Stephanie Dill is a contestant from Survivor: Thailand.

Along with Jed Hildebrand, Stephanie's lazy personality isolated her from her tribe. Despite the offer to jump tribes, Stephanie stayed with Sook Jai, and was the next to go by a 5-2 vote.


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Stephanie Dill was born and raised in Ozark, Arkansas. After finishing high school, she attended the University of Arkansas to study biology; she is still in the process of obtaining her degree and plans to continue classes this fall. After taking an interest in fighting fires, she attended Southern Arkansas University Technical Fire Academy.

Stephanie currently works as a professional firefighter/EMT. She previously worked as a meter reader for an electric company and as a landscaper. She is most proud of being the first female firefighter for the City of Fayetteville in Arkansas. Her favorite activities include running, mountain biking and climbing. She describes herself as athletic, adventurous and romantic. She intends to participate in various adventure races and triathlons and dreams of one day living in New Zealand. Her perfect day would begin with a run on a rainy day through a forest path to a canoe on a secluded lake. She would paddle to her cabin, build a fire, drink hot cocoa, draw and listen to music.

Having lived in Fayetteville and Rudy, Arkansas, Stephanie has since returned to her hometown. She has two dogs, Ben and Jigs, and has two horses, Dixie and Doc. Her birth date is November 15, 1972.[1]


Stephanie was the first person selected to be on Sook Jai by Jake Billingsley. His reasoning is that she had "that glow in her eyes" and was ready to take on the world. Early on, Sook Jai had a winning streak, but problems emerged when Stephanie, Jed Hildebrand, and Robb Zbacnik did not contribute to building the shelter. After Sook Jai lost the third Immunity Challenge, Stephanie, Jed, and Robb voted for Shii Ann Huang, but the other members of the tribe voted Jed off, leaving Robb and Stephanie in the minority.

On Day 14, there was a pre-merge Survivor Auction. After the auction, contestants were offered the chance to Mutiny, but Stephanie did not take the opportunity. The next day, Sook Jai lost the Immunity Challenge. Knowing that she was on the chopping block, Stephanie regretted passing up the chance to leave Sook Jai. That night, Stephanie was voted off in a 5-2 vote.

Voting History

Stephanie's Voting History
Episode Stephanie's
Voted Against
1 Sook Jai Tribe Immune
2 Sook Jai Tribe Immune
3 Shii Ann -
4 Sook Jai Tribe Immune
5 Shii Ann Erin, Jake, Ken,
Penny, Shii Ann
Voted Out, Day 15


  • She is currently a lecturer at the university while she is re-specializing in Geology (Hydrogeology). She married Jim Lampinen Ph.D., on October 1, 2005. They split their time between Fayetteville, AR during the school year and Colorado during the summer.
  • On January 9, 2010, Stephanie attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Stephanie's luxury item were fuzzy slippers.
  • Stephanie was the first female to be selected to be on a tribe in a Schoolyard Pick.
  • Stephanie was the oldest woman on Sook Jai.
  • Stephanie is the first female to be disqualified from a challenge.
  • Stephanie was the first female voted out of Sook Jai.
  • Both times Stephanie went to Tribal Council, she voted against Shii Ann.
  • Starting with Stephanie, everyone who was on Sook Jai would be voted out until none were left.
  • Her audition tape, in which she appears naked, was shown at the Reunion Show. Jeff said that he was really disappointed with her performance on the show because after watching her tape he expected her to be a more interesting contestant.


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