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Survivor: All-Stars is the eighth season of Survivor.

In a change to previous installments, the contestants are returning contestants from the seven previous seasons.

Amber Brkich defeated Rob Mariano in a close 4-3 vote to become the eighth Sole Survivor. It would ultimately feature two quits, and has to date produced seven returning players (Amber Brkich, Colby Donaldson, Ethan Zohn, Jerri Manthey, Rob Mariano, Rupert Boneham, and Tina Wesson) for subsequent seasons.


Producer Mark Burnett has confirmed that two people turned down formal offers to appear on the All-Stars edition of Survivor:

Burnett jokingly said that "the casting was really, really scientific. I got a yellow legal pad and wrote down 24 names, and [then] cut down to 18. It was that quick."

The pay scale for this season was significantly increased, other than for the Sole Survivor, who still received the standard $1,000,000. The first person voted out was guaranteed to take home at least $25,000 instead of the standard $2,500.[3]

The season motif was inspired by the Gran Coclé.


  • All-Stars: For the first time, former castaways returned for another shot at the title of Sole Survivor.
  • Expanded Cast: For the first time, the cast contained 18 contestants.
  • Tribe Composition: The cast was divided into three tribes of six.
  • Meager Supplies: The tribes only received a pot and machete at the start of the game.
  • Tribe Absorption: Saboga, the tribe that lost the Day 13 Reward Challenge, was dissolved, with its remaining members to be absorbed by the other two tribes. Jenna L. and Rupert became members of Chapera, and Ethan and Jerri became members of Mogo Mogo.
  • Kidnapping: The winning tribe from the Day 19 Reward/Immunity Challenge, Chapera, was instructed to take one member from the losing Mogo Mogo tribe to share their reward and immunity with. The selected member, Kathy, also skipped Tribal Council.
  • Tribe Switch: A luck of a draw on Day 22 was supposed to mix up the tribes. However, the castaways found themselves literally switching tribes, except for Amber, who remained on Chapera.
  • Pre-merge Individual Challenge: The Day 25 Reward Challenge featured an individual Reward Challenge despite the tribes still being separate. The winner, Rupert selected two members from either tribe (Amber and Jenna L.) to join him in the reward.
  • Merged Tribe Composition: The merged tribe was composed of nine members.
  • Two Immunity Necklaces: The first individual Immunity Challenge featured two Immunity Necklace, one for a man and one for a woman.
  • Final Tribal Council Format: Two finalists faced a jury of seven. The jurors individually addressed the finalists.


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Absorbed Tribe Shuffled Tribe Merged Tribe
S8 tina t.png Tina Wesson
42, Knoxville, TN
The Australian Outback
Saboga 1st Voted Out
Day 3
S8 rudy t.png Rudy Boesch
75, Virginia Beach, VA
Saboga 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
S8 jennam t.png Jenna Morasca
22, Bridgeville, PA
The Amazon
Mogo Mogo Quit
Day 9
S8 robc t.png Rob Cesternino
25, Plainview, NY
The Amazon
Chapera 3rd Voted Out
Day 12
S8 richard t.png Richard Hatch
42, Middletown, RI
Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo 4th Voted Out
Day 15
S8 susan t.png Susan Hawk
42, Las Vegas, NV
Chapera Chapera Quit
Day 17
S8 colby t.png Colby Donaldson
29, Los Angeles, CA
The Australian Outback
Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo 5th Voted Out
Day 19
S8 ethan t.png Ethan Zohn
29, New York City, NY
Saboga Mogo Mogo 6th Voted Out
Day 21
S8 jerri t.png Jerri Manthey
33, Los Angeles, CA
The Australian Outback
Saboga Mogo Mogo Chapera 7th Voted Out
Day 24
S8 lex t.png Lex van den Berghe
40, Santa Cruz, CA
Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo Chapera Chaboga Mogo 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 27
S8 kathy t.png Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
48, Burlington, VT
Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo Chapera 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 28
S8 alicia t.png Alicia Calaway
35, New York City, NY
The Australian Outback
Chapera Chapera Mogo Mogo 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
S8 shiiann t.png Shii Ann Huang
29, New York City, NY
Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo Chapera 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
S8 tom t.png Tom Buchanan
48, Rich Valley, VA
Chapera Chapera Mogo Mogo 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
S8 rupert t.png Rupert Boneham
39, Indianapolis, IN
Pearl Islands
Saboga Chapera Mogo Mogo 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
S8 jennal t.png Jenna Lewis
26, Burbank, CA
Saboga Chapera Mogo Mogo 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
S8 robm t.png Rob Mariano
27, Canton, MA
Chapera Chapera Mogo Mogo Runner-Up 1
S8 amber t.png Amber Brkich
25, Beaver, PA
The Australian Outback
Chapera Chapera Chapera Sole Survivor 6

Season Summary

The eighteen returning castaways were divided into three competing tribes: Chapera, Saboga, and Mogo Mogo. Chapera proved to be a powerhouse, coming first in nearly every challenge, while Mogo Mogo routinely came in second. Saboga on the other hand went to dissension due to losing challenges. Jenna Lewis, and Jerri Manthey were set on getting rid of the previous winners, and they managed to successfully eliminate one of the winners at their first Tribal Council. After Saboga's dissolution, Chapera continued to dominate in challenges mainly due to Rob Mariano's leadership. On Chapera, Rob and his closest ally/romantic interest Amber Brkich formed a final four alliance with former Saboga members Jenna and Rupert Boneham, while Mogo Mogo suffered a losing streak due to Lex van den Berghe continually targeting the stronger players.

With ten players remaining, a tribe switch was held where players drew new buffs out of a pot. Each player drew a buff of the opposite tribe color except Amber.This left her in the Chapera name, but with Mogo Mogo members. When Chapera lost the next Immunity Challenge, Rob made a deal with Lex and asked him to save Amber, promising that he will make it up to him later in the game. Lex convinced the rest of Chapera to vote out Jerri instead of Amber. The pre-merge phase was known for the early eliminations of the previous winners, strategic and physical threats, and popular players.

On Day 26, the nine remaining players were merged under the tribe name Chaboga Mogo. Rob's first order of business was to dispose of Lex and his allies. Rob broke his deal with Lex, and Rob along with his allies managed to eliminate Lex and his allies. Rob and Amber honored their deal with Rupert and Jenna by eliminating the other Chapera members. While it appeared that the vote would end in a 2-2 tie at the final 4, Jenna voted out Rupert, thinking she can't beat him in a jury vote, and fearing the infamous rock drawing tiebreaker. Rob won the Final Immunity Challenge, and voted out Jenna, making himself and Amber the Final Two.

At the Final Tribal Council, most of the jury members expressed their disgust towards Rob for his numerous deceptions, while Amber was castigated for riding Rob's coattails. At the live show, prior to the reading of the votes, Rob surprisingly proposed to Amber, and she agreed to marry him. Eventually, Amber was crowned the All-Star Sole Survivor in a close 4-3 vote.

Episode Air date Challenges Eliminated
Finish Viewers
(in millions)
Reward Immunity
1 "They're Back!" February 1, 2004 None Chapera Tina
1st Voted Out
Day 3
33.27[4] 14.9/37[4]
Mogo Mogo
2 "Panicked, Desperate, Thirsty as Hell" February 5, 2004 Saboga1 Chapera Rudy
2nd Voted Out
Day 6
23.07[5] 8.9/22[5]
Mogo Mogo
3 "Shark Attack" February 12, 2004 Chapera None2 Jenna M.
(No vote)
Day 9
22.35[6] 8.0/20[6]
Mogo Mogo
4 "Wipe Out!" February 19, 2004 Chapera Saboga Rob C.
3rd Voted Out
Day 12
22.80[7] 8.7/22[7]
Saboga Mogo Mogo
5 "I've Been Bamboozled!" February 26, 2004 Mogo Mogo Chapera Richard
4th Voted Out
Day 15
22.19[8] 8.6/23[8]
6 "Outraged" March 4, 2004 Mogo Mogo None Susan
(No vote)3
Day 17
23.22[9] 8.7/23[9]
7 "Sorry... I Blew It" March 11, 2004 Chapera4 Colby
5th Voted Out
Day 19
22.63[10] 8.7/23[10]
8 "Pick a Tribemate" March 17, 2004 Chapera Chapera Ethan
6th Voted Out
Day 21
21.89 8.5/22
9 "A Closer Look" March 24, 2004 Recap Episode N/A N/A
10 "Mad Scramble and Broken Hearts" April 1, 2004 None Mogo Mogo Jerri
7th Voted Out
Day 24
21.70[11] 8.3/23[11]
11 "Anger, Tears and Chaos" April 8, 2004 Rupert
Jenna L.]6
Kathy Lex
8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 27
20.76[12] 7.9/24[12]
Rob M.
12 "A Thoughtful Gesture or a Deceptive Plan" April 15, 2004 Alicia,
Rob M.,
Shii Ann7
Rob M.7 Kathy
9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 28
20.78 7.5/21
13 "Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People" April 22, 2004 Rupert Shii Ann Alicia
10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 30
20.99[13] 7.6/22[13]
14 "A Chapera Surprise" April 29, 2004 Tom
[Rob M.]
Tom Shii Ann
11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 33
20.78[14] 7.5/21[14]
15 "The Instigator" May 6, 2004 Rob M.
Rob M. Tom
12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 36
19.21 7.2/20
16 "The Sole Surviving All-Star" May 9, 2004 None Amber Rupert
13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 37
24.8[15] 8.2/23
Rob M. Jenna L.
14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Jury Vote Rob M.
Sole Survivor
17 "Reunion" 28.36 12.8/29
18 "America's Tribal Council" May 13, 2004 Public Vote Rupert
Fan Favorite N/A N/A

^1 In an act of goodwill, Saboga forfeited half of their reward so that the other two tribes also receive flint.
^2 Jenna M. quit the game before the Immunity Challenge, thus canceling the challenge. However, Mogo Mogo still went to Tribal Council to discuss Jenna's situation.
^3 Sue quit the game after a controversial incident with Richard during the previous Immunity Challenge.
^4 Combined Reward/Immunity Challenge.
^5 As part of Chapera's reward, they selected a member of Mogo Mogo to join them in their prize, thus exempting that castaway from Tribal Council. They chose Kathy.
^6 Pre-merge individual Reward Challenge; the tribes remained separate yet they competed in an individual challenge where the winner may pick two companions to join him on the reward, regardless of tribe.
^7 The Chaboga Mogo tribe was first divided into two teams of four, which then competed for a group reward, after which the winning team competed as individuals, this time for individual immunity.

Voting History

Original Tribe Absorbed Tribes Switched
Merged Tribe
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Voted Out S8 tina t.png
S8 rudy t.png
S8 jennam t.png
Jenna M.
S8 robc t.png
Rob C.
S8 richard t.png
S8 susan t.png
S8 colby t.png
S8 ethan t.png
S8 jerri t.png
S8 lex t.png
S8 kathy t.png
S8 alicia t.png
S8 shiiann t.png
Shii Ann
S8 tom t.png
S8 rupert t.png
S8 jennal t.png
Jenna L.
S8 robm t.png
Rob M.
S8 amber t.png
Vote 4-2 3-2 No vote1 5-1 6-1 No vote2 3-2 4-1 4-1 7-2 6-2 6-1 5-1 4-1 3-1 1-04 4-3
Amber Rob C. Jerri Lex Kathy Alicia Shii Ann Tom Rupert None Jury Vote
Rob M. Rob C. Lex Kathy Alicia Shii Ann Tom Rupert Jenna L.
Jenna L. Tina Rudy Lex Kathy Alicia Shii Ann Tom Rupert None Rob M.
Rupert Tina Ethan Lex Kathy Alicia Shii Ann Tom Rob M. Rob M.
Tom Rob C. Lex Kathy Alicia Shii Ann Jenna L. Amber
Shii Ann Richard Colby Ethan Jerri Lex Amber Alicia Amber Amber
Alicia Rob C. Lex Kathy Rupert Amber
Kathy Richard Kidnapped3 Ethan Jerri Amber Amber Rob M.
Lex Richard Colby Ethan Jerri Amber Amber
Jerri Tina Rudy Richard Colby Ethan Amber
Ethan Jenna L. Rudy Richard Jerri Jerri
Colby Richard Jerri
Susan Rob C. Quit
Richard Colby
Rob C. Alicia
Jenna M. Quit
Rudy Tina Ethan
Tina Jenna L.
^1 Jenna M. elected to quit the game to be with her ailing mother. No vote occurred for her removal.
^2 Susan elected to quit the game for personal reasons. No vote occurred for her removal.
^3 Chapera was given the opportunity to kidnap one member of Mogo Mogo, making them immune from Tribal Council. They selected Kathy.
^4 Amber and Jenna L. did not vote as they could only vote for were each other. By virtue of winning the final Immunity Challenge, only Rob M. voted.


  • All-Stars is the first season to feature returning contestants.
  • With eighteen castaways in its roster, All-Stars is the first season to exceed the standard number of contestants (16).
    • This is the only all-returnee season to not have a cast of 20 players.
  • This is the first season to feature three starting tribes at the beginning of the season. To follow this format, the tribal Immunity Idol had to be split into two parts, to give the two winning tribes immunity.
  • All-Stars is the first season where Jeff Probst did not meet the contestants on Day 1. It would be followed by Fiji and Island of the Idols.
  • Jenna Lewis and Rupert Boneham were part of all four tribes during their time in the game.
  • For the second time, Jerri Manthey received the highest total number of votes against (she received 12 in The Australian Outback, and received 7 along with Lex van den Berghe and Alicia Calaway this season).
  • This is the first season to have more than one contestant quit.
  • The final six are all returning players that played in different past seasons; the only season not represented is The Amazon.
  • Lex stated on Rob Has a Podcast that before Survivor: All-Stars began filming, all of the contestants were filmed having their torches snuffed to prevent spoilers.[16]
  • This is only season to feature returning players from Thailand and The Amazon.
  • This season has the most episodes of any season, with 18.
  • This is the first season to have the first person voted out of the merged tribe to be the first juror of the season. 
  • Outside of Survivor: Winners at War, this season ties with Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains in having the most former winners on the cast with 4: Richard Hatch, Tina Wesson, Ethan Zohn, and Jenna Morasca.


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