, and Will was berated for making derogatory comments toward Shirin and her family. In the end, Mike was awarded with six of the eight jury votes, and the title of Sole Survivor in a 6-1-1 vote.

Episode Air date Challenges Eliminated
Finish Viewers
(in millions)
Reward Immunity
1 "It's Survivor Warfare" February 25, 2015 Nagarote1 So
1st Voted Out
Day 3
10.04[9] 2.4/7[9]
2 "It Will Be My Revenge" March 4, 2015 Masaya1 Vince
2nd Voted Out
Day 6
9.77[10] 2.3/7[10]
3 "Crazy Is as Crazy Does" March 11, 2015 Escameca1 Nina
3rd Voted Out
Day 8
9.25[11] 2.2/8[11]
4 "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner" March 18, 2015 Nagarote Nagarote Lindsey
4th Voted Out
Day 11
9.62[12] 2.3/7[12]
Masaya Masaya
5 "We're Finally Playing Some Survivor" Escameca Escameca Max
5th Voted Out
Day 14
6 "Odd Woman Out" March 25, 2015 Nagarote Nagarote Joaquin
6th Voted Out
Day 16
9.64[13] 2.3/8[13]
7 "The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight" April 1, 2015 None Joe Kelly
7th Voted Out
Day 19
9.59[14] 2.2/8[14]
8 "Keep It Real" April 8, 2015 Joe
Tyler, Will]
Joe Hali
8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 22
9.84[15] 2.5/8[15]
9 "Livin' on the Edge" April 15, 2015 Dan, Mike,
Sierra, Tyler
Tyler Joe
9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
9.35[16] 2.2/8[16]
10 "Bring the Popcorn" April 22, 2015 Survivor
Mike Jenn
10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
10.19[17] 2.4/8[17]
11 "Survivor Russian Roulette" April 29, 2015 Carolyn,
Dan, Tyler,
Carolyn Shirin
11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 29
9.25[18] 2.2/8[18]
12 "Holding On for Dear Life" May 6, 2015 Carolyn,
Carolyn Tyler
12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 32
9.22[19] 2.1/8[19]
13 "My Word Is My Bond" May 13, 2015 Carolyn,
Mike Dan
13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 35
9.61[20] 2.3/8[20]
14 "It's a Fickle, Fickle Game" May 20, 2015 Mike Mike Sierra
14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
9.74[21] 2.3/7[21]
None Mike Rodney
8th Jury Member
Day 38
Jury Vote Will
Sole Survivor
15 "Reunion" 7.21[22] 1.8/6[22]
^1 Combined Reward and Immunity Challenge.
^2 The vote resulted in a tie. Per Survivor rules, a revote would commence.
^3 A Hidden Immunity Idol was played, negating all votes against its user.
^4 Per Survivor rules, in the event of a tie at the final four, a fire-making challenge would be held between the tied castaways.

Voting History[]

Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Voted Out S30 so t
S30 vince t
S30 nina t
Tie S30 lindsey t
S30 max t
S30 joaquin t
S30 kelly t
S30 hali t
S30 joe t
S30 jenn t
S30 shirin t
S30 tyler t
S30 dan t
S30 sierra t
Tie S30 rodney t
S30 will t
S30 carolyn t
S30 mike t
Vote 4-2 3-2-1 3-2 2-2-21 3-0-0 5-2 4-3 4-1-02 7-4 5-4-1 5-3-1 4-2-2 3-02 2-02 4-1 2-24 Tiebreaker 6-1-1
Mike Lindsey Lindsey Joaquin Jenn Hali Joe Jenn Tyler Tyler Dan Sierra Rodney Jury Vote
Carolyn So Max Jenn Hali Jenn Jenn Shirin Tyler Dan Sierra Rodney
Will Vince Nina Max Hali Hali Jenn Jenn Dan Mike Carolyn Sierra Carolyn
Rodney Sierra None Joe Jenn Hali Joe Shirin Shirin Mike Carolyn Sierra Carolyn Eliminated Will
Sierra Rodney None Joaquin Jenn Hali Joe Shirin Shirin Tyler Carolyn Rodney Carolyn
Dan Lindsey Lindsey Joaquin Jenn Hali Joe Shirin Shirin Mike Carolyn Mike
Tyler So Joe Jenn Hali Jenn Jenn Dan Mike Mike
Shirin So Will Kelly Dan Joe Jenn Tyler Mike
Jenn Vince Nina Max Kelly Dan Dan Carolyn Mike
Joe Nina Nina Joaquin Kelly Dan Jenn Mike
Hali Vince Will Max Kelly Dan Mike
Kelly Sierra Lindsey Max Jenn
Joaquin Carolyn Joe
Max So Will
Lindsey Rodney None
Nina Jenn Will
Vince Jenn
So Carolyn
^1 The vote resulted in a tie. Per Survivor rules, a revote was held where the castaways involved in the tie would not vote and the remaining castaways could only vote for those involved in the tie.
^2 A Hidden Immunity Idol was played, negating all votes against its user.
^3 This castaway played an Extra Vote advantage, allowing them to vote twice at Tribal Council.
^4 The vote resulted in a tie. Per Survivor rules, a fire-making challenge would be held between the tied players in case of a tie at the final four Tribal Council.


  • Worlds Apart marks the first time since Samoa that there have been three seasons in a row to feature only new contestants.
  • Worlds Apart is the first season with more than two starting tribes where all three tribes attended a Tribal Council before a tribe switch or absorption.
  • Worlds Apart is the first season where all the Hidden Immunity Idols found were played effectively. Jenn Brown, Mike Holloway, and Carolyn Rivera all played their respective idols to negate a majority of the votes.
  • Worlds Apart is the first season in Survivor (U.S.) where a castaway was able to vote twice at the same Tribal Council.
  • Worlds Apart is tied with Borneo for fewest eliminations by a unanimous vote, with one.
    • Coincidentally, in both seasons, the only unanimous vote happened at the final five Tribal Council.
  • Worlds Apart is the first season since Gabon to utilize the fire-making tiebreaker challenge.
  • Worlds Apart is the first season where the finalists were not given the chance to give opening statements at Final Tribal Council.
  • Worlds Apart is the first season with three starting tribes to have a representative from each of the original tribes present in the Final Three. Carolyn represented Masaya, Mike represented Escameca, and Will Sims II represented Nagarote. It would be followed by Survivor 42.
  • Worlds Apart the first season since South Pacific to not have any contestants eliminated via evacuation or quit.
    • Additionally, it is the first season with three starting tribes to feature no evacuations or quits.


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