Squared Off (also known as Turtle Roll, Watch Your Step, and Flip Out) is a recurring individual challenge that originated in Survivor: Borneo. It has since been used in Marquesas, Guatemala, and South Pacific. The challenge requires puzzle solving and analytical strategy.


Each contestant starts the challenge at the edge of a gameboard comprised of several six-sided tiles (or in its debut season, a grid of square tiles). One at a time, contestants will take one step onto a new tile (turning it over to show a designated color). Contestants are not allowed to step onto a space that has already been used. When a castaway has no more legal moves, they are eliminated from the challenge. Last person standing wins.

Often, additional rules are included, such as certain tiles giving contestants advantages or penalties.


The challenge was first seen in Survivor: Borneo for immunity, with contestants competing on a 10x10 square grid. Rudy outlasted his closest competitor Sean to win the challenge, and immunity.

When the challenge reappeared in Survivor: Marquesas (under the name Turtle Roll), it was used as the loved ones reward, with the contestant's loved ones actually competing in the challenge. The challenge introduced the tiered hexagonal gameboard that has been used in all subsequent uses of this challenge. Additional rules included four tiles were marked with "Skip a Turn" (the loved one who flipped over the tile loses their next turn) and one tile marked "Vote Someone Out" (allowing the loved one to eliminate a rival from the challenge). Furthermore, contestants were only permitted to communicate non-verbally with their loved ones. Paschal's wife Beverly was the first eliminated from the challenge. Daryl (Sean's friend) found the "Vote Someone Out" tile, and torn on what to do, threw his cap in the air. It landed closest to Leander (Vecepia's husband), and Daryl eliminated him. Ultimately, Kathy won the challenge when her son Patrick outlasted the remaining loved ones, allowing him to spend the night at the Soliantu beach.

In Survivor: Guatemala, the challenge (called Watch Your Step) was used for individual immunity. An advantage at the challenge was purchased at the Survivor Auction by Danni and allowed her to switch positions with another contestant at any stage of the challenge. She used the advantage in the last leg of the game to swap places with Stephenie, allowing Danni to win immunity.

Survivor: South Pacific saw the challenge appear again for individual immunity. Early on, Brandon made moves to eliminate Edna, the target for the next vote, from the challenge instead of winning himself. His attempt to be coy about this strategy angered Edna, but it worked, and allowed Coach to win the challenge, and immunity, by a wide margin.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"Old and New Bonds"
Individual Immunity S1 rudy t
Rudy Boesch
"Marquesan Vacation"
Individual Reward
(Family Visit)
S4 kathy t
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
"Price for Immunity"
Individual Immunity S11 danni t
Danni Boatwright
South Pacific
"Ticking Time Bomb"
Individual Immunity S23 coach t
Coach Wade



  • This is the first challenge for which an advantage could be purchased at the Survivor Auction. Danni Boatwright bought the advantage in Guatemala, and subsequently won.
  • The version of the challenge that uses a hexagonal design has always appeared at the final six.
  • In Survivor: The Amazon, there was a challenge called Flip Out but it was different than this one.
  • Everyone who has won this challenge has competed or been asked to compete on another season.
  • Every winner of this challenge made the final three of their respective season.


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