Sprung A Leak (also known as The Bucket Stops Here) is a recurring Reward Challenge in Survivor. First appearing in Survivor: Pearl Islands, it has since reappeared in China.


One tribe or team must sink the other's boats. The first tribe or team to do so wins.


In Survivor: Pearl Islands, each tribe had two boats (each with three members inside) and a fisherman grappling hook to help to remove plugs that covered holes along the sides of each boat. The Drake tribe sank both Morgan's boats and won reward.

In Survivor: China, the Hae Da Fung tribe was divided by Schoolyard Pick in two groups, with the last remaining member not competing in the challenge and not going on the reward. One member of each group sits in a small boat in the middle of what is essentially a pool, while the three remaining members of the other team stand on a pontoon and use buckets to throw water at the boat to try and sink it. The first group to win two rounds wins the challenge. The yellow group successfully sank the red group's first two boats and won reward.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Pearl Islands
"United We Stand, Divided We...?"
Tribal Reward S7 burton tS7 christa tS7 jon tS7 michelle t
S7 rupert tS7 sandra tS7 shawn tS7 trish t
"High School Friend Contest"
Team Reward S15 amanda tS15 james tS15 jeanrobert tS15 todd t
Amanda, James, Jean-Robert, & Todd



  • Both times this challenge was used, the eventual winners and 3rd place finishers were on the winner group.


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