Surprise Enemy Visit is the seventh episode of Survivor: Guatemala.


Day 16

Day 17

Day 18


Challenge: Spooling Around
Four tribe members will wrap thirty feet of cloth around their bodies, then unwrap themselves as they make their way toward the finish. The first person moves around a pole, unspooling the material around them. The first person then clips themselves to the second person, and together they run around the second pole, unspooling it around the both of them. They continue this pattern for the third and fourth person. When they make their way down, each person will get unspooled at different times, and when they do, they will make their way to the finish mat. The first team to make it to the finish mat wins reward.
Reward: A chocolate feast and a zipline canopy tour of the Guatemalan jungles.
Winner: Yaxhá

Challenge: Tomb Raider
Three members from each tribe race out one at a time to retrieve large puzzle pieces buried in the sand pit. Once they find one they run back and place it on their mat. Once all twelve pieces are found, two other tribe members will assemble the puzzle. The first tribe to correctly put it together wins immunity.
Winner: Nakúm

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
S11 amy t
Amy (4 votes)
S11 bobbyjon tS11 brandon tS11 danni tS11 gary t
Bobby Jon, Brandon, Danni, Gary
S11 bobbyjon t
Bobby Jon (1 vote)
S11 amy t
S11 amy bw
Amy O'Hara

Voting Confessionals

You know, Amy, I don't know how much longer I'm gonna stay out here, I really don't. I tell you what, you're the strongest, most real human being I've ever met in my entire life... my entire life. I won't never meet anybody more real than you, ever.

Bobby Jon

(voting for Amy) I wish we would have met in Day One, because I'm sure things would have been much different, but I hope you'll forgive me and I can still experience my very first Red Sox game, and eat some of that famous clam chowder at Fenway Park. And, uh, you gotta quit rooting for the Patriots; you're killing me.


Amy, I'm sorry. I hope that you can respect that I'm a man of my word, and I also want you to know that the day that I told you that you're one of the most incredible women that I've ever met, um... I wasn't lying.


Bobby Jon, I'm just going alphabetical order, baby - just throwing a name out there. Good luck.


Amy, you're awesome. Camp's just not gonna be the same without your smile and your attitude. God bless you.


Final Words

I am very proud of myself getting this far. You are ripped down to your soul here in Guatemala until you are absolutely nothing. I have learned a tremendous amount of things I never knew about myself and I will continue to learn about myself after this journey is over when I get home. I made some great friends and I had a great time. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Amy O'Hara

Still in the Running

S11 jim bw
S11 morgan bw
S11 brianna bw
S11 brooke bw
S11 blake bw
S11 margaret bw
S11 brian bw
S11 amy bw
 Bobby Jon
Merged Tribe
S11 bobbyjon t
Merged Tribe
S11 brandon t
Merged Tribe
S11 cindy t
Merged Tribe
S11 danni t
Merged Tribe
S11 gary t
Merged Tribe
S11 jamie t
Merged Tribe
S11 judd t
Merged Tribe
S11 lydia t
Merged Tribe
S11 rafe t
Merged Tribe
S11 stephenie t


  • This is the first time that a tribe visited the opposing tribe's camp without any twists.
  • It was revealed in the episode that the reason why Yaxhá visited the opposing tribe Nakúm is to invite them for Danni's birthday. Nakúm was initially skeptical but ended up going.
  • Immediately after Amy was voted out, Jeff handed out new colored buffs, marking the first time there was a merge immediately after Tribal Council.
  • The name of the Immunity Challenge, Tomb Raider references the Tomb Raider franchise.


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