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A Summit is a minor twist that originated in Survivor: Borneo and has since reappeared in Marquesas, The Amazon, and Millennials vs. Gen X. In 41, summits appeared as a recurring twist.


Summits see ambassadors from each pre-merge tribe meet in private at a location separate from the tribal camps, and may require them to make a decision, either for themselves or for their tribe. In earlier seasons, summits were generally used to facilitate the next phase of the game, such as the merge or a Tribe Switch. In 41, summits became a recurring twist in which players could receive an advantage.


Summits allow ambassadors to converse with each other in private, giving them an opportunity to discuss important game matters with each other. This may result in ambassadors, either knowingly or unwittingly, giving away their tribe dynamics to the other ambassador, which can help or hinder their game. Summits can also give ambassadors an opportunity to strategize with each other, making alliances and deals to work with each other later in the game.

Twist History


Jenna and Sean represent their tribes at the first ever Summit in Borneo.

In Borneo, an ambassador for each tribe (Jenna Lewis for Pagong and Sean Kenniff for Tagi) was pre-selected by production to attend a summit on Day 19 to facilitate the merge. The two ambassadors were first given the opportunity to assess the opposing tribe's camp and interacting with members of the other tribe. Later that day, they formally met with host Jeff Probst at a sand spit, where they were treated to a luxurious meal and stayed overnight, being asked to make three important decisions: what the merged tribe would be called, which camp the newly-merged tribe would live at, and which three items from the other camp they would be allowed to bring with them. The following morning, Jenna and Sean easily decided on living at the Tagi beach for its abundance of food and more organized atmosphere, christening the merged tribe "Rattana".


In Marquesas, Tree Mail on Day 19 instructed both tribes to choose a member to whom they would give a map to an unknown destination. Maraamu selected Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, while Rob Mariano volunteered for Rotu. The two ambassadors met with Jeff at a tohua, a traditional Marquesan structure in which chiefs from different tribes would meet. They were given pizza and beer and would stay at the tohua overnight to discuss the name of the merged tribe and which camp it would live at. The following day, Kathy and Rob settled on living at the Rotu camp, naming the merged tribe "Soliantu".

The Amazon

In The Amazon, tribes received Tree Mail on Day 13 that told them to send their youngest member (Jenna Morasca for Jaburu and Dave Johnson for Tambaqui) on a journey. The two paddled to an Amazon retreat, where they met with Jeff and were treated to a feast and instructed to get to know each other overnight. The following morning, Jeff met with them again and surprised them by revealing that the two would now choose new tribes. The two would alternate choosing members for their new tribes, first picking someone from the opposing tribe, then choosing someone from their own. The Tribe Switch resulted in Alex Bell, Matthew von Ertfelda, and Rob Cesternino moving to Jaburu, while Christy Smith, Heidi Strobel, and Jeanne Hebert were switched to Tambaqui.

Millennials vs. Gen X

In Millennials vs. Gen X, tribes were instructed by Tree Mail on Day 8 to conduct a rock draw, with the four members selecting the colored rocks being sent to a summit. CeCe Taylor, Chris Hammons, David Wright, and Paul Wachter drew the colored rocks for Takali, while Figgy Figueroa, Jay Starrett, Taylor Stocker, and Will Wahl did so for Vanua. The ambassadors were taken to a different island, where they feasted on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while getting to know each other. Notably, unlike other summits, no game-changing twist occurred, nor was any advantage on offer.

Season 41

In 41, summits were used as a recurring twist to introduce advantages into the game. Although the mechanics for choosing an ambassador differed on each occasion, each summit concluded with the ambassadors facing a prisoner's dilemma in private. They are given a choice between "protecting" or "risking"; if all of them choose "protect", the status quo remains. If all of them choose "risk", they would all lose their vote at the next Tribal Council they attended. If there is a split decision, only those who chose "risk" would receive an advantage.

The first Summit in 41.

On Day 2, each tribe was instructed to choose one member to get on a boat to go on a journey, where they would make a decision. Danny McCray volunteered for Luvu, JD Robinson was selected by rock draw for Ua, and Yase agreed to send Xander Hastings. The boat to each castaway to another island, where they were instructed to hike to the top of a hill while getting to know each other. Once at the top of the hill, they were told to separate, after which they would make a private decision. They were each given a choice between keeping their vote for their first trip to Tribal Council, or risk their vote. If all three chose "protect", they would keep their votes. If they unanimously chose "risk", they would all lose their votes. But if there was a split decision, all three still keep their votes, but those who chose "risk" would obtain an Extra Vote, the result of which they would find out at their first Tribal Council. Danny opted to keep his vote, while JD and Xander risked theirs, each earning an Extra Vote.

After coming in first place during the Immunity Challenge on Day 5, Luvu was tasked with selecting a member of the losing Yase tribe to go on a journey, along with a member of either Ua or one their own. They chose Evvie Jagoda, with Luvu's Deshawn Radden volunteering to go with her. At the island, they were faced with the same dilemma the previous ambassadors encountered. Evvie told Deshawn that she could not risk her vote for the upcoming Tribal Council, encouraging Deshawn to risk his. They followed through with their agreement, resulting in Deshawn receiving an Extra Vote.

On Day 6, Sydney Segal of Luvu, Brad Reese of Ua, and Tiffany Seely of Yase each found an envelope labeled "Beware Advantage" at each of their tribe camps. The note instructed them to sneak out of their camps that night into a waiting a boat that would take them to an island where they would make a decision. There, they faced a dilemma of choosing between a tarp for their tribe or a Vote Steal for themselves. If all three chose a tarp, then each tribe would receive a tarp. If they unanimously chose a Vote Steal, they would all lose their votes. But if there was a split decision, those who chose a tarp would get nothing, but those who chose a Vote Steal would obtain one. Tiffany and Sydney chose a tarp, but did not receive one as Brad decided to choose a Vote Steal.

After Yase came in first place in the Day 11 Immunity Challenge, they were tasked with choosing a member of their own tribe, and a member of either Luvu or Ua to go on a journey to make a decision. Liana Wallace volunteered to go, with Yase selecting Shan Smith of Ua to join her. On the island, they faced the same dilemma the first two sets of ambassadors did. Shan opted to keep her vote for that night's Tribal Council, encouraging Liana to take the advantage. Back at camp, Liana was informed that she received the Knowledge is Power advantage.


  • In The Amazon, both tribes were instructed to send their youngest member to a summit. Even though Dave Johnson was the youngest member of Tambaqui at the time, Ryan Aiken, who was voted out first, was four weeks younger than him.


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