Stephanie Valencia is a contestant from Survivor: Redemption Island.

Fiery and scrappy, Stephanie made a poor judgement call by aligning with Russell Hantz. After she found herself on a sinking ship, she managed to survive two Tribal Councils by being a competitive force in challenges. The stigma caught up to her, and she was voted out at Zapatera's third Tribal Council. She lost the next duel to Matt Elrod, thus finishing in 14th place.


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Name (Age): Stephanie Valencia (25)
Tribe: Zapatera
Current Residence: Long Beach, Calif.
Occupation: Waitress
Personal Claim to Fame: Reopening my Mother's dental office.
Inspiration in Life: My Mother. She is the sweetest person. She works hard for her family and still cooks dinner every night.
Hobbies: Watching movies/plays, traveling and reading.
Pet Peeves: People who are late and ignorance.
3 Words to Describe You: Feisty, unconstrained and ambitious.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: If Parvati and Russell had a love child, it would be me.
Reason for being on Survivor: First, the money. I need it. Second, to see if I can do it. Third, who in the right mind would decline an offer to play the greatest game EVER.
Why you think you'll "survive" Survivor: I'm strong, fast and smart. I can hold my own and I'm not a quitter.
Reason why you think you will be the Sole Survivor: I feel it in me. By nature, I'm a brat and always get what I want. I've always been myself and that's something I'm very proud of.[1]


Stephanie was fortunate enough to not have had to have gone to the first two Tribal Councils, since Zapatera won the first two Immunity Challenges. Stephanie was the first and for a long time the only person eager to align with Russell Hantz, being aware that Russell has made it to the end twice and is known for bringing a female ally to the end with him. Russell started a small alliance with her and eventually included Krista Klumpp. After their tribe lost the third Immunity Challenge, she tried to convince Julie Wolfe to join her alliance, but was unsuccessful. She was very outspoken and angry at Tribal Council against the other alliance, and came off as being rude. She received three votes, in case Russell had a Hidden Immunity Idol, but he didn't and was sent to Redemption Island in a revote of 5-1-0. Back at camp, Stephanie continued to complain about Russell being voted out, and she and Krista never wanted nor managed to get on the good graces of their tribe.

At the third Redemption Island duel, Stephanie and Krista told Rob Mariano that if they made the merge, they were joining his tribe as an alliance, and Rob was pleased with the offer. However, Zapatera lost the following Immunity Challenge and Krista was sent to Redemption Island. Stephanie seemed set to be the next target.

With both Russell and Krista out of the game, Stephanie seemed alone in the tribe. Zapatera lost the following Immunity Challenge, and the tribe questioned her loyalty and value to the them. Stephanie and fellow contestant David Murphy argued that she was more physically capable in the challenges than Sarita White, who was part of the majority alliance. However, everyone, aside from David, decided Stephanie was untrustworthy and she was sent to Redemption Island in a 5-2 vote. She lost to Matt Elrod at the Redemption Island duel, and, like Russell, she broke into tears upon her defeat. She finished in 14th place.

Voting History

Stephanie's Voting History
Episode Stephanie's
Voted Against
1 Zapatera Tribe Immune
2 Zapatera Tribe Immune
3 Ralph;
David, Julie, Sarita;
4 Zapatera Tribe Immune
5 Steve -
6 Sarita Julie, Mike, Ralph,
Sarita, Steve
Voted Out, Day 16
7 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 17

^1 In "Keep Hope Alive", the vote ended with a 3-3-3 tie between Stephanie, Ralph, and Russell, forcing a revote. On the revote, Stephanie did not receive any votes to send her to Redemption Island.


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Stephanie's publicity photo for the voting of the Cambodia cast.

  • According to a Reddit thread, Stephanie said she was approached by Paloma Soto-Castillo to compete on Survivor. Paloma was a friend of Stephanie's older sister.[2]
  • Stephanie was one of 32 contestants eligible to be selected to compete on Survivor: Cambodia,[3] but was not chosen by the public to be on the final cast.


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