Steven John Bradbury is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2019).

Perceived as a villain, Steven was the founder of the Sporty Seven Alliance, an alliance that, whilst initially held power over the Champions tribe, crumbled due to lack of power from some alliance members. Once in the minority, Steven underestimated the power of the social game, and despite attempting a plurality vote after discovering a split vote plan coming from Luke Toki's alliance, was voted off unanimously on Day 12.


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Olympic Gold Medalist, 45

Not many people have a phrase named after them in the Australian National Dictionary, but 'Doing a Bradbury' has become part of the country's vernacular.

Steven is a former short track speed skater and four-time Olympian. He's most famous for his Gold Medal win at the 2002 Winter Olympics after his four opponents all collided, leaving him to skate to victory making Steven something of a folk hero and the story of the underdog who never gave up.

Aside from his victories, Steven is also known for some horrific injuries over his 20-year career. In 1994, he was impaled on another skater's blade losing four litres of blood in 60 seconds and requiring 111 stitches and 18 months' recovery time. Then in 2000, he crashed into a barrier during training and broke his neck.

All these injuries and near-death moments are etched in Steven's memory and part of his strategy for winning Survivor saying; "It's amazing the power a human can draw on when you're put into a life and death situation and I'm so competitive by nature that I will use these skills to my advantage."[1]

Australian Survivor

Steven was the founder of the Sporty Seven alliance consisting of ET, Nova, Simon, Ross, Abbey, Susie, and himself, and with the majority on their tribe, they managed to control the first vote and eliminate Anastasia. However, Steven's control of the alliance was partially the reason why Abbey started to feel uncomfortable working with them. On Day 7, Janine was to blame for the challenge loss and was Steven's next target. However, Luke and David succeeded in flipping Ross and Abbey over to the minority alliance and blindsided Suzie that Tribal Council, leaving Steven in the minority. On Day 10, Steven and Abbey spoke by the water where he considered Abbey's decision to flip last vote weak. Abbey felt personally attacked and told her alliance about the exchange, and they got angry at Steven despite Nova claiming things were blown out of proportion. Steven went into Tribal Council expecting to be the next to go, but the majority alliance blindsided Nova instead. Despite Steven, Simon, and ET's best efforts to win the next Immunity Challenge and have a break from Tribal Council, it was not to be and the Champions lost their 4th Immunity Challenge on Day 12. Upon hearing that Steven and ET would be targeted in a split vote, Steven tried to flip Ross to vote out Pia. Steven also tried to cause paranoia in the tribe as to whether or not he had a Hidden Immunity Idol. However, all of this was for naught as even his allies joined in voting out Steven 8-1, finishing in 20th place.

Voting History

Steven's Voting History
Episode Steven's
Voted Against
1 Anastasia -
2 Champions Tribe Immune
3 Janine -
4 Abbey ET, Simon
5 Pia Abbey, David, ET, Janine,
Luke, Pia, Ross, Simon
Voted Out, Day 12


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