Spear-it Hunt (also known as Musket Love and Hot La Cross Buns) is a recurring challenge from Survivor.


Castaways must use weapons to set a series of targets on fire. The first person or tribe to light all of their targets wins.


The challenge debuted in Africa as a tribal Immunity Challenge. Taking turns, the castaways had to use a bow and arrow to set alight a series of five targets ranging from thirty to seventy feet away. Boran won the challenge.

The challenge reappeared in Pearl Islands. The contestants had to use a musket to hit sails on the beach, causing them to burn. Darrah Johnson won this challenge for immunity, making it her second Individual Immunity Challenge win.

In Fiji, the challenge was used as a Reward Challenge. Taking turns, the tribes had to hit three large targets with a burning ball flung from a platform. Ravu won the challenge, marking their first and only challenge win.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"I'd Never Do It to You"
Tribal Immunity S3 clarence tS3 ethan t
S3 frank tS3 kimj tS3 teresa t
Pearl Islands
"Would You Be My Brutus Today?"
Individual Immunity S7 darrah t
Darrah Johnson
"An Evil Thought"
Tribal Reward S14 alex tS14 dreamz tS14 edgardo t
S14 lisi tS14 mookie tS14 rocky t



  • This was the only challenge that Ravu won.
  • Darrah Johnson is the only person to have won this challenge individually.
  • Both tribes that won this challenge contained the eventual runner-up.
  • Fiji is the only season to use this challenge as a Reward Challenge.


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