Stacked Up is a recurring challenge involving dexterity that originated in Survivor: Kaôh Rōng and has since reappeared in Ghost Island.


While standing on a wobbly balance beam, castaways must attempt to stack six sets of balls between sets of stands using a fork. The first person to finish their stack and return to their table without the stack falling over wins.

In Ghost Island, the castaways had to completely start over if their stack fell.


The challenge first appeared in Kaôh Rōng, as the Dexterity option in the first Immunity Challenge, Wooden Ships. However, none of the tribes opted for the task. It later made its formal debut as the final challenge of the season, where it was used as a Reward Challenge. In a race between Aubry Bracco and Michele Fitzgerald to place their final ball, Aubry's stack fell, allowing Michele to win the Juror Removal as reward.

In Ghost Island, the challenge appeared as the Final Immunity Challenge. As Wendell Holland was about to place his final ball, his stack fell, giving Angela Perkins the lead before her stack fell as well. This allowed Domenick Abbate to catch up and eventually win the final immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
Kaôh Rōng
"Not Going Down Without a Fight"
Individual Reward S32 michele t
Michele Fitzgerald
Ghost Island
"It Is Game Time Kids"
Individual Immunity
(Final Immunity)
S36 domenick t
Domenick Abbate


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  • This challenge was used as the final challenge in both of its seasons.
  • This challenge has only been used with a black tribe.


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