Steve Khouw is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2018).

While initially on the outs with his tribe for his constant idol hunting, Steve eventually managed to use his quirkiness to integrate himself in the Contenders boy's alliance. This ultimately led the girls to rally against him for fear of his potential as a threat later on in the game, eliminating him on Day 11.


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Age: 58
Occupation: Takeaway Delivery Rider
State: NSW
Tribe: Contenders​​​​​

One of the biggest characters to hit the island, Steve lives by the motto, 'comfort is a wonderful place to be in, but you never grow there.'

He lives a diverse life and has had a varied career as a successful sustainability consultant but has since taken a break from his career and is now working as a takeaway delivery rider because he enjoys the look on people's faces when their food is delivered.

Born in China, growing up in Indonesia and moving to Australia at nine, Steve loves the great outdoors and does everything from remote bushwalking to rock climbing to canyoning and sailing.

"I am stimulated by everything. I enjoy playing board games and cooking, I dig salsa dancing, going to concerts and getting involved in intellectual debates such as politics, the environment, social justice and diversity.

"My love of everything has resulted in me backpacking all over the world, learning new languages and enlarging my circle of friends. I have volunteered for the environment and community and been an activist in preventing domestic violence and helping the homeless."

As one of the oldest players in Survivor, Steve definitely won't let it stop him from being a physical threat saying, "I deliberately don't own a motor vehicle so I cycle to commute, I go to the gym and most weekends I am somewhere outside bushwalking or playing touch football."

Steve believes in a strict honour that won't be compromised even in the game saying, "I hope I can be a role model to the younger castaways, especially in matters of winning, fair play, leadership and team work. I hope to inspire the older generation also that even seniors can pursue a healthy lifestyle leading to contentment and independence."[1]

Australian Survivor

Steve was very eager to begin playing the strategic game, claiming to have studied Chinese military strategy and knowing how to implement it to the game of Survivor. However, he was caught immediately checking the items won by the contenders18 in the Reward Challenge for idol clues. Back at camp, Steve continued his search which frustrated Matt, who managed to turn the tribe against Steve. When the Contenders lost the first Immunity Challenge, the tribe was set on targeting Steve although there was some concern about a potential idol. Steve's attempts to integrate with the rest of the tribe were unsuccessful and he was unaware of the tribe dynamics. Matt started to get paranoid when the other men could not tell him who the alternate vote was, which lead him to believe that they were splitting the votes against Steve and Matt. Frustrated by this, Matt blew up at Tribal Council, ultimately sparing Steve as Matt was voted out. The next day, Steve bonded with the rest of the men as they went skinny dipping. Steve's position in the tribe marginally improved as the Contenders won the next two Immunity Challenges and he limited his idol searching. However, the parents alliance of Heath, Jenna, and Tegan, as well as the Termite alliance of Fenella, Shonee, and Anita felt that Steve was giving the stronger men on the tribe too much power. Contenders lost the following Immunity Challenge. Steve's alliance of Robbie, Zach, and Benji thought they had the numbers to blindside Paige. Ultimately, they themselves were blindsided as the Parents and Termite alliances joined forces and voted out Steve 6-4-1 as Paige was left in the dark.

Voting History

Steve K.'s Voting History
Episode Steve K.'s
Voted Against
Steve K.
1 Matt Benji, Jenna,
Matt, Robbie, Tegan
2 Contenders Tribe Immune
3 Contenders Tribe Immune
4 Paige Anita, Fenella, Heath,
Jenna, Shonee, Tegan
Voted Out, Day 11


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  • Steve is the oldest member on the original Contenders Tribe.


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