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Survivor: Game Changers, also known as Survivor: Game Changers — Mamanuca Islands, is the thirty-fourth season of Survivor.

This is the fourth season to feature a full cast of returnees, after Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: Cambodia.

After a chaotic season packed with multiple strategic shifts, the person who ended up controlling most of the post-merge with her calculated flips, Sarah Lacina, won in a 7-3-0 final vote over Brad Culpepper and Troyzan Robertson.


The season was filmed 25 days after the filming of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, following the back-to-back filming pattern of seasons since Survivor: Samoa.

This season features a nautical theme. The Tribal Council set is comprised of ten actual shipwrecks, most of which were retrieved in the aftermath of Cyclone Winston, the cyclone that hit Fiji before production for Millennials vs. Gen X began.[3]


  • Game Changers: Twenty returning contestants, selected for the impact they had made on the game of Survivor, will return to battle for the title of Sole Survivor.
  • Simplified Tiebreaker: In the event of a tie at Tribal Council, the re-vote would be retired, and an open forum would commence. If the non-tied players are unable to make a unanimous decision who to eliminate, the rock draw takes place.[4]
  • Hidden Immunity Idol: The idols will be inconsistently hidden at camp, in challenges, and even at Tribal Council.[5]
  • Legacy Advantage: The Legacy Advantage was hidden on the ship used during the marooning, and allowed its holder to gain immunity at either the final thirteen or the final six. In the event that the holder is eliminated, he or she must will it to another player still in the game.
  • Tribe Expansion: As in Survivor: Cambodia and Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, a third tribe was introduced during the pre-merge stage of the game. The Tavua tribe, wearing green buffs, was introduced on Day 7 of the game with 18 players left.
  • Joint Tribal Council: The two tribes who lost the fourth Immunity Challenge on Day 11 were both sent to Tribal Council as a group, but unlike a standard Double Tribal Council, they would vote as a group and only one person was voted out.
  • Tribe Switch: At the final fifteen, a second tribe switch occurred, resulting in the dissolution of the Tavua tribe and the remaining contestants being distributed across two tribes.
  • Exile Island: At the final fifteen, one person was sent to Exile Island because of not being placed on a tribe.
    • Advantage Option: The exiled castaway was given three possible advantages—a kit with which to design a fake Hidden Immunity Idol, an Extra Vote, as well as a challenge advantage for their new tribe.
  • Merge: The merge occurred with 13 players remaining.
  • Vote Steal: At the final eleven Reward Challenge, a "secret advantage" was placed by the sit-out bench. It was revealed to give its holder the right to steal a vote from another contestant, effectively denying that person a right to vote and allowing the holder to vote twice at one Tribal Council. It is usable up until the final five.
  • Expanded Jury and Final Three: Instead of the conventional Final Two facing the jury of seven, the Day 39 Tribal Council was held with a Final Three facing a ten-person jury.
  • Reformatted Final Tribal Council: Instead of having each jury member speak one by one, an open forum was held to ensure a more insightful rapport between the jury and finalists.


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Expanded Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe
S34 ciera t.png Ciera Eastin
27, Salem, OR
Blood vs. Water &
Mana 1st Voted Out
Day 3
S34 tony t.png Tony Vlachos
42, Jersey City, NJ
Mana 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
S34 caleb t.png Caleb Reynolds
28, Hopkinsville, KY
Kaôh Rōng
Mana Mana 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
S34 malcolm t.png Malcolm Freberg
29, Hermosa Beach, CA
Philippines &
Mana Nuku 4th Voted Out
Day 11
S34 jt t.png J.T. Thomas
31, Mobile, AL
Tocantins &
Heroes vs. Villains
Nuku Nuku 5th Voted Out
Day 13
S34 sandra t.png Sandra Diaz-Twine
41, Fayetteville, NC
Pearl Islands &
Heroes vs. Villains
Mana Nuku Nuku 6th Voted Out
Day 16
S34 jeff t.png Jeff Varner
50, High Point, NC
The Australian Outback &
Mana Nuku Nuku 7th Voted Out
Day 18
S34 hali t.png Hali Ford
26, Knoxville, TN
Worlds Apart
Mana Mana Mana Maku Maku 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
S34 ozzy t.png Ozzy Lusth
34, Venice, CA
Cook Islands, Micronesia, &
South Pacific
Nuku Tavua Nuku 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
S34 debbie t.png Debbie Wanner
50, Reading, PA
Kaôh Rōng
Nuku Mana Nuku 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 26
S34 zeke t.png Zeke Smith
28, Brooklyn, NY
Millennials vs. Gen X
Nuku Tavua Nuku 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 29
S34 sierra t.png Sierra Dawn Thomas
29, Roy, UT
Worlds Apart
Nuku Mana Mana 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 32
S34 andrea t.png Andrea Boehlke
27, New York City, NY
Redemption Island &
Nuku Tavua Nuku 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
S34 michaela t.png Michaela Bradshaw
25, Fort Worth, TX
Millennials vs. Gen X
Mana Nuku Mana 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 35
S34 cirie t.png Cirie Fields
45, Norwalk, CT
Panama, Micronesia, &
Heroes vs. Villains
Nuku Tavua Mana Eliminated
8th Jury Member
Day 36
S34 aubry t.png Aubry Bracco
30, Cambridge, MA
Kaôh Rōng
Mana Nuku Mana 15th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 37
S34 tai t.png Tai Trang
52, San Francisco, CA
Kaôh Rōng
Nuku Mana Nuku 16th Voted Out
10th Jury Member
Day 38
S34 troyzan t.png Troyzan Robertson
54, Miami, FL
One World
Mana Tavua Mana Second
S34 brad t.png Brad Culpepper
47, Tampa, FL
Blood vs. Water
Nuku Mana Mana Runner-Up 2
S34 sarah t.png Sarah Lacina
31, Marion, IA
Nuku Tavua Nuku Sole Survivor 3

Season Summary

The 20 returning players were initially divided into two tribes of ten: Mana and Nuku. There were two Tribe Switch during the pre-merge phase. The original Mana tribe struggled as they lost six of their ten members before the merge while Nuku only lost one. The pre-merge phase of the game was characterized by the early eliminations of perceived dangerous and manipulative players, previous winners, physical threats, a somewhat higher amount of twists, and a controversial incident that sealed Jeff Varner's demise in the game.

The tribes merged with 13 players remaining: 9 original Nuku and only 4 original Mana. Two alliances fought for power: One led by Andrea Boehlke and Cirie Fields, and another led by Brad Culpepper and Sierra Dawn Thomas. While Sarah Lacina was a part of Andrea and Cirie's group, she would navigate between both alliances to eliminate members from both sides. She later betrayed Andrea and Cirie and aligned with Brad and Troyzan Robertson. The three used Brad's Immunity Challenge wins, Sarah's Legacy Advantage, and Troyzan's Hidden Immunity Idol to make it to the Final Three.

At the Final Tribal Council, Sarah was respected for her strategic control throughout the merge, and ability to manage her social relationships, but criticized for her numerous betrayals and manipulations. Brad was commended for dominating in Immunity Challenges but castigated for being condescending and not socializing with people on the bottom. Troyzan was virtually ignored for his perceived coattail riding. Sarah's strong strategic control beat out Brad's dominance in challenges and Troyzan's lack of visible gameplay, and she was awarded the title of Sole Survivor with seven votes to win while Brad received three.

Episode Air date Challenges Eliminated
Finish Viewers
(in millions)
Reward Immunity
1 "The Stakes Have Been Raised" March 8, 2017 Nuku Ciera
1st Voted Out
Day 3
7.64[6] 1.7/6[6]
Nuku1 Tony
2nd Voted Out
Day 6
2 "Survivor Jackpot" March 15, 2017 Nuku1 Caleb
3rd Voted Out
Day 9
7.87[7] 1.7/7[7]
3 "The Tables Have Turned" March 22, 2017 Nuku Tavua2 Malcolm
4th Voted Out
Day 11
8.10[8] 1.7/7[8]
4 "Dirty Deed" March 29, 2017 Tavua Mana J.T.
5th Voted Out
Day 13
8.26[9] 1.8/7[9]
Nuku Tavua
5 "Vote Early, Vote Often" April 5, 2017 None Debbie4 Sandra
6th Voted Out
Day 16
8.40[10] 1.7/7[10]
6 "What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile" April 12, 2017 Nuku Mana Jeff
7th Voted Out
Day 18
8.31[11] 1.7/7[11]
7 "There's a New Sheriff in Town" April 19, 2017 None Andrea Hali
8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
7.92[12] 1.7/7[12]
Ozzy, Tai,
Tai Ozzy
9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
8 "A Line Drawn in Concrete" April 26, 2017 Andrea,
Aubry, Brad,
Troyzan Debbie
10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 26
8.49[13] 1.8/7[13]
9 "Reinventing How This Game Is Played" May 3, 2017 Andrea,
Aubry, Brad,
Sarah, Zeke
Andrea Zeke
11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 29
8.26[14] 1.8/8[14]
10 "It Is Not a High Without a Low" May 10, 2017 Andrea,
Aubry, Brad
[Cirie, Sarah]
Brad Sierra
12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 32
8.30[15] 1.7/7[15]
11 "Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow" May 17, 2017 None Aubry Andrea
13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
8.27[16] 1.7/7[16]
Brad Michaela
14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 35
12 "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" May 24, 2017 Brad1 Cirie
8th Jury Member
Day 36
8.48[17] 1.9/8[17]
None Brad Aubry
15th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 37
Brad Tai
16th Voted Out
10th Jury Member
Day 38
Jury Vote Troyzan
Second Runner-Up
Sole Survivor
13 "Reunion" 5.84[18] 1.3/5[18]

^1 Combined Reward and Immunity Challenge.
^2The two tribes that lost the Immunity Challenge were both sent to Tribal Council, where they would vote together to vote one person out.
^3A Hidden Immunity Idol was played, negating all votes against its user.
^4 As Debbie drew a package containing no buff, she was exiled without a tribe. Because of this, she did not attend Tribal Council and was immune for the episode.
^5 Jeff was voted out verbally by the Nuku tribe. He did not cast an elimination vote.
^6 All votes cast were negated, causing a null vote. Per the rules of Survivor, a vote restart occurred. However, as only one castaway could recieve votes, they were eliminated by default.

Voting History

Survivor: Game Changers Voting History
Original Tribes Expanded Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Voted out: S34 ciera t.png
S34 tony t.png
S34 caleb t.png
S34 malcolm t.png
S34 jt t.png
S34 sandra t.png
S34 jeff t.png
S34 hali t.png
S34 ozzy t.png
S34 debbie t.png
S34 zeke t.png
S34 sierra t.png
S34 andrea t.png
S34 michaela t.png
Null S34 cirie t.png
S34 aubry t.png
S34 tai t.png
S34 troyzan t.png
S34 brad t.png
S34 sarah t.png
Vote: 9-1 7-2 5-1 5-01 3-2 5-2 6-03 7-4-2 7-4-1-1 6-5 5-3-2 6-3 6-2 4-2-1 0-0-07 Default8 4-1 3-1 7-3-0
Sarah Sandra Jeff Michaela Ozzy Debbie Zeke Sierra Andrea Michaela5 Tai Aubry Tai Jury Vote
Brad Caleb Malcolm Hali Ozzy Andrea Tai Andrea Andrea Michaela Aubry Aubry Tai
Troyzan Ciera Tony Hali Ozzy Andrea Tai Andrea Andrea Michaela Tai Aubry Tai
Tai Caleb Malcolm Sandra Jeff Hali Ozzy Andrea Sierra Sierra Andrea None6 Sarah Aubry Troyzan Sarah
Aubry Ciera Tony Sierra Michaela Hali Zeke Debbie Zeke Sierra Brad Tai Sarah Troyzan Sarah
Cirie Michaela Sierra Debbie Zeke Sierra Andrea Aubry Sarah Eliminated Sarah
Michaela Ciera Tony Sierra J.T. Zeke Zeke Debbie Zeke Sierra Andrea Tai Sarah
Andrea Sandra Jeff Michaela Zeke Debbie Zeke Sierra Brad Sarah
Sierra Caleb Malcolm Hali Ozzy Andrea Tai Andrea Brad
Zeke Sandra Jeff Michaela Aubry Debbie Sierra Sarah
Debbie Caleb Malcolm Exiled2 Jeff Hali Ozzy4 Andrea Brad
Ozzy Sandra Jeff Hali Zeke Brad
Hali Ciera Tony Caleb Malcolm Zeke Sarah
Jeff Ciera Tony Sierra J.T. Tai None
Sandra Ciera Aubry Sierra J.T. Tai
J.T. Sierra Michaela
Malcolm Ciera Tony Sierra
Caleb Ciera Tony Hali
Tony Ciera Aubry
Ciera Michaela

^1 A Hidden Immunity Idol was played, negating all votes against its user.
^2 Due to the odd number of players at the time of the tribe switch, Debbie, the odd person out, was sent to Exile, and rejoined the game as a member of Nuku, replacing Sandra and evening the tribes at 7-7.
^3 Jeff was voted out unanimously by the Nuku tribe. Due to the nature of the verbal vote, Jeff did not cast a vote.
^4 This castaway used an Extra Vote advantage, allowing them to vote twice at Tribal Council.
^5 This castaway used the Vote Steal advantage, allowing them to steal another castaway's vote to vote twice at Tribal Council.
^6 This castaway's vote was stolen by the Vote Steal.
^7 All votes cast were negated, causing a null vote. Per the rules of Survivor, a vote restart occurred.
^8 Since Cirie was the only castaway eligible to receive votes for the vote restart, she was eliminated by default.


  • The pre-merge tribe Buffs for Game Changers are the first since Heroes vs. Villains to not have tribe names prominently printed on them.
  • Game Changers is the fourth season with a cast composed entirely of returning players, following All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains, and Cambodia.
  • Game Changers was the first season to feature multiple fourth-time returning players. The only other four-time players were Rob Mariano and Rupert Boneham who played for the fourth time on Redemption Island and Blood vs. Water respectively.
  • Game Changers was tied with Micronesia, David vs. Goliath, Island of the Idols and Survivor 41 for the most openly LGBT contestants at the time of airing, with 3: Jeff, Tai, and Zeke. This record was broken by Survivor 42 with 5.
    • With Ozzy coming out as bisexual in 2022, four Game Changers contestants are LGBT as of the present day.
  • All three pre-merge tribes, including Tavua, won exactly three Immunity Challenges.
  • Game Changers saw the most players immune at a given Tribal Council with five (since broken in Survivor 41), as well as the first instance where a player was voted out with 0 votes due to there being no other non-immune option.
  • Game Changers has the fewest episodes of any Survivor season, with 13 (12 excluding the Reunion Show).


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