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Stacey Powell is a contestant from Survivor: South Pacific.


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Name (Age): Stacey Powell (44)
Tribe designation: Upolu
Current residence: Grand Prairie, Texas
Occupation: Mortician
Personal claim to fame: Going to school and being a single parent. None of my children were ever in trouble with the law.
Inspiration in life: Martin Luther King, Jr. He wanted equality for all people.
Hobbies: Reading, outdoor grilling and dancing.
Pet peeves: Gum-popping.
3 words to describe you: Determined, fun and versatile.
Survivor contestant you are most like: Vecepia Towery from Season 4. At Day 38, when Vecepia and Neleh were talking, she said to Neleh, "And Christ said while he was hanging on the cross, 'It is finished,' it is almost done."
Reason for being on Survivor: To challenge myself and to bring the money home.
Why you think you'll "survive" Survivor: I'm a team player with leadership qualities. I'm a time-manager and a go-getter.
Why you think you will be the Sole Survivor: I'm not a quitter. When it comes down to me and my family, that gives me the drive to keep going on.[1]


Like several members of the Upolu tribe, Stacey was unhappy having Coach Wade on their tribe. Having a mutual distate for Coach, she formed an early bond with Christine Shields Markoski, who was persistent in finding Upolu's Hidden Immunity Idol. With Markoski caught by several tribemates, she was targeted for elimination. Affiliated to her, Stacy was next in line. Though any plotting was put on hold when Upolu won the Immunity Challenge on day three. Victory was short-lived, however. When Jeff Probst revealed that the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol was hidden as well, this information has left Stacey and Christine to be more driven to find it. While unsuccessful, Stacey was dangerously close in finding the clue, when she was literally poking through a hole in a tree bark where the clue was actually hidden.

On Day 4, while Christine was successful in retrieving the clue, Stacey overheard a conversation between Coach and Edna Ma, where the latter informed Coach that Stacey and Christine's closeness could be potentially dangerous, especially that they are the only ones feverishly searching for the idol. Edna further revealed that she is suspecting that either of the two women already possessed the idol. When Upolu lost their first Immunity Challenge on day five, Coach insisted that his six-person alliance should split their votes 3-3 between Christine and Stacey to neutralize any obtainable advantage of playing the idol.

Meanwhile, Coach's alliance member Brandon Hantz sordidly misinterpreted Mikayla Wingle as flirtatious and campaigned her ouster by lying that Stacey and Christine would vote for Mikayla. Coach saw Brandon's move as pointless, as Wingle has been a strong competitor in challenges. At Tribal Council, Stacey and Christine were in hot water for this allegation, and they asked Coach how this information came about. While Coach did not respond, Brandon confessed that he instigated the move. Nonetheless, Coach's alliance voted as planned, evenly distributing their votes to Stacey and Christine, and with Mikayla as a fourth vote, Christine was sent to Redemption Island in a 4-3-1-1 vote, leaving Stacey with no ally.

The next day, Stacey got to watch the first Redemption Island duel of the competition, where she witnessed her ally Christine win the first duel against Semhar Tadesse. Stacey remained an outcast but was not eliminated as intended, when Upolu won the day eight Immunity Challenge. In the weight-holding Immunity Challenge on Day 11, Stacey was the last Upolu standing in the challenge at 120 pounds but was outlasted by Savaii's Dawn Meehan, losing the challenge for Upolu. After the loss, Stacey hoped that the majority alliance considered her strong performance at the challenge, and eliminate their ally and physical weak link Edna instead. In the end, loyalty outweighed over merit, sending Stacey to Redemption Island after a unanimous 7-1 vote. Trying to console Stacey, the remaining members tried to hug her, but Stacey rejected them. When Jeff Probst questioned her about why she rejected their hug, she told him their "loyalty and integrity" were mere hypocrisies.

At Redemption Island, Stacey was happily reunited with her ally Christine, where both vented about their mutual dislike of Coach. Before their duel, as a sign of revenge, Stacey, with Christine adding fuel to the fire, informed the Savaii witnesses Dawn and Whitney about her former tribe by beginning a tirade about Coach (whom she referred to as "Benjamin") being in charge at Upolu, while calling the others liars. Stacey eventually lost the duel to her friend. She finally left the game on Day 12.

Though she was permanently eliminated from the game, her last-minute gesture heavily worried the representatives of Upolu (Albert and Mikayla). They relayed the incident to Coach, upsetting him.

Voting History

Stacey's Voting History
Episode Stacey's
Voted Against
1 Upolu Tribe Immune
2 Sophie Edna, Rick, Sophie
3 Upolu Tribe Immune
4 Edna Albert, Brandon, Coach,
Edna, Mikayla, Rick, Sophie
Voted Out, Day 11
5 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 12


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  • Jeff Probst actually predicted that Stacey would be one of the first to go, because of her bossy attitude.
  • Stacey is the oldest woman in South Pacific.
  • Stacey is the second mortician to participate on Survivor, after Darrah Johnson.
  • Stacey received votes at both at her Tribal Councils. Also, the person she voted against voted against her.
  • Stacey has the most votes against her out of any other pre-merge boot in South Pacific, with 10 votes.


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