Stealth R Us (also known as Stealth R Us, Inc. and Stealth R Us 2.0) was the core alliance of Survivor: Caramoan, and the second incarnation of the Stealth R Us alliance from Survivor: Redemption Island. It is founded by a former member of the original version participating in Caramoan, Phillip Sheppard. The alliance controlled the original Bikal tribe and the merge phase of the game.


Caramoan: Open For Business

The alliance was named Stealth R Us by Phillip Sheppard in honor of his former Survivor: Redemption Island alliance of the same name. The alliance consisting of himself, Andrea BoehlkeCorinne KaplanDawn MeehanJohn Cochran, and Malcolm Freberg voted off Francesca Hogi first (the second time she was eliminated first) in the Favorites tribe, due to her being in the minority alliance and because of Phillip's history with her. The alliance was able to see three Fans being voted off and one Fan being evacuated.

The Waterloo of the Conqueror

Having alienated the Favorites with a fit of rage and attempting to empty their supplies of rice, the tribe decided to forfeit the Day 13 Immunity Challenge before it started. During those events, Brandon Hantz revealed to the Fans the alliance, saying that each member has a code name given by Phillip that Brandon thinks degrades the members, and also lashing out against Phillip, regarding his treatment of those both inside and outside the alliance. During the impromptu Tribal Council, Brandon was unanimously voted at the challenge site, with him voting for Phillip.

Operation: Spread Out

The tribal swap switched this alliance up, with four of its original six members still on the Bikal tribe. Andrea and Malcolm (with then outsiders Erik Reichenbach and Brenda Lowe) are switched to the new Gota tribe. The smaller sub-alliance stuck together and voted off one of the switched Fans, Matt Bischoff, even after defecting to the Favorites and choosing to vote out Julia Landauer (with ally Michael Snow), one of the Fans and a member of the Gota Fans Alliance, which Matt is supposed to be a part of.

After losing the next Immunity Challenge, the alliance eliminated Julia with a 4-0 vote in the re-vote after a 3-3 vote.

Alliance in Clockwork

The two tribes merged into Enil Edam on Day 20. Their main rival alliance would turn out to be the minority alliance of the original Gota tribe, the Cool Kids Alliance. Corinne, however suggested that with numbers on their side and the rival alliance itself wanting to vote out Sherri Biethman, implying that it is an easy vote for Stealth R Us. The alliance, however figured out Corinne was making the rival alliance stronger and more unified. Corinne was able to get Michael to align with his previous rivals Reynold Toepfer and Eddie Fox. Malcolm, who previously agreed to stick together with the alpha-males, joined the rival alliance. After Corinne told Dawn about the plan of voting against Phillip after Sherri is eliminated, the alliance decided to target Corinne instead. With the help of previous outsiders and fellow Favorites Brenda and Erik with Sherri, the alliance was able to counter Corinne's counter alliance, blindsiding her with a 7-5 vote.

In the next round of the competition, the alliance got valuable information during the Reward Challenge.  On the reward, Cochran figured out that Eddie and Reynold wanted to recruit other male castaways on their alliance and get rid of all the women. At camp, Malcolm tried to pull in the perceived outsiders of the alliance to possibly make a new majority coalition. Dawn was able to convince Malcolm that he could trust her and got him to persuade Reynold to show his Hidden Immunity Idol. The rival alliance knew that Malcolm had a huge target on his back and was convinced that Eddie would be safe.  Before Tribal Council, the rival alliance sensed that the alliance wanted to flush out the idol, while Andrea wanted to change targets and get rid of Michael instead of Malcolm as a safe target. Dawn tried to revert to Malcolm. At Tribal Council, Reynold wanted to play the idol on his own, but gave it to a pleading Malcolm, saying that the alliance is going to blindside him and that there is no split-vote happening (even though Malcolm has an idol of his own). The alliance was revealed to have done a good decision for playing safe, as Michael was voted off in a 7-3-1 vote with no votes casts against Malcolm.

The Fall of the Specialist

Due to Reynold winning individual immunity and Malcolm giving his pre-merge idol to Eddie and wearing his new found idol, the majority alliance had to come up with who they were going to target (either try to flush out the idols or target within).  The alliance besides Erik decided to vote for Eddie and Malcolm to flush out the idols.  Eddie and Malcolm played their idols and Phillip was sent home in a vote of 4-0-0 (4 and 2 votes for Eddie/Malcolm respectively).

Stopping The Enforcer

Cochran was able to win the Immunity Challenge.  Former alliance member Malcolm tried to claim that he had an idol. At the next Tribal Council, the alliance decided to split the vote between Reynold and Malcolm.  Andrea received the three amigos' votes, thus commencing a three-way revote. At the re-vote, Malcolm is sent home by a vote of 6-0-0 (with Eddie's vote as well).

The Second Brolimination

In the final 8 Reward/Immunity Challenge, which is an endurance challenge with Jeff making food temptation deals and the castaways being permitted to strike deals (and even make the challenge harder).  Andrea and Brenda beat out Reynold and presumably could easily come up with a deal, but Brenda decides that she wants to be beaten and not come up with a deal.  This sets events into motion that causes the split of the alliance.  At camp, Andrea reads the clue that was won with Brenda (due to agreeing to it before having to force Brenda out of the challenge) reading it too.  Andrea also tells the remaining members of the alliance about the clue.  Erik finds the clue and immediately gives it to Andrea.  At the Tribal Council, Reynold is sent home 4-2-1-1 with Eddie, Sherri, and Erik receiving votes respectively.

Eliminating The Eliminator

With only Eddie as the remaining person not aligned to the alliance, Andrea proposed to Cochran to vote out a threat within the alliance to gain control of the game. Andrea targeted Brenda due to her determination shown in continuing the last challenge even after Reynold and Eddie were eliminated. Add the fact that she didn't betray anyone, she was a huge threat in Andrea's eyes. She also suggested to Cochran in voting against Dawn, seeing that Brenda is close with her. Without knowing that Cochran is actually more close to Dawn than Andrea, Cochran used the information to alert Dawn and Brenda about Andrea's plan, and decide to blindside Andrea instead. The anti-Andrea faction of the alliance decide to split the vote just in case Andrea plays her idol.  Erik wins Individual Immunity, but decides whether to go with Andrea's plan or go with the other members of Stealth R Us.  Eventually, Erik sticks with Cochran and Brenda's side and Andrea doesn't play her idol, sending Andrea out 3-2-2.

A Not-So-Serene Elimination

At the Reward Challenge, Brenda wins the challenge with her dad. The dilemma that Brenda was given was either giving herself and her two loved ones plus another castaway plus their two loved ones the reward OR forego her reward and her recent named choice, Dawn, and give the four others reward. This disturbed Dawn a lot. At the Immunity Challenge, Brenda was again part of the final two, this time with Dawn, and didn't want to drop. Then she drops (through a confessional, she claims she voluntarily dropped) and Dawn wins immunity. Dawn and Cochran contemplates blindsiding Brenda.This occurs with Sherri joining them in a 3-2-1 vote (with Erik and Brenda voting against Eddie and Eddie voting against Erik).

Mission Accomplished

A little later after the last Tribal Council, Erik was evacuated from the game due to low blood pressure. Eddie was voted off after not being able to sway Cochran and Sherri to vote against Dawn. Sherri was chided for being a floater and only being brought by the alliance, while Dawn was chided for having a cutthroat game but being so emotional while playing. Cochran's "chameleon-like" game was appreciated. He got all 8 jury votes, and became the Sole Survivor and second player in Survivor history to play a Perfect Game.


The alliance is known to give their members (and some non-allies on the tribe) codenames. They are:

Stealth R Us (Caramoan) Members and Codenames
S26 phillip t
Phillip Sheppard
The Specialist
S26 andrea t
Andrea Boehlke
The Eliminator
S26 cochran t
John Cochran
Intelligentsia Attaché
S26 dawn t
Dawn Meehan
True Grit
S26 malcolm t
Malcolm Freberg
The Enforcer
S26 corinne t
Corinne Kaplan
The Dominatrix
Original Member
Original Member
Original Member Original Member Original Member
Original Member
S26 brenda t
Brenda Lowe
S26 erik t
Erik Reichenbach
The Silent One
S26 sherri t
Sherri Biethman
S26 brandon t
Brandon Hantz
The Conqueror
S26 julia t
Julia Landauer
The Double Agent
Affiliate Member Affiliate Member Affiliate Member
Member (Ungiven)

Timing of Giving the Codenames

  • Malcolm and Corinne gained their code-names in the pre-Swap phase before they reneged during beginning parts of the merge phrase.
  • Brenda and Erik gained their code-names in the pre-Swap phase while they were in the original Favorites minority alliance, and before becoming official members during the merge phase.
  • Sherri gained her codename after the first Merge Tribal Council while becoming a member. However, Phillip claims that he "revoked" Sherri's membership in the alliance at the Final Tribal Council.


  • Stealth R Us in Survivor: Caramoan is modeled after the alliance of the same name in Survivor: Redemption Island.
  • There are many similarities between this alliance and the original Stealth R Us.
    • Phillip Sheppard and Andrea Boehlke were members of both alliances.
      • While Phillip remained "The Specialist", Andrea's codename changed from "Divinity" to "The Eliminator".
    • Both alliances had a member that finished 10th in their first season and 2nd in their second season, namely Rob Mariano and Dawn Meehan.
      • Phillip did the reverse, finishing 2nd in Redemption Island and 10th in Caramoan.
    • Francesca Hogi was the first person voted out by both alliances.
    • Both alliances had six members as of the first Tribal Council they attended.
    • Both alliances blindsided a former member at the first post-merge Tribal Council.
    • Both alliances produced the winner of the season.
  • Sherri Biethman is the only Fan to be involved with Stealth R Us. She is also the only Fan to have a codename. ("Tenacity")
    • However, when Phillip Sheppard gave Julia Landauer a loyalty test in order to join the alliance, he informed her that her codename would be "The Double Agent" if she passed. She failed when she revealed the information to Dawn Meehan, which was that Corinne Kaplan was Phillip's next target.



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